How to Work From Home Successfully in 12 Easy Steps

A Little About You. I understand that not everyone’s circumstances are the same. I just wanted to say, hey I see you! I am not assuming that everyone has a ‘free for all’ timetable, many of my friends are still working the traditional 9-5 from home.

West Island Way: How to + Things to do in Bute

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from. After the success of trekking the 96 miles of the West Highland Way in Scotland (ok, there was that one blip) we (Gemma and friends, Gordon and Laura) decided to embrace the long May Day weekend and head to the striking west coast island of Bute to tackle the supposed 25 mile/40km (whoever …

14 Ways to Get to Machu Picchu [2021] Entrance Fees, Rules

Machu Picchu in Peru features high on many traveller's bucket lists and rightfully so. One of the new seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is hailed as an archaeologist’s dream. Believed to be built in the 15th century by Peru's Inca civilisation (by hand!) this South American icon is hard to miss although often mistakenly referred to as the 'Lost City of the Incas' (which is really

SXSW Guide + How to do it for Free 2022 – Two Scots Abroad

SXSW is an incredible ten-day programme of film, music and interactive shows which takes place every March in sunny Austin, Texas. The conference is attended by media and tech businesses, artists and party-goers who are looking to discover new talent, often for free. We (Gemma and Craig) have attended three South by South West festivals (2015

Free USA Trip Planner: Plan a Trip to America – Two Scots

Planning a trip to the USA? The USA is a diverse and exciting destination that millions of people visit each year. While there are many different regions you could choose to visit throughout the nation, our USA travel guide will point you to some of the best destinations, as well as provide details for the essential planning. From visa requirements to currency, accommodation and food, let’s

Epic USA Bucket List: 150 Things to do in Every State

Diverse landscapes from deserts to waterfalls, free things to do like beaches and national parks, food from the farm, nightlife in the city. Whatever is on your kind of USA bucket list, we’ve got it covered. So whether you are a local looking for staycation itinerary ideas or a visitor ticking off the big USA bucket list travel ideas, this guide details the top USA attractions and things to

Quiz Round Ideas: 54 Quick, Fun & Easy Examples – Two

Looking to try a few new pub quiz round ideas and keep your pals on their toes? This guide outlines fun quiz rounds for general knowledge, picture rounds, music and the unusual so you can plan your trivia night quickly and successfully. So whether you are planning a pub quiz online or in person, a fun family trivia night or a virtual work event, let’s get this party started.

Dubai Travel Tips: 10+ Things to Know Before You Go

4. Dubai Shopping. Peru has trekking, Dubai has shopping! There are dozens of malls across the city with popular big brand stores. If you are shopping in Dubai, prepare to get exhausted because the malls are massive requiring a lot of walking.

100 Things to do in New York State Before You Die – Two

Looking for the perfect New York State bucket list? Hikes, festivals, food and of course, Niagara Falls, let’s dive into the best things to do in New York State. Best Things to do in New York State By Area New York City Get a sneak-peek into the impressive old City Hall train station from 1904, which features tiled ceilings and brass fittings.

12+ Easy Day Trips From Vienna [Trains, Tours + Boats]

2. Vienna to Bratislava. Bratislava in Slovakia is an ideal option for a day trip from Vienna, Besides being a beautiful and interesting city it is only 80 km from Vienna.. One Day in Bratislava. The capital of Slovakia has a cute city center full of surprising statutes, and a huge castle overlooking the city from a hill.

Long Term Travel Planning: Save, Book, Go!

7. Long Term Travel Hacks. Here’re five travel hacks to save your sanity and keep long term travel expenses down. Large scarves or flags make great dens in dorm rooms. Avoid long term travel cell phone bills by closing your account and switching phone to ‘airplane mode’ then pick up WiFi in cafes, accommodation, etc.

Sagrada Familia: 12 Things to Know Before You Go

1. Where is Sagrada Familia? La Sagrada Familia is located at Carrer de Mallorca (401) in Barcelona which is a 40-minute walk from the tourist street, La Rambla and the popular Gothic Quarter. It does, however, keep good company with many of Barcelona’s top attractions within walking distance.

