15 Skoolie Build Tips for Building a School Bus Conversion

We gathered together a list of 15 skoolie build tips for building a school bus conversion. From skoolie floor plan features to options with utilities, to knowing how much rust a school bus can have – here are a bunch of tips for building a skoolie to help prevent you from potentially wasting time and money.


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Skoolie Livin School Bus Conversion Guides & Classifieds

We are a couple from Wisconsin that bought a 30′ 2000 International 3800 school bus in 2018 to convert into “skoolie” – a school bus conversion tiny house on wheels. We decided to start sharing all of our research that went into building our skoolie to create a resource for people to plan a school bus conversion, find a good bus to


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6 Ways To Get Through the First Weeks Of Your School Bus

First, we started getting the wall tracks out. These tracks were exactly like the floor tracks. The tracks were bolted to the wall. There was not enough room to get …


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How to Create a Skoolie Pallet Ceiling Skoolie Livin

We knew finishing our skoolie ceiling had the possibility to be very expensive depending on how we wanted to finish it. There’s so many skoolie ceiling options – tongue and groove planks, skinny shiplap, tin tile, cedar planks, even painting the existing ceiling.


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How to Make Insulated Skoolie Curtains for School Bus

Measure your windows & cut your fabric. Add your desired extra width inches. The normal amount of fabric to add to the width is 2 1/2 times the measurement… but, we live in a bus so we added 6″ to give a smidge of a drapey feel and to save fabric. Also, make sure to add in another 2 inches to the width on top of the number above to make


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15 Best School Bus Conversion Ideas

We have curated a list of the top 15 school bus conversion ideas to inspire you in your build or the alternative living lifestyle! When we were designing our skoolie conversion, we went through so many different floor plans and layouts, were devouring school bus tours, and were searching all over Pinterest and Instagram to see what we wanted out of our school bus conversion!


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Sell a Skoolie, School Bus Conversion or Used School Bus

The Skoolie Livin Classifieds is a place for people to sell a skoolie online, sell a school bus conversion online, or sell a used school bus online – for FREE!. We added this feature due to the overwhelming number of people looking for school buses and skoolies for sale coming to this article: Top 5 Places To Find A Good School Bus For Sale It has been driving an overwhelming amount of


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5 Best Places to Buy a Used School Bus for Sale (2021)

The best places to buy a used school bus for sale include classifieds, such as Skoolie Livin Classifieds, government auction sites, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay Motors. Of course, there are many other odd ways to find an old school bus for sale in your local market, but if you are looking for a specific bus with the exact engine


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The Skoolie Livin' Journey Begins

Meet the couple behind Skoolie Livin. From dropping out of college to working at the largest tech company in the world, see how these two met and why they are converting a school bus.


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School Bus Conversion Insurance Guide (Insurance Types

This is a comprehensive guide on how to get school bus conversion insurance based on months of research and the process of getting insurance for our skoolie.From getting insurance for a new bus you just purchased to cover yourself when you drive it home, to getting full coverage skoolie insurance when you are finished with your school bus conversion.


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Best Skoolie Kitchen Design Ideas & Layouts

We went out to find what we think are the best skoolie kitchen design ideas out there right now! We designed over 20 different skoolie floor plans and a lot of it revolved around how to design the kitchen.. We would draw up a design a skoolie kitchen on our iPad, then wonder several questions.


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DIY Skoolie Skylight Guide (Emergency Roof Hatch + New Cut In)

The dimensions for the emergency hatch is 25″ x 26″ and we needed two of these frames. Dimensions of the other skylight going above the couch is 14″ x 22″. We used the chop saw to cut the 2 x 4s precisely. We used the dimensions directly from the skylight minus the width of the 2 x 4.


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Top 10 Skoolie Bathrooms

Top Skoolie Bathrooms. The Industrial Skoolie Bathroom. The Quaint Skoolie Bathroom. The Classic Skoolie Bathtub. The Skoolie Bathroom with the Vanity. The White Skoolie Bathroom. Skoolie Livin Bathroom. The Eclectic School Bus Conversion Bathroom. The Cozy Bus Bathroom.


