LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SONG: a step-by-step guide

GO AHEAD & TRY IT – Start your title list right now. Pick up a book or magazine, or scan for interesting short phrases. Write down at least three phrases. Mix and match words …


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Songwriting Tips and Inspiration – ROBIN FREDERICK TAKES

Americana Songwriting: “And It’s Still Alright” by Nathaniel Rateliff. “And It’s Still Alright” is the kind of song you won’t find on the Top 40 Pop music chart but you will find on a very interesting music chart called Triple A. The Triple A chart is filled with singer-songwriters, Alt Rock and Indie Folk bands, and the …


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How to Write a K-Pop Song – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Hooks should be easy to remember and stick around long after the song is over. Give your melody plenty of contrast between verse and chorus. Moving upward in note range and changing the pace or rhythm patterns of the notes is often enough. Be sure to support the melody contrast with changes in the instrumental track.


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5 MAGIC SONGWRITING TIPS – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

These five simple songwriting tips will help your songs connect with listeners, music publishers, record labels, and Film & TV music supervisors. Each one is simple, easy to use, and will help you add an expressive edge to your lyric or melody.


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Finding the Chords for Your Song – Songwriting Tips and

There are a few ways you can quickly learn the basic chords you’ll need for songwriting. 1. YouTube has a lot of videos that will show you how to play chords. Look for a video that shows you the basic three-note chords (triads) in a scale. A clear image of a piano keyboard or guitar neck will help you locate the chord notes on your own


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Demo Your Song – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

A basic song demo. A basic rough demo can be as simple as a vocal with piano or guitar. Record the song’s melody and lyrics as clearly as you can. Make sure the chords are what you want on your final recording. If you have trouble singing the melody notes, double your vocal with a keyboard or guitar. Your voice will capture the phrasing of


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Read my Song Guides to learn the lyric and melody secrets of these mega-hits. Then try them in songs of your own. 1. Choose a song from the list below. 2. Click the link to learn about the lyric and melody tools that made it a hit. 3. Do the “Try It Now” exercises to start or rewrite a song of your own. You can hear all of these songs on my


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Here's what you'll find – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Develop a lyric from your title. Learn the secrets of song structure. Look for the melody in your lyric. Find out where to look for co-writers & resources.


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ORIGINS: a bio – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

ORIGINS: a bio. Too often, when we look at a life—even our own—we see only the peaks, as if life were a string of isolated events, like islands floating in an ocean. It’s only when you dive down into the depths that you find the great oceanic floor that connects them and from which they all arise. Songwriting is the great ocean floor of


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Songwriting: Being Authentic – Songwriting Tips and

Essentially, authenticity comes down to three things. 1. Taking risks. It’s a risk to show your vulnerabilities, your feelings. It’s a risk to try something you’re not sure will work. To grow and learn we need to take risks, even if it means failing. Authenticity is not a static thing, it’s all about growing!


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3 Hot Songwriting Tips – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Keep them interested and guessing what will happen next by using a mix of long and short phrase lengths. ~ Try breaking up long lines by adding a pause, creating two shorter phrases. ~ Add extra words and notes at the end of a phrase, filling a pause and creating an unexpectedly long line. ~ Organize your phrases into patterns, such as two


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How to Write Songs That Sound Contemporary – Songwriting

An acoustic guitar or piano and vocal track, with a little bass and percussion to add dynamic build, can work just fine for this use. Consider recording “unplugged” versions of your songs. Update the melody a little. Add more emotion and edge to the lyric. Next thing …


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The Songwriter's Sandbox – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

1) Change the note pitches: If the hit song melody goes up, you go down, if the hit song melody stays on the same note, try jumping up or down a few notes and moving your melody around. 2) Change the note lengths. Try holding some notes longer than the hit song does, then shorten the …


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TIP #4: Use Contrast to Grab Attention – Songwriting Tips

TIP #4: Use Contrast to Grab Attention. Imagine you and I are standing in a room full of people. If I suddenly start shouting at everyone, I will get their attention. But if I keep on shouting, after a while everyone will get bored and stop listening (and probably leave the room). It’s natural to think that being loud, is an attention getter.