12 Simple Virtual Team Building Activities: Icebreakers

If you want your in-house staff members and remote teams to feel more tight knit than ever, virtual team building activities are the way to go. These games will help you leverage enthusiasm, vision, and purpose by bringing people together for some crowd-pleasing activities. Team building games for remote workers strengthen communication skills to emphasize a shared identity in any organization.

21 Things to do on Mull: Tobermory, Beaches & Island Hopping

3. Visit Tobermory Distillery to Taste Isle of Mull Whisky. One of the most striking buildings in Tobermory is the Distillery.. Guided tours take you around the island’s only distillery, which was established in 1798, making it one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland.

North Coast 500 Itinerary: Comprehensive, Honest + Free

North Coast 500 spoiler alert. This Scot has a secret to share. I do not mean to alarm or upset but Scotland has been hiding something from you. The north coast has always been there. The turquoise beaches, the fresh fish from line to lips and the friendly locals looking to share a sing-song with you are not new but they definitely are unique and thanks to a strong marketing strategy, the

Scotland Road Trip Planner: Free, Extensive & By a Local

Scotland is officially one of the most beautiful countries in the world! With so many areas to discover, how to plan a Scotland road trip is an art in itself. The first step involves the hardest decision, choosing which of the incredible Scotland self-drive tours you are going to do. Opening a map can be daunting, so this Scotland road trip planner will take the hard work out of your planning

40 Travel-Related Activities You Can Do In The Home

26. Create a Spa Experience. Turkish hammam scrubs are probably out the window unless you have a large tiled area and a tall Turkish man to hose you down, but a relaxing spa experience is doable! Fill the bath, drop a bath bomb, dim the lights, light the candles, slap on a hair and face mask. Zen.

57 Fun Things To Do In Spain All Year Round

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from. Looking for fun things to do in Spain? This bumper guide details a variety of things to do, from popular flamenco shows to lesser-known graffiti murals, from adventurous water sports to beach hopping and party spots.

Bucharest to Transylvania: How to get to Bran Castle

Driving to Bran Castle. It takes around three hours to drive to Bran Castle from Bucharest. From Bucharest, go north on DN1/E60, pass by Ploiești city, keep following DN1/E60 and after Azuga town turn left on DN73A, then at Râșnov town turn left again on DN73/E574 and …

28 Fun Games You Can Play On Zoom (Updated) – Two Scots …

Staying in but still want to be social or planning a work event and need a virtual game to impress? Here are 20+ games you can play on Zoom and other conference call apps. All you need is a video calling device, audio, a pal and the occasional prop. So let's take a look at the best virtual games to play on Zoom and how to play them. Before we dive in, we wanted to let you know that we've

16 Zoom Games For Kids + Other Online Options – Two Scots

Looking for Zoom games for kids? This guide details the best games for kids to play online which entertain and inform, safely! With so many options, and with some being free, being stuck at home doesn't have to take its toll on families. Let's take a look at these educational and fun games to add tons of excitement to daily routines. If you are a teacher researching games for school students

Things to Do in New England – Road Trip Planning Guide

Things to Do in New England. Tucked away in the far northeastern corner of the big ol’ USA is a very special region known as New England. One of the oldest parts of the country, New England is home to bountiful history, especially from the American Revolutionary period.. But it’s not just for history buffs.

How to Get to Auschwitz from Krakow: Bus, Train, Tour or

The best way is by train. There is a super fast train that will get you to Krakow in about 2.5 hrs. Then you will have to take a bus to the town of Oswiecim. It will drop you right outside Auschwitz. The cost is about 203 PLN ($53 or £42), for the train plus 13 PLN ($4 or £3), for the bus.

What To Do In Kiev/Kyiv: 40 Fun Activities

Mariyinsky Palace You need to enjoy this Baroque palace from behind the gates as it is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine.. Magic Snail Cafe Coffee Yup, you read that correctly. Kiev’s coffee culture is pretty big, so much so, you will find vendors all over the city.

