Miposaur (from WowWee)

MIPOSAUR (FROM WOWWEE) Miposaur (from WowWee) is a loveable robotic dinosaur featuring high levels of responsiveness, interactivity and fun. All the kids we tested this with (around 20 kids) loved it! They loved the fact that Miposaur would play with them, they loved his/her ‘personality’ and they loved the things they could get it to do


Mixups Card Game

MIXUPS CARD GAME. Mixups card game is simple but compelling card game based on mixing up two different animals on the same card, and then playing a hilarious game of SNAP base don spotting if the same animal is on display across the two cards in play.. We found Mixups card game really easy to learn to play, because it is based on a game everyone knows how to play already.


Dobble/Spot it Review

Dobble/Spot It Game Review This is a very special review for us, because the game we are reviewing is genuinely our favourite party game! The game is called Dobble in the UK & Europe, and Spot It! in North America. Don’t ask us why the game has different names in each region – because […]


SHOUT Board Game

SHOUT BOARD GAME REVIEW SHOUT is a high paced quirky ‘Party’ game and we found playing it a very entertaining experience. It combines a degree of mental challenge with a time limit (measured by sand timer) which encourages a frenetic pace of guessing and frantic thinking. What we liked best about the game was that […]


Articulate Board Game

Articulate board game has been around for a long time – over 20 years in fact we believe. And throughout that time it has been a top selling game. That doesn’t happen to bad games! The reason for Articulate’s ongoing success is that it is a genuinely …


Leapfrog LeapPad3 Learning Tablet

Leapfrog LeapPad3 Learning Tablet. Based on our ongoing consumer research work (we consumer test child targeted products for various toy, gaming and hardware companies), we know that Leapfrog is a brand that is well trusted and liked by parents, due to ongoing excellence in developing highly educational products delivered with a huge dosage of fun.


Real FX Slotless Racing

Real FX Slotless Racing . Real FX Slotless Racing is a highly immersive, massively addictive RC/car racing experience. Starting with the set up/unboxing experience, the set is remarkably (and very refreshingly) easy to set up and get racing, unlike some other more convoluted sets we’ve tried.


The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game Kids love The Magic Tooth Fairy Game, they love the idea of it, they love the ‘magic’ process of placing a tooth into the bed and seeing it transformed into a gold coin, and they love the simple but engaging gameplay. While the build quality of …


REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles)

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) from WoWee . REV (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) is an awesome RC battling cars product from Wowee. REV comes with 2 super cool App controlled cars, which feature some really whizzy technology (according to the box there are 7 patents pending for this product).



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Minecraft App Review

Minecraft App Review Minecraft is an immensely popular App for a reason – it features massively compelling gameplay. If you imagined 3d virtual Lego, that’s what you get with Minecraft. It’s an open ended building game which allows kids to construct anything from basic shapes through to large scale recreations of fictional or real cityscapes. […]


Silly Sausage Game

SILLY SAUSAGE GAME REVIEW Silly Sausage is a riotous and addictive handheld electronic game. Aside from the crazy theme of a big red smiling sausage, the game play of Silly Sausage is bound to be compared to Bop It, the classic handheld electronic game. Well Silly Sausage compares very well with Bop It…kids love it, […]


Guess Who (Shuffle) Card Game

Guess Who (Shuffle) card game is based on the already proven winning formula of the classic race to find the face game of Guess Who! This version effectively replaces the plastic grids holding the face cards with a deck of cards, with players laying out their own matrix of faces on the floor/on a table, and then taking it in turns to ask whether the face they are trying to find has a


Elena Of Avalor Scepter

ELENA OF AVALOR SCEPTER – TOY REVIEW The Elena of Avalor Scepter toy is an authentic role play accessory toy that will help those fans of the show immerse themselves in a magical Disney play experience! The Scepter has some good features, including two modes – for button or motion operation i.e. the child can […]


Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

The Smart Egg is a fun entry point to his kind of handheld physical puzzle. The way it works is that you have the Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle (as pictured above), and a small plastic stick or wand with round ends. The idea is to insert the wand into the top of the puzzle and then by manipulating it around and back and forth to try to get it out


Timeline Card Game

TIMELINE CARD GAME . Timeline is an engagingly simple, highly compelling card game for 2 or more players. One of the biggest grumbles in these days of low attention spans and multi-screening etc. is that games take too long to learn.



ABOUT THE TOY VERDICT. The Toy Verdict was founded by a team of professional toy testers. Our experience as a professional market research testing service to toy companies around the world has lead us to the unique position of having true inside industry knowledge combined with a clear understanding of what people (both parents and children) are looking for from toys, games & other …


Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Contents – the game includes a gameboard, 400 cards (200 for adults, 200 for kids), 2 card holders, 6 movers, 36 wedges and a single Dice. THE TOY VERDICT – this is a good version of Trivial Pursuit, allowing a broader section of people to play together. We experienced all the usual racousness of arguing over spaces moved, bantering over


Petron Sureshot Toy Crossbow

Petron Sureshot Toy Crossbow This Toy Crossbow product comes from the Petron Sureshot range. Clearly there is a great deal of fun to be had with ‘blaster’ toys when they work well, and in this case we have to report that this product definitely delivers! Of all the many (thousands) of toy […]


