Steam Community :: Guide :: How To Properly Reinstall Steam

This following method will NOT delete your games or any other important things like save files, local screenshots, library categories, etc. The following method is recommended if you're reinstalling Steam for troubleshooting purposes. Exit Steam.; Head to the Steam Program Files folder, commonly located at C: > ProgramFiles(x86) > Steam.; Delete everything within the folder except for

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to install older versions

In order to access the Steam Console, press Win+R, then input steam://open/console and press OK. 3. Starting the download. Now that we are in the Steam Console, we can start the download of the version you have chosen. Below is an example for version 1.11.1.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Installing Source Engine Mods

This guide will give you information on where to find and how to install mods made by the community for the Source Engine. You'll need to own at least one Source Engine powered game before you can follow along with this guide.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Installing Farming Simulator

Launch the game, go to Multi-Player. Click on add mods button ( Image #1) Click on the tick boxes on which mods you would like to use and click save once your done and go ahead start the sever with your favorite settings. ( Image #2) Go to the store or press P as it's the default key go into store without visiting it.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Installing Half-Life Mods

This guide will give you information on where to find and how to install mods made by the community for the original Half-Life game by Valve Software. Half-Life has thousands of community-created single player and multiplayer mods, some of which have gone on …

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to find your/someones SteamID

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to find your/someones SteamID? Content posted in this community. may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Don't warn me again for Team Fortress 2. View Page.

Steam Community :: Guide :: LISA: The First, The Painful

Combat is turn-based. You give each of your characters their battle order and then let them go off on fisticuffs. Atk determines the amount of damage you deal with basic attacks and with most special moves, as well. Atk is the main damage stat for most characters, with a few exceptions.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Host a Terraria Server without

This guide will tell you know to host Terraria without using Hamachi step by step! With Images included to help you along the way, just need to scroll down~! The …

Steam Community :: Guide :: BetterSADX

BetterSADX is an easy to install / automated patch that transforms the Steam version of Sonic Adventure DX into an enhanced version with many more features added by the community over the last several years. Get updates, help and discuss - join the BetterSADX Steam Group. This item has been added to …

How can I find my Steam64 ID

go on your profile and right click> view source > open with notepad> edite> find>type "steamid"

Steam Community :: Guide :: Su-27 Flanker Beginners Guide

The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker is a super-maneuverable fighter aircraft intended as a direct competitor to the F-15 Eagle With a fly-by-wire control system and long range heat seeking missiles the Flanker is easy to fly, and can shoot without giving itself away.

Steam Community :: Guide :: The Fall: Walkthrough and 100%

Welcome to my Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide to The Fall. SPOILER ALERT: As goes without saying for a walkthrough, you might encounter story spoilers. Unless you're stuck, I'd recommend playing the game at least once on your own, as you will need to play the game (almost fully) twice to unlock all the achievements anyway due to two exclusive achievements (you're …

Steam Community :: Guide :: Using Steam Voice Chat

If you're Steam Big Picture you can start a voice chat with somebody by selecting the Community button from the main screen and navigating to their profile name. Selecting their name will bring up a list of options, choose Start Voice Chat. Additionally you can start a voice chat by opening a chat window with them and selecting the Start Voice Chat button located near the bottom.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Quake Soundtrack Solutions

If you downloaded a soundtrack package linked at the top of this guide, then you'll get a tracklist.cfg and instructions on where to put it. Otherwise, see the QuakeForge documentation. Quake soundtrack files that you get from somewhere else may end up in the "soundcdtracks" subfolder instead of the "music" subfolder.

Steam Community :: Guide :: LAG WITH GREAT PC

But this is something different, it applies on ALL hardware. :P. What does it do: Reduces the smoothness of straight lines, as GPUs have to calculate this real-time and most of the times the more it is set on, the less FPS you will get. How to do: Go to Options > …

Steam Community :: Guide :: Evoland 2 Walkthrough

Push the upper left pipe upwards into it's place. Next the pipe furthest to the right, Push this left (Yes, left) Then walk down and to the left and push the pipe laying there upwards. Then go back and push both middle pipes downwards. Then go to the big pipe next to the lever and push it to the right.