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how to write songs like Lorde Archives – Songwriting Tips

Hit Songwriting: Royals by Lorde. Sometimes a single, unlikely word can spark a hit. Lorde describes seeing the word “Royals” written on the uniform of a Kansas City Royals baseball player. It triggered a response—not to the baseball team, but to the word itself. “Royals” is a word that’s loaded with associations – wealth, luxury


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Tips: Songwriting for Film & TV – Songwriting Tips and

by Robin Frederick Check out Robin’s books at Amazon.com. Thousands of songs are used in TV shows, films, and commercials each year. There are usually 40 to 50 prime time TV shows using songs (See a list at Tunefind.com) and dozens of commercials. For every song that’s placed, many are auditioned – often hundreds – but only … Continue reading "Tips: Songwriting for Film & TV"


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how to to write a Country song Archives – Songwriting Tips

The chorus begins with the line “And I wouldn’t change a thing…” and ends with an emotional payoff in the final phrase “here, right here.”. Notice how this phrase is set up with a short pause that gives it more weight and draws attention to it (Shortcut #96). The pre-choruses both begin with the …


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Songwriting Courses & Workshops – Songwriting Tips and

Film & TV Songwriting Songwriting for the film and TV market is all about creating emotion, the kind that will enhance a scene. ~ You’ll watch scenes with songs from hit TV shows, films, and commercials and learn how to write the songs they need.


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Add Emotion to Your Lyrics – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Add Emotion to Your Lyrics. Let’s say you’re in love with someone and you want to let that person know how you feel. You could simply walk up to them and say, “I love you.”. That might work. Or you could make an effort to create the right surroundings: a walk along the beach, holding hands on a summer evening under a twilight sky and


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A Machine For Making Beautiful Things – Songwriting Tips

The complete Machine for Making Beautiful Things consists of three crucial interlocking Widgets. Each Widget is equally necessary. Widget 1: INSPIRATION. Widget 2: CREATIVITY. Widget 3: KNOWLEDGE & SKILL. Although these Widgets are meshed together into a single Machine, each has characteristics and desires of its own.


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TIP #3: Write Memorable Melodies – Songwriting Tips and

TIP #3: Write Memorable Melodies. If your melody is catchy and easy to remember, listeners are more likely to want to hear your song again. Here are a few tricks that will help you write a memorable song melody with plenty of listener appeal. Memorable, emotionally powerful melodies use repetition and variation to keep listeners involved.


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Man Without Reason – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

A little history… Scott Michael wrote and recorded a beautiful electronica track called “Man Without Reason” which I felt could be turned into a song. He agreed to let me try and this is the result. “Man Without Reason” was Scott’s original title for the instrumental track. I chose to keep it because it suggested … Continue reading "Man Without Reason"


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song guide Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Why this song? Most songwriters know that the Contemporary Country genre pumps out some of the most well crafted songs in the business. What you might not know is that these songs can provide a gold mine of song crafting techniques you can use to add appeal to your own songs, no matter what genre you’re writing in.


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Hit Songwriting: 3 Songs by Adele – Songwriting Tips and

Hit Songwriting: 3 Songs by Adele. Adele had three back-to-back #1 hits on the AC radio charts – “Rolling In the Deep” “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain”) Her powerful, expressive voice is a huge part of her success but her vivid, emotion-driven songs provide her with the perfect vehicle and it’s the combination that


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This Is the Story – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Background: I met Bridget St. John in the south of France in Spring 1967. Bridget arrived in April to stay for three months; I’d been living in Aix-en-Provence since the previous September, studying at the university. Actually I have only a vague memory of attending classes; mostly I remember playing guitar and singing in clubs … Continue reading "This Is the Story…"


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Nick Drake: Time Of Reply – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Nick Drake: Time Of Reply. Nick Drake: A Place To Be and Nick Drake: An Artist Found. Although Nick Drake has been justly praised as an innovative guitarist, little has been said about the skill and inventiveness he brought to the craft of songwriting. He was, in fact, a world-class songwriter who quietly expanded the boundaries of melody


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idea Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about the art and craft of songwriting (as usual) and I keep circling back to a couple of obvious facts: Every song begins with an idea in your mind.


