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Refresh And Protect Your Sofa From Spills With SofaSpanx

As an adult trying to get my furniture to last as long as possible, I find myself thinking about how Grandma and Grandpa weren't as ridiculous as I …


You Can Now Get A Kit That Helps You Create Natural Grass

This company helps you build a natural grass chair in your backyard. They thorough instructions on how to make one yourself. How it works is they send you the instructions on how to make the chair, along with cutting planes to make your own cardboard cutouts to fit the mold perfectly.


Egglettes: Make Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling The Shell

Just crack an egg and pour everything inside of the egglette. Twist on the top, and boil the container just like you would a hard-boiled egg. Once done cooking, just open up the egglette container, and a perfectly hard-boiled egg will slide right out onto your plate without ever having to peel a shell. The device uses a thermodynamic non-stick


18 Giant Yard Games You Need At Your Next Backyard BBQ

When something is giant, it multiplies the awesomeness of it depending on how much bigger it is than the standard version of the game. These 18 giant yard games will be a perfect addition to your next party or BBQ you have in your backyard.


Nailed It Tool Lets You Hammer Hard To Reach Nails and

They really nailed it with this handy tool. The Nailed It Tool is a device that lets you easily pound in nails from hard to reach angles, along with being able to start screws so they don't keep falling out when you try to screw them in.


Mouth Moving Masks Move Their Mouth When You Talk

These masks feature moving mouths that move up and down whenever you speak, making them seem extra realistic. How it works is, there's a strap that connects to your jaw when you put the mask on, so that when your mouth opens, the mouth on the mask opens, and when your mouth closes, the mouth on the mask closes.


This Extendable Water Bottle Hose Lets You Pee In The Car

The mouth of the wider opening has a diameter of 2.5 inches, and the hose fully extends to 22 inches long. When fully compressed the tube measures just 12 inches long, so it's perfectly sized to place anywhere in your car for bladder emergencies. Check out the Car Pool urinate in car aid extendable hose in action via the video below. YouTube.


The Human Hoist Is an Incredible Futuristic Robotic

You've seen the magic creeper that we posted the other day, which is a cheap mechanics creeper that uses no technology or metal at all. Compare that to the Human Hoist, which is a shop chair/creeper that looks like it's straight from the future. It lets you lower and raise your body from from a sitting position to a laying position automatically with a joystick, and then back up again without


Adult Bibs Look Like a Button-Up Shirt Help Restore The

The collared shirt dignity bib pattern is made and sold by Etsy store FabricGreetings, and upon purchase you'll receive a digital PDF file with the full instructions on how to create your own dignity bib for you or a loved one who needs one.The creator of the pattern states that she makes hers with denim shirts, regular oxford cloth and flannel shirts, though whatever type of shirt you have on


Ladder Leveler Lets You Use Ladder On Stairs and Uneven

You can even attach an extra Ladder Leveler to a ladder rung for scaffolding needs. Attach a board to your stairs and the second Ladder Leveler and you'll have a secure and convenient walkboard support which lets you access even more area above your stairs or that uneven ground.


Let Your Dog Out Remotely Through Your Sliding Door With

If you're like me, you have a camera in your house to keep an eye on your dogs while you're away. But what do you do when they need to go outside when you're gone, yet you don't have a doggy door wher


You Can Now Get Your Very Own Bumper Boat For Battles On

A center station inside the tube allows for comfy seating for one person, along with plenty of storage space for a battery to run the motor, drinks, snacks, fishing/hunting gear, and more.


These Fruit Molds Let You Grow Fun Shaped Watermelons and

The fruit molds come in a variety of different shapes, including skulls, square molds for square watermelons, heart shaped molds, a Donald Trump face mold, Frankenstein shaped molds for awesome pumpkins, molds for Buddha shaped pears, molds …


The Rat Barrow Is The World's First Ride-On Motorized

Invented by Peter Boulton, an Australian dairy farmer who created it to help his wife who works in their 300 head farm in Gippsland, the Rat Barrow is the World's first ride-on wheelbarrow. It offers a super safe and stable ride while with incredible maneuverability while hauling around heavy loads up to 440 lbs in weight.