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to mod GTAV. Includes

This guide will cover all ways to enhance gtaphics. But what I use is just VisulaV ENB and the ENB files included with VisualV. (see the above guide) For those that want more or do not care for VisualV This guide will show you how to install basically any graphics mod.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Half-Life: Decay Installation

Image from Wikipedia [] Half-Life: Decay [] is a first-person action shooter by Gearbox Software and Valve and serves as the third official expansion to the critically acclaimed 1998 game Half-Life. Unlike its predecessors (or even the main game), Half-Life: Decay is exclusive to the PS2 and the first in the Half-Life franchise to be designed for co-operative

Steam Community :: Guide :: Archwing, How to obtain it and

Mission 1: Find the Archive. First, Lotus will point your first mission to Tessera, Venus.The mission is similar to Operation Crash Gate event couple weeks ago, except it's the Corpus you fight now. After you reverse the polarity in the void gate, you'll be teleported to a Corpus outpost and you'll facing Lynx, a Corpus robot similar to Jackal.It will be accompanied by a handful of Ospreys.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Farming Chlorophyte (Easy)

Chlorophyte Farms. Given it's nature to naturally grow, Chlorophyte is a great farming ore. To effectively farm it place a 5x5 mud block in the area you want to farm. Remove the middle block of mud and place Chlorophyte Ore right there. You need to …

Guide :: Modding of Warband #1

By reus. Modding of Warband #1 - The Basics is the first part of my new modding guides. This part will show you the basics of modding. Includes: Changing kings, lords, ladies and troops names. Changing village, castle and city names. Changing faction, group and party names. Changing item names.

Steam Community::MachineCraft

MachineCraft - OVERVIEWThe main purpose of this game is showing and watching machines made out of blocks.Some of the game-modes allow you to battle or race against other players. (testing phase)You can create your original machine with ease by reassembling those machines that are distributed,or by using the automatic control block.CRAFTBy using plastic chassis and functional parts, you can

Steam Community :: Guide :: Half life 2 Cheats & commands

Item spawn commands. give item_healthkit Gives you a health kit. give item_healthvial Gives you a health vial. give item_suit Gives you the Hazardous enviroment suit. give item_battery Gives you a battery. give item_healthcharger. give item_suitcharger. give item_box_srounds 9mm Ammo. give item_box_mrounds SMG Ammo.

Steam Community :: Guide :: If My Heart Had Wings

This Guide instructs you on how to apply Fuwanovel If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch fully working (with no sprites bug) on Windows 10 and below.

Steam Community :: Spintires®

This guide will help beginners set-up the Editor to create their own User's Maps. It does NOT dwell into the creation or the editing of the maps themselves. 75 ratings. 0. 70. holbs. View all guides. Heightmap. Using Gimp 2 with the dds plugin.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Fallout 4 100% Achievement Guide

Very simple achievement, once you get to Diamond City, enter the city itself. When you walk down the catwalk, you should see a 5 sided white plate on the ground which is Home Plate. Follow the road to the right to go to 1st base. Take a left at 1st base, go …

Steam Community :: Guide :: Men of War Assault Squad 2

How to open the editor. Start the editor either by double clicking on the "mowas_2_ed.exe" within your Men of war Assault. Squad 2 folder ( Steam / SteamApps / common / Men of War Assault Squad 2) or you start it. directly via Steam clicking once on your Men of War Assault Squad 2 in your Steam library and.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Fallout 1: Find the Water Chip

Go down sewer manhole to Vault 12, avoid the ghouls, take elevator to lvl 3, pass the ghouls to computer with the waterchip. 5. Grab the chip and head home (Watch out for the Ghouls!). This allows you to get the waterchip immediately, at low level, without fighting anything!

Steam Community :: Guide :: AWESOME Physgun Colors

It's real easy. Get to the place where you usually change your physgun colors, and next to the rainbow bar, there are 3 boxes. The top is the red value, the middle is the green value, and the bottom is the blue value. Click on the box and type the number with the keyboard. Once you're done with this you should type in "kill" in the console or

New Vegas stability/anti-crashing mods and improvements

It is also needed for most other mods, so you should install it first. You will need 7-Zip [] in order to extract NVSE. New Vegas Anti Crash [] is the real important one for having a crash-free life. Fixes a bunch of things and drastically improves the stability of the game..

Xbox Controller on my PC: Stuck on player 2! :: Help and Tips

If reinstalling drivers etc doesnt work here is what you do. step 1 Restart your pc (with the controller connected to the pc) <- important. step 2 Immediatly start searching for a connection with the controller so the 4 lights start blinking. step 3 when the pc starts back up it should reconnect as player 1.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Mod a Portal Gun into Half Life 2

Now we're going to insert the Half Life 3 Half Life 2 files into Portal for usage. All that's going to happen now is we're going to extract files from HL2's vpks into Portal's directory. Open a hl2 vpk, lets say, hl2_textures_dir.vpk (only open the ones with _dir at the end) right click materials, click extract, and then navagate the horrible interface until you can select C:Program Files

Steam Community :: Guide :: Making Mods for FTL

Ensure all files within the data folder that affect the core .xml files are .xml.append. Zip up the mod folder and change the file extension to .ftl for ease of use with Slipstream for others. Upload the mod to your trusted file host and shoot the link out to others to let them try out your mod from there!

