Tutorial:Beginner guide to scripting Roblox Wiki Fandom

1 Introduction 2 Author's Notes 3 Inserting a Part 4 Properties 5 Making Paths 6 Print 7 Variables 7.1 Instances 7.2 Integer Values 7.3 Float 7.4 Boolean 7.5 Strings 7.6 Nil 7.7 Accessing Variables 8 The .new() Constructor 9 Vector3 10 Comments 11 Functions Welcome! If you're new to scripting


Tutorial:Text on a Brick Roblox Wiki Fandom

Hello there! Thundermaker300 here with another tutorial. In this tutorial, I will explain how to place text on a part. There are three ways of doing this. Insert a BasePart descendant into the Workspace. Rename it to Head. Place a Model into the Workspace. Name the model the text you want


How to Program BASIC Roblox Wiki Fandom

How to Program BASIC is a hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 18, 2020. It was made for the Ready Player Two event. As of November 23, 2020, it has been favorited 38,994 times. 1 Obtaining 2 Clues 3 History 3.1 Release history 4 Trivia This item is obtainable in the


Tutorial:Tween Roblox Wiki Fandom

1 Overview 2 TweenService 3 TweenInfo 4 Dictionary of Properties 5 Finishing the Tween 6 Overview: Tweening Guis 7 UDim2 8 TweenPosition 9 TweenSize 10 TweenSizeAndPosition 11 Example Tweening is a way to interpolate a part or ScreenGui. In other words, to smoothly animate a Tween. You can


Roblox ID Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Roblox ID is a source of when the players, groups, assets or other items were created in relation to other items. The ID number can be seen at the URL on a user or item page. To calculate ID, the smaller the ID number, the longer the item or user has been on Roblox; the longer the ID, the shorter the item has been on Roblox. ID numbers are different by types, such as places have their own


Roblox Talent Show Roblox Wiki Fandom

Roblox Talent Show (previously known as Roblox's Got Talent) is a Roblox game that was created by Tyrannizer in 2009. Once the player loads into the game, they have a few options. They can explore their surroundings, get an audition number, or change to another team role. There are 4 teams, with


Nikilis Roblox Wiki Fandom

Nikilis is a Roblox developer most notable for a version of Immi's Trucking Tycoon and Murder Mystery 2, the latter of which became one of the most popular games on the platform only weeks after its creation. 1 Places 1.1 Trucking Tycoon 1.2 Crazy Obstacles 1.3 Epic Building 1.4 Murder Mystery


Image Roblox Wiki Fandom

In Roblox, an image is used for graphical elements like decals, textures, or GUI. They are a lot of images on the website, but they cannot be accessed through the catalog. Users create images whenever they upload a T-shirt, decal, shirt or pants. Administrators, however, can create an image directly without creating a decal, T-shirt, shirt or pants. When a user uses Studio to add a picture to


Roblox China Roblox Wiki Fandom

Roblox China is the Mainland Chinese version of Roblox (Simplified Chinese: 罗布乐思 Luóbùlèsī; officially shortened to LuoBu). LuoBu was released as a mobile app for iOS and Android on July 13, 2021, alongside the official release of the Nezha Obby Event.[1] A Chinese version of Roblox Studio was downloadable prior to this. According to Roblox’s Chinese website, the China release of


KAT Roblox Wiki Fandom

KAT (Knife Ability Test) is a player-vs-player deathmatch Roblox game developed by Fierzaa. Its objective is to kill targets and other players for rubies. The game utilizes elements from Murder Mystery 2 and The Mad Murderer, including knives, guns, and map styles. It …


/me Roblox Wiki Fandom

The/mefunction was a chat function, much likeemotes, but exclusive to the chat. It is meant for roleplaying. when "/me" was typed before a message, the message appears in the chat box (assuming classic chat is enabled), but instead of having colored text of the user's username in brackets, it would display the username as part of the message. For example, if the user's username is "username


Lucky Block Battlegrounds Roblox Wiki Fandom

Lucky Block Battlegrounds (stylized LUCKY BLOCKS Battlegrounds) is a fighting game created by silky_dev.The game's objective is to fight other players using gears from mystery boxes of different rarities.. Gameplay. Players spawn in one of eight color-themed bases surrounded by a semi-transparent orb and connected to an elevated grassy area by a drawbridge.


