Step by step instructions for brushing your teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Applying a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste. Using a 45-degree angle to brush the gum lines of your teeth. Brushing for two minutes in tiny circles along the gum line. Brushing your tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria. Rinse and spit, and rinse your toothbrush before leaving it upright in a container or holder. how to brush your teeth for kids

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Then, you'll find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to brush your teeth, followed by some more tips for keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Your dentist can advise you of the best way to brush. Please note that this guide focuses mainly on teeth brushing for adults. how to brush teeth printable

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Step 3: Once you get to the inside surfaces of your front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and use gentle up-and-down strokes with the tip of brush. Step 4: Be sure to brush gently along the gum line. Step 5: Brush your tongue in a back-to-front sweeping motion to remove food particles and help remove odor-causing bacteria to freshen your breath. how to brush teeth properly

A Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Teeth Brushing

Step 1: Brush the Outer Surfaces of the Teeth. Start by brushing the outer surfaces of all of your teeth. You might decide to start in the front of your mouth, or you could start in the back of your mouth and then make your way around to the other side. You can either start with your top … step by step brushing teeth

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A proper brushing technique can protect teeth from decay and disease. Follow these steps: Step 1: Start with the outer surfaces of your teeth. Take your time! Gently brush upper and then lower teeth. Going tooth by tooth can help you slow down and not miss any spots. Step 2: Tilt your brush at a 45° angle. how to properly clean teeth

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Get Brushing. Now it's time to put our patience where their mouth is. It's time to brush. Here's the brushing breakdown when your toddler is feeling the brushing experience you've created.. Apply the paste according to the ADA: . If they're under 3 years old, use a smear (the size of a grain of rice) of fluoride toothpaste steps in brushing teeth

Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way

Brushing your teeth properly will help prevent conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay. If you aren't brushing right with a soft-bristled brush you might be causing tooth abrasion or even damaging your gums. Follow these steps to brush your teeth the right way. proper teeth brushing steps

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Soft-bristled brush Small-headed brushes A powered toothbrush is a good alternative for those who have difficulty brushing limited manual dexterity. Toothpaste (Colgate) Chose one designed for your concerns such as cavities, gingivitis, tartar, stained teeth and sensitivity. Ask …

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To brush your teeth properly, use a light-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Start brushing by placing your toothbrush on your front …

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Step 4: Fit the Components in the Enclosure. 11 More Images. I used some double sided foam tape to keep the battery, the charger/booster module and the piezo buzzer in place. I also used some of it as a spacer between the perfboard and the plywood or else the display would protrude in …

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Try to brush the backs of your teeth the same way as the fronts, in circles and pushing away from the gums. 4. Brush Your Tongue. It’s a good idea to brush your tongue after you finish with your teeth. Some would also suggest brushing the sides and roof of your mouth.

How to properly brush your teeth (a step by step guide)

How to properly brush your teeth the step by step guide. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Aim the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle towards the gum line. Gently move the brush back and forth in short (tooth-wide) strokes.

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For reaching the tongue side of the front (anterior) teeth, tilt the toothbrush vertically and continue with gentle circles! Step 6: Don’t forget the tongue! Brushing the tongue helps rid the mouth of germs/bacteria that lead to bad breath! Step 7: Floss. You’re probably used to brushing first and flossing last, but you can do it in either

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Step #8: Be sure to brush the tops and the backs of your teeth as well as the front. Brush the tongue, too, just don’t push too hard, or you risk damaging the tissue. Step #9: Rinse your mouth out thoroughly after brushing. Step #10: Rinse your toothbrush off and store it with the head standing up. Step #11: At this point, you can rinse with

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By brushing your teeth for only a few minutes a day, you’ll discover fresher breath, an improvement in the appearance of your teeth, and more. However, there are certain techniques and products you should know about in order to make sure you’re …

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Step 1. Demonstrate. To encourage your kids to brush their teeth properly, model good behavior! Brush your teeth at the same time as your child & let them watch you so they can see how it should be done. Explain what you’re doing as you’re doing it …

How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: A Step By Step Guide

Knowing how to brush your teeth properly is the first and essential step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Using the proper materials with the recommended technique and right daily frequency can help you maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.

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Seven Steps for Brushing Success. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Let the bristles do the work—instead of squashing the brush against your teeth, move slowly and gently across the surface of every tooth. Angle the bristles next to the outer surface of your teeth toward the gum line. Gently move the brush in a

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A guide to teach children how to brush their teeth correctly. A visual way to teach students the steps and process of brushing their teeth appropriately. Print and display to help children with this essential skill. Use alongside our Dental Health Coloring Sheets for a great lesson on this health ed topic.

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Our step-by-step instructions provide a visual guide for children to understand the process of brushing their teeth. They include friendly illustrations to help children visualise the process too. Ideal for your young primary school students, our Brushing Teeth Step-by-Step Instructions can be printed off and left near the sink as an ongoing

Proper Brushing of Your Teeth: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to brush your teeth properly: Step 1: Use the right tools and products. Choose a high-quality toothbrush and apply a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Remember to use a soft-bristled brush since hard bristles …

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> How to Properly Brush Your Teeth: Step By Step Guide Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for good oral hygiene. But without practicing the right habits, you may not be getting your teeth completely clean and dental problems are more likely to appear over time.

