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Well-researched, rational, and reasonably humorous. In season 2, episode 5, we take a deep dive into the inner workings of RECON, our escape room convention.In 2020, Room Escape Artist was poised to launch their first escape room convention.

How to Build a Multiplayer Web App [Code Lab with Mad

The hardest part of a project is often just getting started. In my interview with Peter Lewis, co-creator of The Truth About Edith and Boobano Farm, he ended with some advice to fellow creators: even as no-code platforms for multiplayer escape games become increasingly available, there is still much to be gained from building this sort of interactivity from scratch.

Room Escape Artist

Neil walks us through the path that led him to his love of escape rooms and other immersive games (including Survivor), explaining that it all stems from his fascination with structure and figuring out the mechanisms of how something works.He explains that escape rooms and immersive theatre were able to combine his two loves, magic and theatre, into a spectacle of an experience.

How to Get the Most out of the TERPECA 2020 Results

The 2020 TERPECA results are live. Last year we did a fairly deep dive into the data.I think that piece still holds up, so this year, we are offering some advice about how to get the most out of the TERPECA list as a player.

This Wednesday: We Livestream Mechanical Puzzle Box

This Wednesday’s Livestream. This week, David and Peih-Gee will be joined by Brett Kuehner, a mechanical puzzle aficionado. Brett will share his tips about how to approach mechanical puzzle box solving.

Playing "Dead" Flash Escape Games with Flashpoint

If there is a game you loved and cannot play anymore due the death of Flash Player, you can submit a request to revive your cherished Flash game memories. The database alone has more than 9,150 games that include the word “escape” in the title, so you’re bound to find almost every escape and puzzle game made in Flash that your heart desires.

The Best Online Escape Games for Large Groups

Recommendations. Listed in alphabetical order: Avatar Stalker, Project Avatar – This is an avatar-led livestream in a live action videogame style. In battle mode, players compete on opposing teams, starting in different areas, and meet in the final room where they try to score the most points.

Mystery City Games

by REA Hivemind, posted in Hivemind, Mystery City. Update 4/10/21 – This game has been upgraded from a clickable pdf to a browser based game. We tested the new browser-based instance and it works great. It’s a less novel format, but more user-friendly. A Death in the Red Light is an online puzzle game created by Mystery City Games in Amsterdam.

Hour to Midnight

Hour to Midnight included a lot of props that could easily have become red herrings, but they built the set in such a way as to greatly limit confusion. The puzzling culminated late in the game, integrating the narrative and the different puzzling threads, and involving the entire team. The Secrets of Nibiru followed well-designed puzzle flow.

How Difficult Should an Escape Game Be

If there are better odds than 50%, the room is problematic, because if you lose, you will leave feeling very inferior. If a room has a 70% escape rate, and you fail…. You really suck. These games should be tough, but they shouldn’t be cruel. Making a …

Box One Presented By Neil Patrick Harris [Hivemind Review

Box One is a tabletop escape-room-esque experience that describes itself as “an ever-evolving game of trivia, codes, puzzles, and discovery – only from the mind of Neil Patrick Harris.”. It was explicitly designed for a single player to enjoy on their own, but there is nothing about the game that prevents more players, beyond designer’s

Master Lock: All Possible 4 Letter Words

Master Lock: All Possible 4 Letter Words. Master Lock has many different word combination locks and cable bike locks on the market that have fixed disks. (You cannot swap the order of the disks.) In the escape room community, the three best known fixed-disk locks are: All of these fixed-disk letter locks have the exact same letter distribution

Escape Room Center

Escape Room Center is a bright, open, and inviting escape room facility. Blackbeard’s Brig had approachable puzzles and unintimidating surroundings. It belonged here. Blackbeard’s Brig was primarily about the puzzles. These varied in challenge level, puzzle type, and interactiveness, which made this escape room more interesting than it

Enchambered Archives

Enchambered built vertically, affording them space to add details without red herrings and an expanse without barren space. It was deliberately designed and atmospheric, setting the tone for an exciting escape room. Enchambered used a variety of effects to create exciting moments inside The Whispering Halls.

EGOlympics: International Online Escape Game Tournament

We recently participated in the International Online Escape Game Tournament (EGOlympics), hosted by Escape Roomers DE, a review website for live escape games in Germany and Europe, and for remote escape games worldwide.. What are the EGOlympics? It is a friendly competition with teams from all over the world.

Introducing REA Hivemind Reviews

For any given Hivemind Review, we’re asking 3 to 5 people to play a digital game and fill out a form. They each rank the game on the following 3-point scale (more on that below): I recommend this game to escape room players at any time. I recommend this game to escape room players in quarantine. I do not recommend this game.

Approaches For Reopening Escape Rooms in a Pandemic

Microscopes, telescopes, or peepholes – anything that the player holds up to their eyes – need a thorough cleaning with a 70% alcohol, 30% water mixture. Clean any items that players regularly hold up to their faces such as walkie-talkies. Seriously clean the things that are important and risky.

Room Design Archives

27 June 2021. by Darren Miller, posted in Business, Room Design. Online avatar games are a form of escape room offering that emerged since the start of the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. Players connect remotely via video conferencing, such as Zoom, and direct a camera-equipped game host throughout a real-life, physical escape room.

