Learn how to type faster. Touch typing tips — Ratatype

Keep your elbows bent at the right angle. Face the screen with your head slightly tilted forward. Keep at least 45 - 70 cm of distance between your eyes and the screen. Еxpose the shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles to the least possible strain. The wrists can touch the tabletop in front of the keyboard. Never shift your body weight to the wrists


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Ratatype — Online typing tutor and typing lessons

Learn to type faster. Take touch typing lessons, practice your keyboarding skills online, take a typing test and get typing speed certificate for free.


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Free typing lessons online — Ratatype

Let's practice with our free French typing lessons! ЙЦУКЕН is the main Russian layout. Ratatype has the typing lessons which improve your skills on this layout. Let's get typing, Captain can't wait to train you up! The Ukrainian layout is very similar to Russian and it has the same name ЙЦУКЕН.


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Free typing test and a certificate — Ratatype

Take a free typing test. Type a short piece of text to find out how fast can you type. Test your typing speed in wpm on English, Spanish, or French and impress your friends or employers with your own typing certificate. Get certified an unlimited number of times on any keyboard layout.


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15 free typing lessons for English AZERTY keyboard

15 lessons. The AZERTY layout is popular in French-speaking countries. AZERTY is an analog of QWERTY for French. Nowadays a lot of people use this keyboard to type in English. If you like the idea, start improving your typing speed with free typing lessons for azerty keyboard! As you can see, this layout is similar to QWERTY.


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Contact Us — Ratatype

Contact us. Need support? Got a question? Just want to say hi? Any business inquiries? Please feel free to write us at [email protected].


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Create a free account — Ratatype

Sign up for your Ratatype account. It only takes a minute. Master touch typing with our free typing tutor. Take a test and get your own typing certificate.


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Groups for touch typing competitions — Ratatype

How to invite friends to a group. Copy the link to the group — it's at the bottom of the group page. Send the link to your friends and ask them to join the group. If someone shouldn't be in your group, you can always remove them. And you can also set any of the members as an administrator, then they will be able to edit the group just like you.


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Typing Certification Test — Ratatype

DaVinci is best remembered as the painter of the Mona Lisa (1504) and The Last Supper (1495). But he's almost equally famous for his astonishing multiplicity of talents: he dabbled in architecture, sculpture, engineering, geology, hydraulics and the military arts, all with success, and in his spare time doodled parachutes and flying machines that resembled inventions of the 19th and 20th


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8 mistakes that prevent you from learning how to touch

8 mistakes that prevent you from learning how to touch type fast. It is very simple to learn how to touch type, but have you ever thought about what prevents you from doing this efficiently and fast?What mistakes can you make while learning? Captain Ratatype tried to find answers to these questions.


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Average typing speed infographic — Ratatype

Average typing speed infographic. What is the average typing speed on the keyboard? Who types the fastest? How can your typing speed help you get a better job offer?


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How to save 21 days per year while typing — Ratatype

How to save 21 days per year while typing. In 2013, we created Ratatype to help everyone improve their touch typing skills. Nowadays more than 140,000 people visit our website every single month and that number got us wondering: how has learning to touch type changed their lives and what do they get from using our typing tutor?To satisfy our curiosity, we conducted a typing speed study.


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15 free typing lessons for English QWERTY keyboard — Ratatype

15 lessons. The QWERTY layout is the most popular in the world. The Ratatype QWERTY typing course can help you increase typing speed by up to 20%! In 1867, typographer Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter and the keys on it were arranged in alphabetical order. But some time later the layout had to be modernized to protect the mechanism


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19 free typing lessons for French AZERTY keyboard

The French layout has letters and symbols in the upper row of the keyboard. You need to use the Shift key to type numbers. Touch typing practice will help you to not waste time looking for the right keys and to not be distracted by the keyboard. It doesn't matter what language you type. But if you type in French, and your speed is far from even


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Groups for teachers. Teach your students touch typing

Groups — convenient functionality for teachers. Do you want to teach students to touch type and track their progress? Create a group for your typing class on Ratatype — it's easy to use and completely free! Detailed online touch typing lessons will help your students to remember where the keys are on the keyboard forever. Create a typing class.


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About Ratatype — Ratatype

About. Hello, I'm Captain Ratatype and I want to tell you about my typing tutor. Ratatype is a simple and convenient online typing tutor for everybody who wants to type better. I know, that you have to type a lot: at home, at school, at work, and it takes the time that you can devote to other activities. With Ratatype you can free up to 20


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Learn dvorak keyboard typing: get 15 free lessons — Ratatype

15 lessons. The Dvorak keyboard layout is considered more comfortable for typing than QWERTY. Fans of Dvorak typing practice are sure that this layout is faster, easier to learn, and better for the health of your fingers and Ratatype will help you find out for yourself! The typing system was designed to eliminate inefficiency and fatigue after


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Russian keyboard typing practice: 19 lessons for free

Rashian typing course for ЙЦУКЕН keyboard. 19 lessons. ЙЦУКЕН is the main Russian layout. And the Russian language is one of the most popular in the world. That's why Captain Ratatype has created the Russian typing lessons course which improves your skills on this layout. Let's get typing, Captain can’t wait to train you up!


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