15 DIY Travel and Organizing Kits for Your Embroidery

15 DIY Travel and Organizing Kits for Your Embroidery. Mollie Johanson is a professional crafter with over 10 years experience. She is the author of “Stitch …


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Sew an Infinity Scarf With a Hidden Pocket for Travel

Perfect for travel, this scarf looks like any other infinity scarf, but it has a hidden zipper pocket that holds your passport, money, and more! Scarves like this look great, add easy style to an outfit, and they make it handy to keep essentials close. They're also easy to make, and you can sew up a few to match all your favorite looks.


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English Paper Piecing Patterns for Beginners

English Paper Piecing Travel Kit. Red-Handled Scissors. Use your English paper piecing skills to create this travel kit so you can take your hand sewing on the road. This is an intermediate sewing project because the assembly is a little advanced, but it only requires basic EPP techniques.


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The 7 Best Friends Scrapbooks

Best Paper Sheets: BBwill Travel Scrapbook Buy on Amazon. If your vision for your scrapbook includes a lot of drawing, stickers, or custom cut-outs, you’ll need a scrapbook with paper sheets. This large album from BBwill is a great option.


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Free Gift Certificate Templates You Can Customize

There's an email gift certificate and a birthday gift certificate, as well as one for an airline, Christmas, hotel, photography, spa, restaurant, and travel gift. Each template download page gives a full description of what it may be used for as well as how to edit it.


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The Best Places to Buy Coins

This may involve travel to different cities to attend coin shows or visit different coin dealers. Unfortunately, the advanced coin collector may not have the time to perform these necessary visits, but a trusted coin dealer can evaluate a coin on your behalf.


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The 9 Best Watercolor Paints of 2021

The set is great for beginners and advanced painters alike. These long-lasting watercolor paints are brilliantly pigmented but also have good transparency and tinting strength. With a compact case and a built-in mixing tray, they're perfect for travel, painting classes, or at-home art.


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How to Make a Walker Bag

Fold the strap pieces in half, matching the long sides. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew all into long tubes, backstitching at the beginning and end. Press each seam allowance open with the seam centered on the flattened tube. Sew across one end to …


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The 8 Best Online Photo Books of 2021

Artifact Uprising offers a wide range of options when it comes to creating photo books: You can create books around events (weddings, travel), milestones (babies), or choose from an array of book options to create an album. And the book you create will be beautiful: The paper is high-quality as well as environmentally friendly.


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18 Free Pillow Patterns and Ideas

A Piece of Rainbow . If you're looking for a throw pillow cover pattern that's fast and easy, this is the tutorial for you. In just 10 minutes you can create an envelope style closure pillowcase that fits easily over your throw pillows.


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Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

Properly applied, watercolor shows the complexity of color by revealing layers of transparent color. It allows light to travel through the layers of paint and reflect off the paper. So, use a light touch. For more control of the paint but less transparency, use less water on your brush; for greater transparency, use more water.


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How to Sew a Mug Cozy with Free Pattern

Sew the Cozy. Sew the edges together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving a 3-inch opening in the bottom of the body of the fabric toward the end with the tab, to make it easier to turn the fabric right side out. Trim the corners, clip the corners, and grade the seam allowance. (The red lines in the photo show trimming and clipping


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16 DIY Luggage Tag Ideas

Scrap wood is the perfect media for a rustic, homemade luggage tag. Try staining in a medium to light tone, so that the wood will still allow for decorative paint and stamped letters overtop. See the full tutorial to make these ultra chic tags. Rustic Wooden Luggage Tags from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry. 14 of 16.


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10 Sunflower Crafts for Kids

Coffee Filter Sunflowers. The Imagination Tree. These sunflowers from The Imagination Tree are bright, cheerful, and super fun to craft for toddlers to school-age kids. You will need coffee filters, sequins, and green card stock. These giant sunflowers will cheer up …


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Where Dealers Find Their Antiques and Collectibles

Don’t forget to check the calendar when you travel, too, to find out which markets to hit while you’re on the road. parema / Getty Images Live Auctions . General auctions used to hold more potential for resellers than they do now, at least in many areas. But you can still hit a good one every now and then, especially when they’re estate


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Learn How to Crochet a Pouch with These Free Patterns

Travel Pouch by Knot My Designs. 04 of 10. Quick Bulky Crochet Pouch. Moogly. Anyone who needs to craft a quick last minute gift will find that this crochet pouch pattern comes in handy. Worked up with an M hook and super bulky yarn, this 5" x 6" pouch is done almost as soon as you've started it. It's the perfect instant gratification project!


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The 8 Best Sewing Kits of 2021

The 8 Best Craft Kits for Teens in 2021. Final Verdict. The best overall sewing kit is the ARTIKA Simply Sewing Kit ( view at Amazon ), which is a lightweight kit that's packed with all the essentials you'll need to complete your next sewing project. It boasts 130 pieces, including a metal thimble and golden eye needles.


