What Is Safe Driving Mode

Safe Driving Mode: When in a Zoom meeting using your iPhone or mobile device. From the meeting window you can "swipe-right" to enter "Safe Driving Mode". To enter Safe driving mode "swipe right" on your meeting screen.To exit and go back to your normal meeting window, "swipe left" In this mode, your microphone and video will be automatically stopped and muted.


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Getting started with Dashboard – Zoom Help Center

Latency - the amount of time it takes for a pack to travel from one point to another. In Zoom's case, audio, video, or screen share packet. Jitter - the variation in the delay of received packets. Avg. Loss - the average amount of packet loss, which is the percentage of packets that fail to arrive at their destination.


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Restricted countries or regions – Zoom Help Center

Overview. You can start or join a meeting from any international location. If you are on a corporate network, see security settings for firewall or proxy servers.. Users in the following countries or regions are unable to access Zoom for regulatory reasons.


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Zoom technical support – Zoom Help Center

Zoom Support Guidelines. We understand how important Zoom products are for keeping you connected at work, school, and in your personal life. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom remains committed to providing the best possible customer experience.


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Frequently asked questions – Zoom Help Center

Frequently asked questionsFollow. Frequently asked questions. The following are answers to some of the most common questions or problems users come across. Read common questions about: Getting started with Zoom. Scheduling a meeting. Joining a meeting. Zoom webinars. Meeting and webinar features.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Zoom Help Center

Desktop client, mobile app, and web client comparison. Frequently asked questions for admins. Meeting and webinar comparison. Change your language on Zoom. Can I use Zoom on multiple devices? Please Wait for the Host to Start this Meeting / Webinar. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Configuring Zoom on Chrome OS. At Risk Meeting Notifier.


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CarPlay Meeting Controls – Zoom Help Center

Tap the Zoom icon on CarPlay. Siri will ask you to say the name of the Zoom contact you would like to call. If you have multiple contacts with the same name, tap the contact you would like to call on the CarPlay interface, after stating their name. Zoom will call your contact. Once they answer, Zoom will show the call time and meeting controls


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Network and Firewall – Zoom Help Center

Zoom. Zoom for Government. At Zoom, we are hard at work to provide you with the best 24x7 global support experience during this pandemic. As part of this ongoing commitment, please review our updated Support Guidelines. Zoom Help Center. Account & Admin. Network and Firewall.


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System requirements for Zoom Rooms – Zoom Help Center

Minimum OS: macOS X with macOS 10.14 or higher. Windows 10 or higher. macOS or Windows OS hardware requirements: 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or higher desktop CPU (single screen) processor. 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 or higher desktop CPU (dual or triple screen) processor. Dual-bank RAM for better performance.


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Host and co-host controls in a meeting – Zoom Help Center

Host controls allow you as the host to control various aspects of a Zoom meeting, such as managing the participants. The co-host feature allows the host to share hosting privileges with another user, allowing the co-host to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as managing participants or starting/stopping the recording.


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Wireless (WiFi) Connection Issues – Zoom Help Center

If you are experiencing any issue (s) with latency, frozen screen, poor quality audio, or meeting getting disconnected while using a home or non-enterprise WiFi connection, try the following: Watch a video about WiFi connectivity. Check your Internet bandwidth using an online speed test, such as nperf , Speedtest, or Comparitech.


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Live training webinars – Zoom Help Center

Our Zoom trainers host free and interactive live-training webinars daily. Get up to speed in less than an hour. Please select the time zone that fits best for you when registering for one of our live-training webinars. At the bottom of this page, you will find our training session guide to provide some quick tips before your live training session.


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Background noise suppression – Zoom Help Center

Instructions. In the Zoom Desktop Client, click your profile picture then click Settings. Click the Audio tab. Under the Suppress background noise section, select the level of suppression you wish to use: Auto: This is the default setting, and will apply moderate background noise reduction when needed. It will auto adjust the aggressiveness for


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Enabling breakout rooms – Zoom Help Center

Overview. Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, or they can allow participants to select and enter breakout sessions as …


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Meeting and Webinar Best Practices and Resources – Zoom

Zoom hosts daily training webinars to help get you started using Zoom Meetings as well as weekly deep dive sessions. Whether you are learning to use Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars, download the supplemental reference guides for Meetings and Webinars to get the most from your time with us! The PDF downloads are located at the bottom of this page.


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Using Virtual Background in a Zoom Room – Zoom Help Center

Overview. The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a meeting in a Zoom Room. This feature requires a green screen to allow Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background.


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Meeting and Webinar IDs – Zoom Help Center

The meeting ID is the meeting number associated with an instant or scheduled meeting. The meeting ID can be a 10 or 11-digit number. The 11-digit number is used for instant, scheduled or recurring meetings. The 10-digit number is used for Personal Meeting IDs. Meetings scheduled prior to April 12, 2020 may be 9-digits long.


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Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI

Current release. June 6, 2021 version 5.5.8. New and enhanced features. Support for Zoom Phone with Citrix and Mac VDI users with Citrix VDI and a Mac thin client (new client and plugin required) can utilize all the features of Zoom Phone with some limitations.


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