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Nick Drake: Explore his songwriting innovations and an

Robin Frederick is a professional songwriter, music producer and recording artist. Nick Drake’s recording of her song Been Smoking Too Long appears on the FAMILY TREE album. She is also a contributor to the album notes in the re-release of the FRUIT TREE box set and FAMILY TREE CD, and the book REMEMBERED FOR A WHILE.


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Motown style Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Recorded by MKTOWriters: Evan Bogart, Andrew Goldstein, Emanuel Kiriakou, Lindy Robbins. Read the lyrics here. The Shortcut numbers below refer to chapters in my books “Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting” (“Hit”) and “Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV” (“Film/TV”). The genre is retro-blend Pop. This track is obviously paying its


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gone Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Why this song? Most songwriters know that the Contemporary Country genre pumps out some of the most well crafted songs in the business. What you might not know is that these songs can provide a gold mine of song crafting techniques you can use to add appeal to your own songs, no matter what genre you’re writing in.


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analyze Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

What you might not know is that these songs can provide a gold mine of song crafting techniques you can use to add appeal to your own songs, no matter what genre you’re writing in. Sure, Country has its own distinctive musical twang but many of the lyric and melody skills are universal. Read on and I’ll show you a few.


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Write a NEW Holiday Classic – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

While the sights and sounds of the season are all around us, this is the time to write those holiday hits. Maybe you want to pitch to a Hallmark holiday special, approach a music publisher with a new Christmas classic, or just share a bit of seasonal cheer with friends and family.


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TIP #2: Use a Family of Images – Songwriting Tips and

An image is a word or phrase that paints a picture in your mind. Words like highway, fire, clouds, angel, train, and river are images. The picture in your head may be somewhat different than the picture in mine, but essentially you and I are thinking along the same lines. If I add more description to … Continue reading "TIP #2: Use a Family of Images"


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The trouble with genres is this: A genre is simply what people in the music industry generally agree that it is. Everybody knows what you mean but no one can pin it down exactly. It’s an art, not a science. In other words, it’s as vague as a foggy day in London town. But, like it …


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analysis Archives – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

“And It’s Still Alright” is the kind of song you won’t find on the Top 40 Pop music chart but you will find on a very interesting music chart called Triple A.The Triple A chart is filled with singer-songwriters, Alt Rock and Indie Folk bands, and the kinds of songs that are played on college radio.


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Privacy Policy – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization. Any information you enter on the Contact Form will be kept private unless we specifically request via email permission to …


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write songs quickly Archives – Songwriting Tips and

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your songwriting moving forward all the time, if you could start new songs and finish old ones, if not at lightning speed at least at a comfortable pace?


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Tip #1: Start with a Blockbuster Theme – Songwriting Tips

Some songwriters spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting for inspiration. Waiting for an idea. But why waste time when you could be writing right now? Or any time you want to? One of the things songwriters wait for is a big idea that will launch them into a new song, something that is emotionally … Continue reading "Tip #1: Start with a Blockbuster Theme"


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Reviews for Robin's music – Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Water Falls Down – CD “Over Euro-inflected grooves and airy orchestration, songwriter and artist Robin Frederick overlays a suite of brilliantly performed songs. WATER FALLS DOWN spotlights Frederick, a songwriter who has written extensively for film and television – and who was on the other side of the desk as an A&R executive for Rhino … Continue reading "Reviews for Robin’s music"


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Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

This is just the kind of song that every American Idol finalist and semi-finalist hungers for – and so do record labels and publishers. The melody has a huge range, which works well for singers with big voices, and there’s plenty of passion and excitement in the lyrics. If you’re interested in today’s melodic Pop/Rock genre, … Continue reading "Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You


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