Crown of O's (series) Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Crown of O's series is a group of crowns which are awarded to players who have a certain amount of monthly active users, or MAU. MAU is determined by the amount of unique users that visit your experience each month. The crowns were introduced as part of the second wave of the Roblox's Developer Awards Program.1 Gold: Requires 100 monthly active users Bombastic: Requires 1,000 …


Chat/Filtering Roblox Wiki Fandom

Roblox has a chat filter that prohibits players from seeing or sending profanity and restricts personally identifiable information, which replaces the now-discontinued Safe Chat that was previously used to prevent young players from sending messages that were not pre-programmed. Currently, the censored text is replaced with a hashtag symbol (#). Historically, Roblox used a hidden word


Funnehcake Roblox Wiki Fandom

Funnehcake (also known as Funneh and by her real name Kat/Katherine) is a Canadian family-friendly gaming YouTuber with over 7.39 million subscribers, going by the channel name ItsFunneh. She joined YouTube on September 1, 2011 and Roblox on July 6, 2016. 1 …


Limited item Roblox Wiki Fandom

Limited is a label given to avatar shop items available in finite quantities. They are initially regular items that are sold by Roblox for a set price until they are taken offsale, or in the case of a limited-unique item, until there are no more available copies. When this occurs, they will become limited items, which can be traded or resold for Robux by owners of the item with an active


Innovation Inc. Roblox Wiki Fandom

Innovation Inc is a popular Sci-Fi building group owned by madattak. It is the largest building and/or science-focused group on Roblox. A very popular game, Innovation Research Labs, has increased the group's recognition within the Roblox community. The first Bloxcast, the Dynamic Lighting Showcase, and numerous blog posts have featured Innovation Inc, and Innovation Labs were also featured as


Tutorial:Advanced guide to scripting Roblox Wiki Fandom

Welcome to Advanced Scripting! This tutorial will dive into more technical terms and concepts of scripting Roblox. Here's a quick review of what we've learned so far. Variables: placeholders for data Booleans: true/false statements String Values: text values Properties: attributes of an object


get a snack at 4 am Roblox Wiki Fandom

get a snack at 4 am, abbreviated as GASA4, is a single-player adventure game where the player's self-conscious wakes them up to get a snack at 4 AM. It was created by Stixxal. It is a re-imagination of a game close to the same name, get a snack at 3 am simulator (GASA3), also made by Stixxal


Roblox slang Roblox Wiki Fandom

Like other online communities, Roblox uses common internet slang and slang exclusive to the community. These are words commonly used in the Roblox community, including slang. 1 General Slang Terms 1.1 Common Internet Slang 2 Slang Exclusive to Roblox 3 Forum Slang 3.1 Common Forum Slang 3.2 Forum Slang Exclusive to Roblox 4 Leetspeak 5 Other 5.1 Faces 5.2 Capitals 6 Notes 1v1 - …


Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 Roblox Wiki Fandom

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5is a military-based Roblox game developed by the group PLATINUM FIVE. It is a spin-offof the original gamecreated by PlatinumFive. The game isa team-based mil-sim game where players have to attack and defendlocations from enemy forcesand free civilians from captivity. Players can ride armed convoys to defend points on the map and use a wide variety of weapons to


Experience server Roblox Wiki Fandom

An experience server (also sometimes referred to as a host) is a server which is the authoritative source of events in a multiplayer video game. The server transmits enough data about its internal state to allow its connected clients to maintain their own accurate version of the game world for display to players. They also receive and process each player's input. Servers will generally host


Ban Roblox Wiki Fandom

In-game bans. An in-game ban, not given by Roblox staff but instead by game owners or players with admin powers within a place, only restricts the player's access to a specific game.These bans can range from being kicked from a server to being permanently banned from a game. If a player is banned from a game, they are usually restricted from access until the server is shut down unless another


Group Recruiting Plaza Roblox Wiki Fandom

Group Recruiting Plaza was a game where a group's members can come and recruit players, or you can find a group to join. The Group Recruiting Plaza was created by ClanAtlas with scripting help from AgentFirefox.. Players can also do things such as selling group related items, uniforms, forts, etc. Complete an obstacle course or do a secret quest.


