How To Induce Labor Naturally At 37 Weeks

It's easy to buy into the magic of pregnancy when you experience some of those cool "firsts." The first time you hear the heartbeat or feel the baby kick are super special, but by the time all

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Simone Biles is an absolute inspiration, and she deserves all of the sweet supportive messages coming to her via fan mail.

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3 Signs Effacement Is Starting, & Your Labor Will Start Soon

Near labor, women do, however, often notice an increase in vaginal discharge that’s also blood-tinged. “The cervix is very vascular, so as it thins out and starts to dilate, bloody show is

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No matter how you broach the subject with your daughter, be sure to use the word penis and not a "cutesy" term like willy, weewee, etc. Not only …

6 Early Signs You're Going To Have A Short Labor

Giphy. "The early signs of a fast labor are contractions that are very close together and intense," Morris says, explaining that early labor contractions are typically "sporadic," often 15 to 30

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How to Talk To Unvaccinated Family Members

How To Talk About It (Because It’s Not Too Late) DeVita-Cochrane is right to be wary but she shouldn’t give up hope. Americans’ overall willingness to get vaccinated against Covid-19 has

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The type of procedure you can have might depend on whether you are combining the surgery with either having a c-section or a vaginal birth. If you are having your tubes tied following having a

I Tried To Induce Labor Naturally, & Here's What Actually

At 38 weeks pregnant, a switch automatically flips in my head, and I am officially done with pregnancy. This is the time I usually start Googling natural ways to induce labor. Once I …

7 Signs Your Baby Has Dropped & Is On The Way

At the end of pregnancy, you'll look for signs of labor, and your baby dropping is a big one. There are lots of signs that your baby is getting in position.

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7 Signs You Have A Hyperactive Brain, Because You Feel

Kaspars Grinvalds/Fotolia. A 2012 UCLA news release noted that many of the classic symptoms of clinical depression can include things like trouble …

Alternating Tylenol & Motrin For Fever In A Child

A fever, Hollier explains, is a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and a sign that your child's body is fighting an infection. Medication, like Motrin and Tylenol, is to be used to

When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula: How To Wean

Even if your tot loves the taste of whole milk, though, you may have one other roadblock to get through: ditching the bottle and switching to a cup. Dr. Segura recommends weaning off the bottle

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Pregnancy puts you face-to-face with mother nature's stranger aspects. For instance, do twins really eat each other in the womb? This seemingly …

How Far Can You Dilate Without Going Into Labor

At some point in the third trimester, Braxton-Hicks gives way to the real deal — contractions, of course. Mine came in the middle of the night, super-villain style. …

How To Know If You Popped Your Cherry

Originally Published: April 19, 2016. Of all the ways to describe your first time, popping your cherry is probably the most archaic (and yes, graphic). It refers to the theory that your hymen (the

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Even if the problems aren't marriage-related, a toxic spouse will expect you to solve them. They're irritated, so they expect you to make them happy. They're tired, so they want you to turn off

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Here are a few common anti-vaccination arguments with a few solid ways to respond, because the safety and health of children is paramount. 1. …

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Although these signs that you aren't peeing enough may be solved simply with drinking more water, if you're concerned, it's better to talk to your doctor than to ignore it. Dr. Le also notes

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Being able to understand others who have walked a different path than you relies mainly on the ability to be empathetic. Which, of course, is an invaluable skill to …

6 Signs You're Pregnant With An IUD, According To An Expert

Even with an IUD, you might be pregnant, Dr. Langdon explains. “Fatigue is a big sign that you might be expecting,” she says. If you’ve been pregnant before, you might recognize that all

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If your little one was inspired by all the sick flips, record smashing times, and sparkly outfits currently on display at the Tokyo Summer Games, you might be wondering how much it costs to

How To Explain Sexism To Your Kids: An Age-By-Age Guide

My 4-year-old did not understand Mulan. At all. It's not that he's not bright or wasn't paying attention. It's that he was boggled by the basic premise (not the cross-dressing, though). He was

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Before you become a parent, it's weird to imagine that you might ever be concerned with the bathroom habits of anyone but yourself. Once you're in …

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Before you can figure out how to make bedtime start sooner, you’ll need to know how much sleep your baby actually needs. “Younger babies don’t sleep for a …

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More often that not, marrying your love includes the theme of unification. But it should be noted that includes them and their family. And if your mother-in-law (MIL) relationship is less-than

Signs Your Cat Is Overheated, & How To Help Them Cool Down

Vomiting & Diarrhea. This is one of the signs that requires immediate veterinary care. If your cat is experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea from a heat-related illness, then get to your vet right