The Ultimate Edinburgh Fringe Guide [2021]

Here is your Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide. For three weeks in August (6th to 30th August 2021), you have never seen Scotland’s capital so alive. It is the ultimate time of year to visit Edinburgh. Come rain or shine * insert joke about Scotland’s weather here * you are guaranteed to laugh, cry, cringe and gasp and that’s just over your

7 Travel Hacks So You Can Enjoy London On a Budget – Two

I love London but my bank balance definitely does not. Always creating inspiration with affordable travel on the mind, I've pulled in London expats, Charlie and Kristina from MapTrotting, to share their London on a budget track hacks with us so you can enjoy the Big Smoke without a big bank statement. » » Two Scots Abroad saved £20K to travel - click to find out how « « London On a

Things To Do In Magical Cappadocia – First Timers’ Guide

Don’t forget your tripod, remote, or a friend to take photos for you. 2. Not All Hot Air Balloons Take Flight. Instagram shows off the balloons in their element, but it doesn’t explain where, when and how much. As mentioned above, the hot air balloon rides take flight at sunrise which was around 6:00 for me in April.

What to Wear in Dubai – Sensible Advice From a Local – Two

Wondering what to wear in Dubai? Look no further! This guide details the best Dubai packing list items, explains the reasons for the rules and gives examples of how to dress in all areas of the country so you can have fun without worry! The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country that follows the Sha’aria law. All tourists and residents are required to dress modestly, no matter how hot the

Walking The West Highland Way – 5 Days Itinerary – Two

The West Highland Way is one of the best hikes in Scotland. Why? Because revellers trek through the rolling hills and by the calm lochs of the west coast of Scotland which is deemed to be one of the most beautiful areas in the country. This 96-mile hike starts just outside of Scotland's friendliest city, Glasgow at the town of Milngavie (pronounced Mill-guy) and ends at the outdoor capital

12+ Easy Weekend Getaways From Toronto – Two Scots Abroad

Have you exhausted the city and looking for an easy weekend getaway from Toronto? This guide to the best Toronto day trips details not only where to go but also things to do and how to get there. Let’s showcase the best Ontario and beyond has to offer including Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Blue Mountain. An exciting mix of nature, culture and of course, wine! » Don’t miss our Toronto

21 Cool Things to do in Cusco for Every Budget

Peru's city in the Peruvian Andes is more than just a gateway to Machu Picchu. Here's 21 things to do in Cusco for all budgets from walks, food, viewpoints, history and partying.

19 Things to do in Rebun Island, Hokkaido Travel

Appreciate that the kitchen staff spend a long time creating the Kaiseki dinner and it is Japanese etiquette to have dinner ready for the customer before/as they enter so last-minute changes disturb the equilibrium! 4. Kita-no-Canary Park. Kita-no-Canary Park is a very scenic area in the south of Rebun Island.

10 Unmissable Things To Do In Hot Havana!

8. Visit Vedado. The ‘newer’ area of Havana has paladar restaurants (privately-owned) and bars and can be reached by cocotaxi, the tiny yellow helmet looking cars. We watched a young salsa/rock fusion band play at a venue in Vedado which was not what I expected to be doing in Havana, the city if …

Tower of London Guide: Tips for 2021

10. The Tower Of London Tickets. Now is the best time to visit the Tower of London. For safety, there is a limited number of visitors allowed inside the Tower each day so reserve a ticket before you travel. Since the ticket office is not open at the time of writing, pre-booking online is essential.

22 Unique Things to do in Austin Today

Unusual Things to do in Austin. 1. Eat Breakfast at Juan in a Million. The first thing to do in Austin is to grab a Tex Mex breakfast and Juan in a Million is the legend you get to meet. Not only does the ex-high school teacher, Juan Meza’s sell no frills, great homemade food, he also greets every single customer at the door with his

How to Get to Harry Potter Studios London

How to Get to Harry Potter Studios UK. London is a huge city, with more train and tube stations in the heart of it than you could imagine. Navigating these can be somewhat of a …

Cuba Currency: Everything You Need To Know For 2021 – Two

Cuba currency is changing. From January 2021, locals and tourists say goodbye to the so-called dual currency system and hello to the reactivation of the historic national currency, the Cuban Peso (CUP). This guide will detail everything you need to know about Cuban currency, answer whether you can use your credit card in Cuba and discuss the rumoured USD tax AND exchange fee!