Growing Up Roblox Wiki Fandom

Growing Up is a simulation game created by ScottSpiritWalker, which simulates a typical human's life in Western countries. Despite its simple look and gameplay, it is highly popular and has around 4,000-5,000 players at one-time. It is still in development. 1 Gameplay 1.1 Age 5 1.2 Age 6 1.3 Age


BedWars Roblox Wiki Fandom

1 Gameplay 2 Controversy 3 Developers 3.1 Head Developers 3.2 Other Developers 4 Popularity BedWars is a strategic team based multiplayer game where you have to defend your bed from other players. It was released into beta on May 28, 2021 and has gained quite a lot of popularity amongst the Roblox player base. It is a remake of Hypixel's famous BedWars. The developers reused code from …


Outrageous Builders Club Roblox Wiki Fandom

Outrageous Builders Club (abbreviatedtoOBC) was a Builders Club membership that gave members all of the liberties of Classic and Turbo Builders Club but with even more features.OBC members had a daily income of 60 Robux (1,860 Robux monthly / 21,900 Robux annually), could join or create up to 100 groups, unlock an exclusive website theme and use DevEx (if they were 13 or older, had at least


item asylum Roblox Wiki Fandom

item asylum is a reference-filled randomizer fighting Roblox game created by Jean's Bizarre Community. It includes many different custom gear from a variety of different games, media and tv shows. It has gathered over 16,000,000 place visits and 150,000 favorites. The game has also been seen on


r0cu Roblox Wiki Fandom

r0cu is a Roblox player who is notable for having won the one-of-a-kind Dominus Venari from the Ready Player One event. Prior to this, he was not well known outside of groups dedicated to 'bhopping' and 'surfing'. He currently works as a builder and has been commissioned by groups such as Trade


Ban/Account deletion Roblox Wiki Fandom

An account deletion with the moderator note in Spanish. (English translation: "Your account has been deleted for violating the rules of the Roblox community.")


Genre (feature) Roblox Wiki Fandom

Genres group models, games, and avatar shop items in specific categories to help a user find something to wear, take, or play. For example, if a game was set in the wild west, it would go under the Western genre. The Genres filtering was removed on October 26, 2017, for an apparently unknown reason. This caused a bit of outrage in the forums after it was removed. However, the Genre filtering


Bighead (series) Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Bighead series consists of enlarged heads that pretend to oversize the normal character head. These are among the most favored classics on Roblox, most specifically the Bighead and BiggerHead for their originality and are often brought back duringavatar shop sales. Due to their tremendous popularity, a new version of accessorieswere created to fit these heads. They consist of normal hats


Tutorial:Intermediate guide to scripting Roblox Wiki

Welcome to Intermediate scripting! If you have not already, please check out the Beginner guide to scripting.This scripting tutorial will teach you about how to script at an intermediate level, firstly, as of course there are with all other scripting tutorials, there are -well- more than a few concepts you must have learned first - events, methods, tables, loops, "if" statements, "else


Builders Club Roblox Wiki Fandom

Builders Club (BC) was a premium membership that granted users extra privileges on Roblox which could not be obtained by non-Builders Club users, such as a daily Robux stipend or the ability to make shirts and pants. These items enable much greater customization of users' avatars and their interactive creations. There were three types of Builders Club memberships that a player could have


Check it Containment Corporation Roblox Wiki Fandom

Check it Containment Corporation is a Roblox roleplay and game development group owned by Auxurious known for their game Check it Containment Facility. The group has accumulated over 300,000 members. One of their current projects is CiC: Redux, which has been in development for over a year.