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Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle when brushing both the outer and inner teeth. For chewing surfaces, experts recommend you brush in a back and forth motion with the brush flat against your teeth. For the inside surfaces of your front teeth, it’s best to brush using an up-and-down motion with the brush tilted vertically.

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Step 3. Spend at least two to three minutes brushing your teeth. Repeat the motion above for around 20 strokes, allowing for adequate time per section. Work your way around your mouth so that you spend at least 15 seconds in each section. Add a roll or flick motion when moving brush from gums to biting edge of tooth to help remove any plaque

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Step 4: Put Toothpaste on the Toothbrush. Once your baby has had adequate time to play with the toothbrush, it’s time to get brushing! Put a little bit of toothpaste on the toothbrush. If you are using fluoridated toothpaste, the recommended amount is a “rice-grain sized smear.”. If you are using a fluoride-free option, the size is

How to brush your teeth properly step by step

Everybody knows the process of brushing teeth. But hte proper way is different. Here, we will guide how to brush your teeth properly step by step. Keep reading. The teeth should be washed regularly at least 3 times a day, after each main meal, and also several times if we eat sweets or other during the day.

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Step 6: Clean your front teeth by turning your toothbrush vertically and using just the tip in an up-and-down sweeping motion, both in front of and behind each tooth. 3. Step 7: Carefully and gently brush the entire top of your tongue to freshen your breath and remove any remaining food particles. Step 8: Spit out any excess toothpaste and

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There are lots of different ways of brushing your teeth, but there is only one that is considered as perfect. If you want to learn how to brush your teeth correctly, make sure to read this little instruction guide and follow every step correctly. This will ensure you …

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Step 2 – Brush in Circles. The most common mistake people make when brushing their teeth is brushing back and forth and not in a circular motion. When you brush in a circular motion you are better able to clean your gums. Also, by brushing with circles you more likely to maintain your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle into the gums. Step 3

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Dec 14, 2011 - There is a right way to brush your teeth. These instructions include nine steps to brushing your teeth and how maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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The point of brushing your teeth is to sweep away plaque and prevent it from building up on your teeth and under your gums. If you are brushing using a crosswise motion on the fronts of your teeth, you won’t be very effective. Save your across motions for the bite surface of your teeth, paying close attention to the back of your molars.

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4. Then do wriggly circular motions at the gum line, count to 5, then brush downwards. This helps to push the bacteria down-and-out from the teeth. 5. Then move from the Upper Left Teeth to the FRONT UPPER TEETH, position your toothbrush almost parallel to the floor. Again, the same action, wriggle, and brush down.

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Step by Step Procedure to Brush the teeth. We are going step by step. 1. Â The correct brushing of the external face: The outer face of the teeth is comparatively better off than the others, because it is in contact with the lips and because it is more accessible to the brushing. However, is that most incorrect technique can suffer: to brush

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How to Clean Your Teeth – The Proper Brushing Technique Step By Step. Prepare your toothbrush. Start in the back. Rollaway. Brush in a clockwise direction. Brush behind the upper front teeth. Brush behind the lower front teeth. Brush the top surfaces of the teeth. Brush the tongue and the insides of the cheeks.

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Wrong. Just brushing your teeth alone isn’t going to cut it—although using one of the best electric toothbrushes certainly helps. Flossing is the only way to get all the bacteria out of your teeth and prevent serious dental problems. It's is an essential part of dental care, no matter how well you know how to brush your teeth.

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Hold the floss taut between your thumbs and index fingers. Use a gentle rubbing motion to shimmy the floss between your teeth. Never snap the floss into your gums. When you reach the gum line, curve it into a c-shape against one tooth. Then gently slide it into the gap between two teeth. While holding the floss tightly against the tooth, floss

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Good brushing is essential for good dental health, so follow these five steps to help your kids brush their teeth properly. 1. Get the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Adult toothbrushes are too large for a child’s small mouth, which will make it harder for them to brush. Look instead for a smaller-head toothbrush made especially for kids.

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Step 3. Use the same method on the inside surfaces of all your teeth. Step 4. Brush the biting surfaces of the teeth. Step 5. To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth, tilt the brush

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3. Start Brushing. Dab a bit of the toothpaste onto the brush and gently pull up your dog's upper lip to expose the top teeth. Begin brushing, using a small circular motion and praising your dog in a soothing voice. Work your way from the front teeth around the sides to the back teeth.

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Brushing Your Dog's Teeth: Step-by-Step Instructions. As soon as you get that new puppy, be sure to get them used to having their teeth brushed! They’re kinda like a ball of clay when they’re young and will be more agreeable to trying new things. Old dogs can learn new tricks too, but you’ll find they’re not quite as “open-minded”.