This DIY Vasectomy Kit Includes Everything You Need For an

There newest prank box is a DIY vasectomy kit to do your own at-home surgery. Made by Richard Payne (Dick Payne), the DIY vasectomy kit includes everything you need to get your at-home surgery done with you and your wife, friend, or floozy. According to the box, the kit includes a free bottle of bourbon to act as morphine pain relief, a


Main Drain: A Urinal Attachment For Your Toilet

The main drain urinal attachment is made from lightweight hydrophobic materials, can easily be moved out of the way for sitting or for when not in use, and is currently in a funding phase on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of July 2015, so go reserve yours now, and be sure to check out the main drain in action via the video below.. Check out the full feature list of the attachable


Contour Gauge Lets You Duplicate Shapes For Precise Cutting

When cutting tiles, specifically around special items like pipes, weird corners, and other things that may be in the way of cutting a straight edge tile to fit, you need a specialized tool to know how to


People Are Now Making Chicken Strollers To Take Their

This chicken stroller features a convenient, ergonomic handle for transporting chickens wherever you may need to go. There are also two cup holders and a food tray attached to this chicken stroller’s handle, so you can bring snacks for yourself or your chickens, as well as drinks, or whatever else you need to strut your bagocking babes through your favorite town square.


Face Down Lounge Chair Lets You Read Comfortably On Your

The face down beach lounge chair is portable, lightweight and comes with a handy carrying case to easily haul it to and from the beach. The unique beach chair cans support up to 250 lbs, comes in a few different colors to choose from, can be put into three different positions, and is made from a rust-resistant aluminum, a powder-coated steel frame, along with a breathable quick-dry heavy-duty


Transparent Padlock Helps You Learn Basics Of Lock Picking

This padlock is made of transparent material so you can easily learn how the inside of a padlock works. It comes with 2 keys so you can first see how the key will work with the pins, but then you purchase an actual picking set to use the proper tools to learn …


Hidealoo Is a Pull-out Hidden Toilet For Tiny Homes

Whether you live in a tiny home, frequent use in a trailer or RV, or just live in a small shed outside of your parents home, chances are you struggle …


Unique Funny Gifts

This Chainsaw Turkey Carving Knife Lets You Take Thanksgiving To The Next Level. Carving the Turkey for Thanksgiving is a true honor for any man or woman, and should be taken extremely seriously. Assuming you have no backup Turkey, you have one opportunity to slice and carve it just perfectly, o. $ 59.95. Buy Now.


OddityMall: Most Popular Items

The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers, and Desk. You'd have to be pretty confident to name something the ultimate bed. We've featured some pretty awesome beds, in the past, including a flip-up bed that doubles as a closet, along with a giant kind-size bed that has


Unique Gifts For Weird People

Weird people need gifts too, and this is your spot to find them. Filled with hundreds of unique and unusual gifts for weird people, these strange and odd gifts will surely please the needs of the weird person you're buying them for. A perfect place to find that unique gift that no one really wants,


Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy People

Looking for a unique gift idea for a nature lover, outdoorsmen, or just someone who likes to be outside? You've come to the right spot. This giant list of gift ideas for outdoorsy people is perfect for campers, hikers, kayakers, or just someone who likes to lounge in the backyard. This gift guide is


Air Pressure Gun Drain Blaster Unclogs Sinks and Toilets

BAAM! is an a little gun-type device that lets you unclog your sinks and toilets with the pull of a trigger. How it works is you build up air pressure inside of the device using the pump on the top of it, then, once you've built up enough pressure, simply place the end of it …


Sealegs Amphibious Boats Feature 3 Retractable Wheels To

Sealegs newest model is a fully electric boat that crawls itself onto land using three powerful wheels. The futuristic new boat model is called the E4 amphibious boat, and is powered by an onboard 48-volt 7-kWh lithium battery pack, a beautiful 24-inch touchscreen information/control panel, and a top speed of 46 mph on the water and 6 mph on land.


These Convertible Stairs Convert Into a Wheelchair Ramp

Designer Chan Wen Jie has come up with an ingenious solution to help people in wheelchairs get up and down stairs when there's no wheelchair ramp installed. The unique invention would attach to an existing set of stairs, and with the simple press of a lever, the stairs would instantly flip and turn into a wheelchair ramp.


This Toilet Sink Attachment Reuses Faucet Water In The

SinkTwice is a sink that attaches to the top of your toilet, replacing your current toilet lid, and allows you to clean you hands using fresh water and reusing that water in the toilet for your next flush. Why waste all that water washing your hands when it could go to good use washing your poo down the can. Not only does the toilet sink save water, and save you money on your water bills, but


The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers

You'd have to be pretty confident to name something the ultimate bed. We've featured some pretty awesome beds, in the past, including a flip-up bed that doubles as a closet, along with a giant kind-size bed that has even extra room for your dogs.But to be honest, I think this "Ultimate Bed" might just take the cake, and is quite deserving of the name it was given!