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10 Free Tea Bag Wallet Patterns

Dandi Tea Bag Wallet. This tea bag wallet is simple and adorable. Step-by-step instructions are included to sew this tea wallet that will hold three teabags. Continue to …


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Top 10 Train-Themed Board and Card Games

Even in this age of routine air travel—and with commercial space travel perhaps an imminent realitys—railroads still hold a certain magical appeal among hobbyists and game players. From model trains to online simulation games, hobbyists young and hold continue to be fascinated by all aspects of the history and operation of railways and the


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5 Tools to Organize Your Cross-Stitch Supplies

Cross-Stitch Travel Bag . Toteworthy Designs. One great thing about cross-stitching is that you can take your projects anywhere and stitch in a coffee shop, on the bus or in a park. The only issue, however, is carrying around your supplies. You need a tote that can handle your hoops, your floss and any other accessories you like to have on hand.


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How to Make a Neck Pillow

Mini Travel Neck Pillow - Pattern Piece A; Mini Travel Neck Pillow - Pattern Piece B; Download and print the two pattern piece JPG files as large as they will fit on US letter or A4 paper. Be sure to print both pieces at the same size. Cut out the patterns and tape them together so …


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The Best Tools for Beginning Quilters

For home sewing, buy a 24" x 36" mat if possible, and if you have space remember that larger mats are a great choice. If you plan to take quilting classes, and can only buy one rotary mat to travel with, you can get by with a smaller version that's more portable. Rotary Ruler Choices . A 6" x 24" rotary ruler is essential.


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How to Make a Backpack That Folds Over

Attach D-Rings to the Front. Cut a 5-inch piece of cotton webbing. Slide two D-rings on the strap and fold the ends in to meet each other with the rings in the two folds. Place the folded strap (with raw edges down) to the second outer piece so it's centered and the …


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How Will the Ivory Ban Impact Antiques You Own

News traveled through collecting circles in early 2013 as the California Department of Fish and Game began cracking down on the trade of ivory. In fact, Slawinski Auction Company saw armed wardens confiscate close to $150,000 worth of ivory. The raid of flea markets, auctions, and the stock of antique dealers has reportedly continued in


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Understanding Model Railroad Waybills and Operations

Test each car on a dedicated grade. Note how far it travels, and assign a number to each distance. A car with a "one" rating might travel one to three feet. A "two" travels three to five feet, etc. If your layout features a working hump yard, this code will help operators plan to control the cars' descents into the class tracks. Even if you don


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Examples of Model Railroad Track Types

A transition rail joiner allows trains to travel smoothly from Code 83 rail (left) and Code 100 rail (right.) Soldering the joint will further secure the rails and prevent shifting over time. Ryan C Kunkle, licensed to About.com, Inc. Model railroad track codes are defined by the NMRA.


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Make an Easy Origami Card Stand

This origami card holder or business card stand is great for place cards at parties, menu holder at cafes, and to display your business cards. You can also use these stands to display photos and any other flat item, such as credit cards. Another unique use would be to use this as a little stand to keep sewing needles or safety pins at the ready.


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Building and Wiring Reverse Loops for Model Trains

On a model railroad, as with the prototype, reverse loops consume a lot of space but are the fastest way to turn an entire train. One of the most common uses of reverse loops in modern layout design is as part of a staging yard.By incorporating a reverse loop, arriving trains can be quickly turned and readied for their next run.


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Money Origami Heart Instructions

If you travel, folding money origami from souvenir currency can be a fun way to create a vacation memento. Tip. Choose the crispest bills possible, as money that is worn and wrinkled is hard to fold evenly and won't hold a distinct shape. If you can't find crisp bills in your wallet, ask a friendly bank teller to exchange your bills.


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Best Needles for Hand Sewing and Quilting Projects

Their short stature and small eye allow betweens to easily travel through multiple layers of a quilt sandwich. Some betweens have a slightly larger eye that makes the needles easier to thread. Beginning hand quilters sometimes assume they must use the tiniest betweens, size 12, to sew short quilting stitches, but we recommend you purchase a


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10 Free Crochet Pillow Patterns

The Hook Nook. Basketweave stitch is a terrific texture for a comfortable crochet pillow. Typically this stitch is created using post stitches. However, it can also be done using Tunisian crochet stitches.This free crochet pillow pattern incorporates two different Tunisian crochet stitches (Tunisian knit stitch, and Tunisian purl stitch) for an almost knit-like basketweave crochet pattern.


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How to Make a DIY Pillow

T he Spruce / Lovely Indeed As you are gathering your materials, start to make a plan for how you'd like to transform your pillow. The sky is really the limit—think: pom-poms, tassels, trims, iron-on patches, embroidery, and so much more.