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15 Skoolie Mistakes to Avoid (Embarrassing Real Stories)

This article is meant to educate on the types of situations you may encounter along your school bus conversion and skoolie livin journey. Our goal is to help you prevent some of these situations through telling our school bus conversion mistakes stories, and forewarning you about some things that we wish we had paid a little more attention to ourselves.


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3 Lessons Learned From the First Week Of a Skoolie Bus

Chris & I talk about the three things you need to know for your first week in your skoolie conversion. We learned a lot from starting our school bus conversion. We included some bonus tips as well!


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What's It Like Driving a Skoolie

After you build you skoolie and add a ton of weight ( maybe a few tons ), the driving experience will change. The heavier the vehicle, the longer it will take to smoothly come to a stop. Depending on how you built your skoolie, the weight balance could be off a bit. In extreme situations, this could feel like your skoolie is pulling to one side


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Skoolie For Sale + School Buses Skoolie Livin Classifieds

100+ Skoolies For Sale and School Buses! Largest school bus conversion classifieds. Buy and sell a skoolie for sale, used school bus, bus conversion project


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How Much A School Bus Conversion Costs to Build (DIY Skoolie)

The average school bus conversion cost for appliances, equipment, tools, and raw materials is around $20,000 to $30,000. This does not include the cost of the bus. Hiring professionals to do electricity, plumbing, welding, or any other skilled labor will increase the overall skoolie cost significantly. Recycling materials and items can reduce


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Skoolie Subfloor Options, Floor Prep, & Install Guide

The best skoolie subfloor is subjective since it depends on different factors on how you will use your skoolie. Full-Time Traveling vs. Parked: If you plan on traveling full-time in your skoolie, you will want to make sure your floors are fully framed out. This will help keep the bus rigid.


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First Week Of School Bus Conversion

Week one of our school bus conversion is done. We ripped the seats out, ripped the floors up, and got the track flooring out of the floors. Our toughest challenge by far was figuring out the “easiest” way to get the seat rails out, which we’ll talk more about later on.


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Timeline of Finding Our Bus

Timeline of Finding Our Bus. Finding our bus took what seemed like forever with searching and reaching out to people about their bus almost 8 hours a day. We were ambitious but still reaching out to people selling their buses if it looked good and didn’t have any rust, no matter the size or what kind of engine as long as it wasn’t a CAT.


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Skoolie Window Capping How to Cap Windows on a School

Skoolie Window Capping. Capping school bus windows was a big stepping stone for our skoolie conversion! We recycled the sheet metal from the ceiling and …


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Top 7 Skoolie Storage Ideas for Bedroom, Closets, and Kitchen

Skoolie Storage Ideas for Closets, Bedroom, and Kitchen. Skoolie Bedroom Storage. Under Bed Storage. Next-to-Bed Skoolie Closets. Built-in Dressers. Skoolie Kitchen Storage. Bungee Cord Cabinet Doors. Mason Jar Shelves. Magnetic Spice Storage.


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Best Exterior Skoolie Paint Job: Truck Bed Liner (Review

Spraying a skoolie with truck bed liner is really easy! As long as you have a good air compressor and a good spray gun (most kits come with the spray gun), the application process of painting an exterior of a school bus with truck bed liner is much easier than trying to get an even coat of automotive paint down.Now, I must warn you that the prep work before spraying truck bed liner is the same


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Skoolie Vs RV: A Head to Head Comparison

Class A motorhomes are typically 30-40 ft while class C motorhomes are the smaller ones at about 20-25 ft. Fifth wheels and travel trailers are usually 32, 34, or 36ft. This comparison ultimately depends on how small or large you want your space to be, both inside and outside.


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Skoolie Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review

The Cubic Mini is the best wood stove option for heating a skoolie from the cost, availability, and size perspectives. The wood stove comes with legs to mount the wood stove down a counter. There are optional floor pedestal mount and wall mount accessory that can be purchased. They also have a matching mini fireplace tool kit for the Cubic Mini


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Skoolie Build Guides Archives

Build Planning. Conversion Cost Guide; Best Skoolie Size; Floor Plan Guide; School Bus Conversion Ideas; Skoolie Build Mistakes; Skoolie Build Tips; Driving a Skoolie


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Skoolie Spray Foam Insulation: Cost, Guide, & 1 Year Review