The North Coast 500 Packing List: 23 Essential Items + 1

Clothes. You may be sitting in the car for long periods of time while soaking up the Scottish Highland‘s 500 miles, so be comfortable.. If, like us, there is a constant battle for the aircon to be on (Craig) and off (me, Gemma) a throw or large poncho/cape US / UK is a recommended purchase for your road trip.. They are also great for hiding bags under if leaving the car unattended or

The Ultimate Aberdeen Mural Trail Guide (Nuart Scotland)

The second way to discover Aberdeen’s street art is to use our extensive guide and the Aberdeen mural trail map to do a self-guided art trail.. As Aberdeen is a compact city, all of the sites can be reached by foot and you will probably see other art fans on the trail too!

La Paz to Uyuni: 4 Ways to Get to Bolivia’s Salt Flats

La Paz to Uyuni is a popular route that thousands of visitors take each year to visit the magical Uyuni Salt Flats. Coined the world's largest mirror, there are four ways to get to the Salt Flats in Bolivia which we (Gemma and Craig) will look at in this guide. From the town of Uyuni, you will embark on your Uyuni tour (1-3 days depending on your availability) to see vast landscapes, take fun

10 Best Places to Eat in Huntsville, Al – Two Scots Abroad

With over 500 restaurants in a 5.5-mile radius - how do you choose which Huntsville restaurants to dine at? From casual to character, BBQ to board games, here's our (Gemma and Craig, two Scots who love to travel) guide to the best places to eat in Huntsville, Al. We don’t just spill where to eat but also share what to eat. Be prepared to be Alabama fed!

29 Things to do at Night in Barcelona [All Year Round

20. Go Ice Skating. FC Barcelona’s Ice Rink (Av. de Joan XXIII, s/n, 08028 Barcelona) is open to members and non-members all year round, making it one of the best inside attractions in Barcelona. Friday to Sunday sees later opening times so you can get on …

Budapest to Ljubljana: The Most Efficient Route – Two

The journey,Hungary's Budapest to Ljubljana, Slovenia is a popular one and it's easy to see why. The trip easy, safe and both the cities of Budapest and Ljubljana deserve a visit. Here is a step by step guide on thebest way to travel from Budapest to Ljubljana. Public Transport In Europe Like many European connections, train* is the best way to travel between Hungary and Slovenia.

3 Fun Days in Chicago Itinerary

How to Spend Three Days in Chicago One Day in Chicago Morning – Riverwalk + The Bean. Hotel check-ins in Chicago are usually around 3-4pm, but many of them offer earlier check-ins depending on room availability, or you can leave your luggage with them and go for a stroll.

Barcelona In Winter: 21 Festive Things To Do There

9. La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona’s Top Attraction. No trip to Barcelona, regardless of the season, would be complete without a visit to the incomplete La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi which is open on Christmas Day until 2pm.. Started in 1882, with Gaudi taking over in the next year, this piece of architectural magnificence is still in construction mode, even though Gaudi died in 1926.

12 Fun + Cultural Things to do in Asahikawa

9. Drink Sake. Part of the Izakaya experience, if you want it, is to drink sake via the traditional process. A bottle is presented by the host. Next, the sake is poured into a large shot glass and the pour continues until the sake is overflowing, filling up the wooden cube in which the glass sits.

Six Outstanding Things To Do On Ometepe

Hike A Volcano. Ometepe is home to two dormant volcanoes – Conception, the bigger one, and Maderas. Conception is best reached from the Moyogalpa side of the island, where as Maderas guided hikes are cheaper from the south of the island (Balgüe / Merida area). Conception last erupted in 2012 and Maderas, over 3000 years ago, making it dormant.

25+ Paris Gifts For Those Who Adore The City

3. Bonjour Mug. For a Paris gift online, check out the cheeky Bonjour B*tches mug US / UK.. 4. Soap Dish. Keep it clean and plastic-free with a cute bar of soap and stylish French soap dish US / UK.. A Paris gift that is a sure winner for someone who loves a little bit of sophistication in their powder room.