How to properly use LOOT :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

yeah just select 'save changes' no need to fish around the tabs on each individual plugin unless u have major issues and know what you're doing. metadata tags it for wrye bash. the other changes the load order, and your problem may be that you haven't rebuilt your bash patch in wrye bash after changing your load order. you can also merge some plugins in wrye to lessen the load of individual

Steam Community :: Guide :: Garry's Mod Lua Tutorial

A tutorial that will guide you through scripting in lua with Garry's Mod so that you may create the many things you've always wanted. You will learn the basics, because that's all you really need, and you will learn how to use the wiki, create addons, and gamemodes.

How to "Start" The White March :: Pillars of Eternity

View Profile View Posts. Sep 15, 2015 @ 5:16pm. At the time these popped up both the White March and the Siege of Craigholdt or something like that came up. If you aren't 10 + level I would stay away from Siege. White march seems to be scaled …

Steam Community :: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

View screenshots. TOP 10 Reasons PES 2016 Sucks. 10 - Konami wont give a ♥♥♥♥ to your complains or suggestions 9 - PC PES 2016 has no improvement over Console version 8 - PES 2016 was so badly ported to PC that you HAVE to play with a console controller, or you will suck at it. 7 - …

Steam Community :: Guide :: Arma 3 Basic Modeling Import

With the object finished we can now export it to a .3DS file. To do this click "File, Export, 3D Model" and put it in the A3_Projects folder. Step 2 - Getting Your Modeling into Oxygen 2. Go to Steam, Tools, and open Arma 3 tools and click Lauch Object Builder. Once inside object builder click file, import, 3D Studio.

Steam Workshop::[SP/MP]Dynamic Universal War System

The DUWS proceduraly generates a mini campaign, with all the enemy zones to capture being randomly generated. Or you can also choose to manually place your HQ and the enemy, and easily make your own unique campaign. The key here is to have maximum replayability, where the player can setup his own campaign or let the DUWS create everything

Dont know how to date Alphys :: Undertale General Discussions

To clear any confusion for future people with the same problem: If you beat the game once already, Undyne will call you, before you fight asgore. However if you haven't, you will have to kill Asgore and get a neutral ending first, flowy will then tell you, that you …

Trade after a Vac ban. :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Well, I was VAC banned from auto bhoping I assume. I always had it to help me with a sticky space key and I had many valuble Items in my inventory, is there anyway to trade them to someone or sell them? One Item was my friend's he gave to me while he took a break, thats the only thing I care about. Can he revert the trade or can I trade him just his item? I can care less about my 5 cent skins

Installing and accessing your DLC: Breakdown :: RPG Maker

Installing and accessing your DLC: Breakdown. Here is the breakdown of the DLC you might have and how to get it in the game. This example is adding it to your default resources. This means, it only works with newly created projects since when you create a new project, it imports from the default steamapp folder.

How do you get Australium Weapons

How do you get Australium Weapons? :: Team Fortress 2 General Discussions. Content posted in this community. may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Don't warn me again for Team Fortress 2. View Page.

Steam Community :: Automation

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game - Current Release StatusThe current release contains the car and engine design aspects of Automation along with a simplified "Lite Campaign" version of the tycoon gameplay. Future version will expand on the tycoon gameplay and add plenty of content.Read the Early Access description for a full overview of what is finished so far, and check out out http

"You and What Army

Stardust armor gives 5 minions (Guardian doesn't count), necromancer scroll from mourning wood (Pumpkin Moon) gives a minion, you start with one minion, the bewitching table gives a minion, and the summon potion gives a minion. You now have 9 minions to complete the achievement. Guardian actually does count, it takes up a summon slot.

Selling items :: Underrail General Discussions

So once you hit the limit it will have a red X over the item. Remove the less expensive items and repair them first for the most profit. Also you might haave to split stacks of some items like repair kits to sell them because vendors will only buy so many and I believe it is 2 hours of actual play time before the vendors reset thier items and

Compass is reversed

the compass is working correct, the Ark rotates retrograde. This means east is west and west is east by Earth standards lol. It's confusing but the compass is definitely correct. I spawned on east coast, worked my way west and if I look at the compass (red point north) east is indeed the beach I …