SwiftPaws: Remote Control Capture The Flag Toy For Dogs

A remote control lets you control the speed and direction of the line right in the palm of your hand. The SwiftPaws capture the flag toy for your dog sets up in just minutes in any backyard, and since it's powered by batteries, you can use it anywhere without the need for a plug nearby. The SwiftPaws lure chasing dog toy works great both


KittyKorner Turns Corner Of Door Into a Cat Pass

If you're looking to keep your door closed, yet give your cat free-reign of the house, you may want to install a cat pass on your door. But if you're looking to not make a giant unsealable hole in your wall, your options are a bit limited.


3D Brick Pattern Paint Roller

Image Via Universo Da Pintura. Don't like brick? No problem. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns like a classic wood-grain, florals, crocodile skin, tree bark, and many more. They even have rollers for edging to add even more detail. Image Via Universo Da Pintura. This 3D brick pattern paint roller is a great way to DIY your room's walls at a fraction of the cost compared to other


This Genius Solar Powered Fan Sucks The Hot Air Out Of

The Auto Cool will draw in fresh air from outside while pushing out the hot air that builds up in your car. The device fits onto any kind of car window, and even comes with weather strips that will keep your window sealed from rain.


This Incredible Fold-away Crafting Station Turns Into a

Each fold-away crafting station comes to you flat packed, so you will need to assemble it upon delivery. The crafting stations also comes in a few different material and finishes to choose from, including chocolate knotty alder, white beadboard, black raised panel, and more. Check out the incredible fold-away crafting station in action via the


Plus Guard: A Roller Stamp That Will Black Out Your

The Plus Guard is a rolling stamp that you can roll over any sensitive information like mail, documents, prescription pills, etc, and it will essentially black-out any information to make it unreadable. Check out the different versions here. How it works is, the Plus Guard stamp roller is filled with random letters (in random positions) that


This Amazing Dining Table Has a Hidden Game/Puzzle

Similar to the dining table that converts into a pool table, once you're done working on the puzzle for the day, just put the top surface back onto the table, and your jigsaw puzzle will be hidden from view and remain undisturbed while you're away.This way, that giant 50k piece jigsaw puzzle will be safe, and that extra long game of Risk won't need to be carried over to Jerry's apartment to


36 Amazing Summer Water Toys For 2021

The AquaSkipper is a human powered watercraft that lets you skip around the water by just hopping up and down, and allows you to get going at speeds of up to 17 mph. Not only fun to use, the Aquaskipper acts as a great workout as you need to keep hopping to keep the watercraft going. $ 1,499.00 Buy Now.


The Tuc-Away Table is a Side Table That Flips Up When You

Much like how the couch arm table creates a side table using the couch's arm, the Tuc-Away table is a side table that you can flip up from the side of your couch whenever you need it. When not in use the Tuc-Away protrudes just 2.5 inches out from your couch, and is a perfect way to save room in a smaller home or apartment.


Walabot: Phone Sensor Detects Studs, Pipes, and Wires

The Walabot will let you find pretty much anything behind your walls, including studs, wires, water pipes, animals, and other metals. It can not only see through drywall, but it even works to see right through concrete that's up to 4 inches thick.


There's Now a Giant Inflatable Twister Game That's Perfect

We all remember the game Twister and how much fun we had getting tangled up with our cronies (or even better, that boy/girl you had a crush on) until we …


Unique Gifts For People Who Love Cooking

This is the place to find unique gifts for cooks and people who love to spend their time in the kitchen. Whether they love cooking on the grill, over the stove, or in the oven, this is the place to find that unique and unusual gift idea for cooking lovers. This giant gift guide is filled with hundre


Unique Gifts For Geeks

Geeks might just be the easiest people to shop for. You know what they love, they love the geeky stuff, like Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, gaming, and other geeky things. Whether you're looking to gift a geek a toothpick dispensing Darth Vader, a Captain Kirk beer koozie, or a geeky gaming table tha


Seakeeper: Gyroscopic Boat Stabilizer Prevents Boat Rocking

The Seakeeper gyroscope is controlled by a computer that analyzes the boat's movements and moves accordingly. Along with he boat-roll, the gyroscope also removes the fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness that go with it.