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Important Facts About Needlepoint and Petit Point

Petit Point is worked using tiny tent needlepoint stitches, which allow a stitcher to create greater detail in a particular area of a needlepoint design. That's why it is stitched on double-thread canvas. For example, mono or single thread canvas allows for one stitch worked over a vertical and horizontal mesh intersection; which normally would


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How to Safely Store Your Coin Collection

Naturally, some water escapes over time. Therefore, this would provide a very humid environment for your collection. The water vapor can be absorbed by placing a silica gel pack inside your safe deposit box. Remember to change it a couple of times a year to keep it fresh and absorbing as much water vapor as possible.


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What You Need to Sew a Pillowcase by Bed Size

Cut your fabric to the size listed below for your pillow. A rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat are the easiest way to ensure square cuts, but you can also use a yardstick or measuring tape, a fabric marker, and scissors to mark and cut the rectangle needed. Travel Size (12x16-inch): 3/4 yard, cut 1 rectangle 24" x 25".


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Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Decoupage

Bone folder: You can use this to help smooth out wrinkles and remove excess glue.You can also buy a tool made especially for this, called a brayer.; Foam brush: Use this to spread the decoupage medium or glue onto the item you will decoupage.If you don't have a foam brush, you can use an ordinary paintbrush or even a cotton swab.


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Step-by-Step Guide to Threading a Sewing Machine

Bring the thread down to the tension mechanism, slip the thread between the metal disks of the tension mechanism, and travel back upward with the thread. Look for a take-up mechanism. This is the area on the front of the machine which will go up and down when you turn the hand wheel. Place the thread through the take-up lever.


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How to Make a Heating Pad

Once you’ve filled the sock with rice to your liking, take the end and tie a secure knot. Start by wrapping the end of the sock around two of your fingers to make a loop. Then, pull it through the loop tightly. If you’ve ever tied a water balloon, use the same method. Then, cut off excess fabric with scissors.


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10 Free Tote Bag Sewing Patterns

12 Travel Bag Patterns To Make for Your Next Adventure. Sew Your Own Leather Bag With These Gorgeous Purse Patterns. Sew and Decorate a Simple Felt Tote Bag. How to Sew a Large Tote Bag With Striped Pockets. 13 Free Kitchen Sewing Patterns. How to Sew a Tote Bag With a Recessed Zipper.


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9 Leather Purse Patterns

12 Travel Bag Patterns To Make for Your Next Adventure. Sew Your Own Clothes With These 10 Free Patterns. 13 Free Apron Patterns You Can Sew Right Now. 18 Free Pillow Patterns and Ideas. Repurpose Old Jeans With These 14 Free Patterns for Denim. …


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Step-by Step-Instructions to Sew an Invisible Zipper

An invisible zipper is a zipper that is hidden within a seam. The only part that is seen is a slender zipper pull at the top. An invisible zipper is sewn in a different manner than other visible zippers.With an invisible zipper, you do not need to bother with topstitching on the finished zipper, but rather you install the zipper before the seam it is installed in is sewn.


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25 Free Purse and Bag Patterns to Sew

Beach Bag With Rope Handles. Polka Dot Chair. Head to the pool or shore with everything you need in this oversized beach bag. The eyelets and rope handles look great while remaining functional, and the pom pom trim adds a fun element. Oversized Beach Bag Sewing Pattern from Polka Dot Chair. 08 of 25.


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How to Make a No-Sew Leather Luggage Tag

The Spruce / Lovely Indeed Whether you're taking a summer road trip or heading out on holiday travels, you've gotta tag that bag! It's so easy to lose your suitcase in a sea of similar baggage, but it makes it so much easer (and way more fun) to spot your suitcase if you've got a one-of-a-kind luggage tag.This no-sew leather project is sturdy, beautiful, and totally customizable.


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Get Inspiration From 25 of the Best DIY Birthday Cards

DIY Candy. Hand drawn cards are always a welcome gift because you took the time and effort to make something special for your friend. Metallic gold ink on purple cardstock is a winning combination for this DIY birthday card. Surprise Smiling Face DIY Cards from DIY Candy. Continue to …


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How to Make a Collage and Find Free Collage Projects

A Few Basic Procedures You Should Follow. Choose a base for your collage. The base can be as simple as a piece of paper. Using a heavier paper is a good idea as you will be using a lot of glue. For the base of your collage, you can also use poster board, cardboard, canvas, an empty picture frame, or any other fairly flat item. Collect the items


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What Is Custard Glass

Souvenir glass commemorating travel destinations and historically significant dates or events were also made of custard glass around the turn of the 20th century. By and large, original custard glass was made up through the 1920s, but rarely thereafter. After that, transparent glass became more favored by consumers.


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Budget Bead Storage Solutions

You can even make a travel beading case with one of the containers. Buy Photo Storage Containers at Amazon.com. 02 of 06. Plastic Tubes to Store Beads . Lisa Yang Clear plastic tubes are great for storing seed beads. In fact, most bead stores sell their smaller seed beads and cylinder beads packaged in plastic tubes. Plastic tubes work great


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