Escape Room Kink: Q&A On Physical Restraints

Of the 360 escape rooms that we have played as of the date that I drafted this (July 4, 2017), 25 of them (6.9%) physically restrained at least one player. Our experience of being restrained in escape rooms has decreased over time: 2014 – 0% of games used restraints. 2015 – 12.12% of games used restraints. 2016 – 7.24% of games used

Ship of Theseus by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst [Review

Setup. Ship of Theseus was presented as an old hardcover book. It had copious notes written in the margins and an assortment of paper mementos interspersed throughout the pages. Besides the authors’ names on the box, the entire package appeared …

Escape the Room NYC

The puzzling was good fun. The solutions felt rewarding. We could witness the results of our progress as we moved through the room escape. There were some great puzzles, expertly crafted to require the involvement of multiple players.

Tomorrow's Escape Room World Record: An Interview with the

It has been 2 years since the Guinness World Record for “Most Escape Rooms Played in 24 Hours” was set. Tomorrow a new team will challenge that record. We’ll start with a little background on this record. Then we’ll share our interview with the challengers who are attempting to break the record in their home country of Belgium.

Company Archives

Setting. Taking clear and heavy inspiration from Studio 54, Disco 54’s set was on point. From the dance floor, to the DJ booth, to the bar, to the VIP …

Boda Borg Boston [Review]

My body ached for two days. Muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt. I want to go back. Location: Malden, Massachusetts Date played: February 29, 2016 Team size: 3-5; we recommend 3-4 Price: $18 per person for 2 hours; $28 per person for a day pass Boda Borg isn’t an escape room…

Royal Caribbean's Escape The Rubicon: Player Reaction

Escape Room players Jasmine and Stuart Wheaton from Washington, DC recently played Puzzle Break’s Escape The Rubicon on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. We chatted with them about the experience.

Escape Room Melbourne

Isolation delivered a truly immersive experience through a moving, empathy-driven narrative and effortless incorporation of Zoom technology into the storyline. The puzzles excelled at advancing the plot, and the first puzzle effectively acquainted our team with how we should interact with the space and the in-game actor (referred to as a “room runner” – amazing!).

Escape Rooms in Education: A Practical Guide

Get schooled in creating a room escape for students. Author: Julia Morris Year: 2020 Page count: 190 Price: $9 for ebook, $11 for paperback Publisher: self-published REA Reaction. This is a well-organized, well-written guide for teachers looking to …

New Jigsaw Puzzle World Record! Interview with Tammy

Tammy McLeod recently set the Guinness World Record for the “fastest time to complete the Hasbro puzzle” with a time of 9 minutes 58.32 seconds.. We recently chatted with Tammy (puzzler extraordinaire!) about this experience.

Expedition Escape

I would describe The List as a room that has a lot of potential, delivering a few cool moments while falling short in others. Minor refinements to the scenery and gameplay could go a long way to improving the overall experience. For those who haven’t played many (or any) games since early 2020, The List would be a great way to ease back in and brush up on your escape room skills.

Enter the Imaginarium

The Search for Leviathan felt like it was designed by a completely different company. Fortunately, this segment was not the bulk of the game. Somehow, these two worlds are part of one whole that was entirely worth playing… even if I truly believe that a handful of little improvements could elevate this game in countless ways.

Breakout Games Nashville

Minibar surprise. Location: Franklin, TN Date Played: February 10, 2018 Team size: up to 8; we recommend 2-4 Duration: 60 minutes Price: $25.99 per ticket REA Reaction Do Not Disturb seemed pretty typical until we stumbled upon the unusual tech-driven interactions. Breakout Games Nashville needs to better integrate the gameplay with the technology and the story in order to …

Exit: The Game – The Haunted Roller Coaster [Hivemind

The Haunted Roller Coaster is a tabletop escape game created by Exit: The Game. It would be approachable to newer players of this series.

Extreme Escape Games

Trapped in a room with a mad scientist. Location: Franklin, TN Date Played: February 10, 2018 Team size: 4-10; we recommend 4-6 Duration: 60 minutes Price: $32 per ticket REA Reaction Mad Scientist was Extreme Escape Games’ take on Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. If you’ve played that escape room, you’ll know exactly how to play this one. Mad … Continue reading Extreme Escape …

Player Tips Archives

Escape rooms – even the official SAW escape room in Las Vegas – are not operated by serial killers hiding behind a literal puppet.. Escape Room Movies. While most escape rooms focus on puzzle and adventure, the movies with the name “Escape Room” are all horror movies (one was more watchable than the others).More specifically, these movies are basically low-budget SAW knock-offs

Room Design Archives

Drive-in effects Where did the idea come from? Doyle: The idea is an evolution of the outdoor game we ran this summer.That game, Around the World in 30 Minutes, required guests to complete a sequence of travel challenges in the large picture windows in front of our building using their smartphones.Our drive-in game took some of the same ideas and added more elaborate special …

Room Design Archives

This is the second in a series of interviews about innovations that enhance storytelling, the next frontier in escape rooms.. In 2019 Off The Couch of Santa Clara, CA acquired 3 popular games from Evil Genius Escape Rooms of Los Angeles, including Chapter 3: The Morgue which landed in the #7 position in the latest TERPECA ranking. These games helped form a base on which Off The Couch …

Trap Door Archives

Room Escape Artist has a review of Bogeyman in its original format from February 2018. This is a review of the livestreamed version of the same game, in the new Hivemind Review format.. Style of Play: livestreamed adaptation of a real-life escape room Required Equipment: computer with internet connection. Recommended Team Size: 1-5 Play Time: 60 minutes Price: 24.99 per person