SSHH! Don't Wake Dad Game

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad is an entertaining and suprisingly tension filled game! The game features a board, spinner, cards, movers and a bed featuring a sleeping (snoring) Dad. The idea of the game is to sneak around the board to the fridge in order to pilfer the luscious chocolate cake without […]


Boy (By Roald Dahl)

BOY (BY ROALD DAHL) Roald Dahl’s Boy is the story of his childhood told by Dahl himself in that fantastic writing style he is so well loved for. Originally published in 1984, this is a timeless classic, a hilarious reflection of a time long since gone. From …


Whisper Ride Cruiser

WHISPER RIDE CRUISER . The Step 2 Whisper Ride Cruiser is a stylish and thoroughly well designed ride on/pushalong. As the image above shows, this product is sleek and realistic in design terms, but it isn’t realistic in a grungy way, the styling of the car makes it look fast and glamorous – it’s the kind of car that children find exciting!


Payday Board Game

WHO’S IT FOR – this is a classic family game, and while the box states the game is for kids aged 8+, we’d expect kids of 7+ to be able to play with a little help. Kids of a younger age may struggle with reading the board/cards. THE TOY VERDICT – We love Payday! It’s a really strong, long proven gameplay with a simple and quick play


Tech Toys Archives

Taco Playbits is a robotic learning system which was successfully funded on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo. The product comes with a wand reader, and a selection of ‘chips’ which allow children to learn a variety of things: Taco Playbits teaches children how to code in a simple and fun way, it teaches children how to count and do math/s, ABCs, memory, logic and more. Most importantly


Piececool Black Dragon

PIECECOOL BLACK DRAGON REVIEW Piececool is a metal hobby brand which we would describe as being a bit like a cross between origami and traditional hobby kit making. The products come in a sleek package, with multiple flat metallic sheets inside, and from this you can create awesomely detailed models of a wide variety of […]


The Best Of British Board Game

The Best Of British Board Game. The Best of British board game is a light hearted and entertaining trivia game. The theme of ‘Britishness’ is quite interesting, and there is a wide variety of questions featured within the game, and with 2400 questions the game offers good repeat play value.


Cars (Shuffle) Card Game

Cars (Shuffle) Card Game is likely to appeal fans of the hit movie franchise based on cars of various shapes, sizes and styles. This game is an authentic card based racing game. It features 2 tracks, with a series of game play mechanisms to move cars along the tracks with the first player […]


Best Lego Minecraft Set

BEST LEGO MINECRAFT SET REVIEW Lego Minecraft combines the two most powerful and popular brands in real world and digital construction play for kids. Lego is THE leader in construciton/building block play, with a ranking as 1st or 2nd biggest toy company in the world just with one brand alone. And there is a reason […]


Marvel Hero Mashers

MARVEL HERO MASHERS Marvel Super Hero Mashers are super epic cool collectible, immersive action figures based on favourite Marvel characters including Spider Man, Venom, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Thor etc. The difference from typical action figures though is that Hero Mashers let you mix and mash up the characters, so if you […]


[email protected], Author at The Toy Verdict

Taco Playbits is a robotic learning system which was successfully funded on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo. The product comes with a wand reader, and a selection of ‘chips’ which allow children to learn a variety of things: Taco Playbits teaches children how to code in a simple and fun way, it teaches children how to count and do math/s, ABCs, memory, logic and more. Most importantly


Disney Moana Classic Doll

DISNEY MOANA CLASSIC DOLL REVIEW Moana is the super slick Disney movie set on a mystical Pacific island. The Moana Classic Doll is everything a doll based on this film should be. The toy comes with a large paddle as the major accessory and a …


Nenuco Bubble Bath Doll

9. Cool Factor. 9. Repeat Play Value. 9. Nenuco Bubble Bath Doll This is a simply delightful product! We tested the product with kids ranging from 2 up to 6 years of age, and all loved it! The main feature of the product is a cutesy doll, which has clearly been designed for use in the bath. While children may often want to take ..


VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera

8. Cool Factor. 8. Repeat Play Value. 9. VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera VTech’s Kidizoom DUO Camera is the latest (and quite possibly the best!) in the long running, massively successful Kidizoom Camera range. We found this product to be among …


Lego Elves 41078 Skyra's Magical Castle review

Lego 41078 Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle . Lego Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle is just as fantastic as we expected it to be! This is one heck of a lot of Lego play in a box…the set features 808 pieces in 7 numbered bags, including 3 mini-figures, a Pegasus horse, and owl, a spa room, lava kitchen, dining area and 4 magic keys.


Timeline: British History Game

TIMELINE: BRITISH HISTORY GAME Timeline: British History is both a compelling game but also a softly educational tool. The product comes in a packaged tin, with quirky, stylistic embossing on the tin. The game itself is in the form of 110 British History themed cards. Players take it in turns to lay down cards trying […]


Metomics T-Rex 3-in-1 Collector Set

METOMICS T-REX 3-IN-1 COLLECTOR SET REVIEW Metomics is an intriguing and appealing Construction toy brand. Featuring metal bricks, Metomics allows kids (and big kids!) to construct long lasting impressive and sleek looking shapes and structures. The T-Rex 3-in-1 Collector Set we tested was very compelling. The bricks feel really good due to their weight and […]