Total Cost Upfront: $990. In-Store Credit Rebate: $253. Actual Cost: $737. $737 in just spray foam insulation for a skoolie is an investment, since the same amount in pink sheet foam would be $300-400 total depending on the thickness. Also, you could get cheaper insulation, like scrap pink sheet insulation from random places or old house


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What is the Best Skoolie Size for You

Over 8,500 people as of March 26th, 2021 have taken the Skoolie Size Quiz to figure out the best skoolie size to build. We designed this quiz as we know first hand how important it is to know what the best school bus-size to buy for building a skoolie. You want to fit everything you desire into the build, while still being comfortable for your


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2001 International 4-Season Finished Skoolie

Finished school bus conversion for sale in Washington. 4-season, off-grid skoolie for sale. Beautifully crafted, with all amenities. Tons of storage and space!


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16 Best Skoolie Airbnb Rentals to Stay In (Skoolie For Rent)

The skoolie layout in the bus is a one-sided layout, not a center aisle layout, like many of the other skoolie Airbnbs listed here. This layout offers privacy in the bedroom without the need of a door to separate the living area from the bed area and it makes the area a bit more welcoming than center aisles.


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2001 Ford E450 Shuttle Bus Conversion

I am still selling the Bus Conversion. Even though I decided to expand my options. I am willing to do a trade as well if you don’t have the $10,000 cash, I can trade it for a car or SUV with less than 45,000 miles driven or a motorcycle with less than 35,000 miles driven, you have to bring proof of inspection passed and title, also if you want to bring a document stating the trade or we can


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1994 International "Zoon Garden" Finished Skoolie

Welcome to the Zoon Bus, the ultimate road trip vehicle featured in the Zoon Garden Promotion Tour and on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch. This 6-bed road


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2001 International Skoolie for Sale in North Carolina

2001 International 3000 Skoolie. Meet Camp Thunderbird, a 2001 International 3000 School Bus purchased from a YMCA camp in Charlotte. With only 66,003 miles, new tires, and a diesel T444E V8 engine, T-Bird is ready for adventuring. The title is clean and in-hand; no collisions, salvaged parts, flood damage, or reconstructions.


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How Much Do Skoolies Sell For

1997 Chevy Eagle Finished Skoolie sold. May 25, 2021. Texas. $52,000. “Bussey on the Run” 1991 Thomas Full-Size Skoolie sold. May 23, 2021. Illinois. $32,500. 1999 Ford E350 Short Bus (Gutted Skoolie) sold.


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"Fern the Bus" 1992 Skoolie (Finished)

Fern the Bus is a 1992 International 3800 school bus conversion for sale. See this mid-sized skoolie for sale and many others on Skoolie Livin Classifieds!


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1995 Blue Bird TC2000 School Bus For Sale in Texas (Clean!)

60000. VIN. 1BAADCSHXVF073078. 1995 Blue Bird TC 2000. 28 foot long with a Cummins Diesel and Allison transmission. 54 passenger capacity. Inspected October 2020 with current registration. Willing to take you on drive to see how well it runs. It was being used up until March for 4 field trips per year.


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2006 International 37' School Bus Conversion For Sale (Low

2006 International 37′ Skoolie (Gutted) This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase. One 2006 International DT466E school bus with less than 85,000 miles and minimal isolated rust. The color could be left as-is because this …


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1998 International 3800 Mid-Length (Partial)

This bus was a part of the Memphis school fleet, then it was a church bus. I bought the bus and took three seats out, put in a bed, a small fridge, eating …


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Skoolie for Sale in Colorado 1997 Bluebird TC/2000 FE

Up for sale is a 1997 Bluebird TC/2000 FE Colorado skoolie for sale. This skoolie is gutted and ready to be built! No rust, low miles


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1997 Thomas Full-Size Partial Converted Skoolie

Full-size foot 1997 Thomas school bus for sale! Located in Duvall, WA. We purchased this bus 3 years ago to convert to an RV (skoolie) for full time living but have to stop the project due to a …


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Best Skoolie Insulation for School Bus Conversions (Floor

The Best Skoolie Insulation. This is a review of skoolie insulation options to find the best skoolie insulation options. Our goal was to create a one-stop guide for you to compare the best insulation for school bus conversions (plus some not so wise choices) for your skoolie floor, walls, and ceiling based on performance, cost, and other not-so-obvious factors.


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