Work at a Pizza Place Roblox Wiki Fandom

Work at a Pizza Place is a job simulation Roblox game developed by Dued1 on March 28, 2008. In this game, players need to work as a team in order to fulfill orders and to use their earnings to upgrade their house, buy furniture and buy gear. Work at a Pizza Place has been one of the earliest and


Tutorial:Facebook Connection Set-Up Process Roblox Wiki

Facebook Connection was a feature that allowed you to connect your Roblox account to Facebook. When you did this you gained access to a few cool features. This is a removed feature. When you wanted to connect your account, you would need to have a Roblox account already. You would click the


Islands Roblox Wiki Fandom

Islands (formerly Skyblox and Sky Block) is a sandbox game created by Easy.gg. It is heavily inspired by the SkyBlock gamemode from Minecraft. It also takes some elements from Hypixel's SkyBlock, also available for play in Minecraft. The game is about expanding an island and collecting resources to craft different items. This game was shutdown, But no reason is known. It was then reopened


Guest Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Guest is a feature created for the intended use of letting newcomers test Roblox before making an official account. They were first introduced on September 26, 2008.1 The guest feature was officially removed on October 2, 2017. When a player hovered the mouse over a guest image when viewing game servers, the name used to appear as "A Friendly Guest". This was changed to read "A Roblox


The True Backrooms Roblox Wiki Fandom

The True Backrooms is a horror Roblox game created by Kord_K, based on The Backrooms creepypasta. In the game, players have to traverse through and survive four different stages of The Backrooms by avoiding beings. The backrooms are a mysterious …


Category:Bundles Roblox Wiki Fandom

Metal Guitar of Awesomeness; Indomitus Leo: A Walmart Exclusive Item; Death's Trident; Sword of the Unseen Eye; Eight Bit Marvel; Deathfyre Mask; Knights of the Splintered Skies: Sword and Shield


Plane Crazy Roblox Wiki Fandom

Plane Crazy is a sandbox vehicle building game with rudimentary physics and aerodynamics made by madattak, but currently developed by rickje139 This game is an Innovation Inc. game. Plane Crazy Wiki Admins: madattak, Rolijok, rickje139 When building a plane, the yellow sphere is the center of


Obby Creator Roblox Wiki Fandom

Obby Creator is a game created by the group Whirlpool Studio. This game allows players to create their own obbies and play obbies created by other players. 1 Features 1.1 Liking 1.2 Reporting 1.3 Claiming an Obby 1.4 Creating an Obby 1.5 Team Create 2 Gamepasses 2.1 Advanced Tools 2.2 Double


Category:Gift card items Roblox Wiki Fandom

Catalog:11 Ball Headphones. Catalog:12/1 - London - White Furry Animal Hat. Catalog:12/1 - WHS - Peppermint Scarf. 2. Catalog:26th Century Hero. Catalog:26th Century Hero Hair. Catalog:26th Century Weapon. 3. Catalog:3/1 - 711 - Green Swag Shades.


Deadzone Roblox Wiki Fandom

Deadzone was a post-zombie-apocalypse survival game created by DeadzoneZackZak, featuring a variety of guns and survival items which players could utilize to survive in both PvE and PvP scenarios.The game was inspired by the open-world zombie survival game "The Infestation: Survivor Stories" created by Hammerpoint studios. It is commonly criticized for being a copy of the popular …


Tutorial:Newbie's Guide to Scripting Roblox Wiki Fandom

1 The purpose of this guide 2 Introduction 3 Roblox Studio Basics 4 Getting started 4.1 You should have the following windows in your game. If not, go to the View Tab on the top, and open the following windows: 5 The Home Tab 5.1 Tools 5.2 Insert 5.3 Edit 5.4 Test 6 Writing a script This guide


Gold Crown of O’s Roblox Wiki Fandom

Gold Crown of O's is a hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on February 4, 2021. It is part of the Crown of O's series. As of May 16, 2021, it has been favorited 21,590 times. 1 Obtaining 2 History 2.1 Release history Developers whose game has had over 100 monthly active users are