11 Best travel apps for Android to try out this Summer

Best travel apps for finding accommodations 1. Booking.com. There’s a reason why Booking.com has been the best service providers for finding millions of hotels, motels, vacation homes and so much more. Whether you’re planning a family holiday this summer or trying to find a budget destination to get away with your significant other, this is the app that’ll get you there.


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How to Watch Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel

Ghost Adventures has always been an integral part of the Travel Channel. Now, with the release of the Discovery+ streaming service, all Discovery-affiliated channels, including Travel Channel have moved to the service. So, to watch Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel,


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AC Valhalla Fast Travel Unavailable Issue: What Is Causing

AC Valhalla Fast Travel Unavailable Issue: What is it? So the new update has introduced various bugs for users all around. Some have experienced the inability to load saves while others are having problems saving their progress. But a major consistent issue with the new update seems to be the inability to fast travel across the map.


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The Oil in AC Valhalla: All The Clues & How To Find and

For the second bit of Clue, you’ll have to travel to a spot near Henge Farm. The quest indicator will read “Investigate the Festival near Henge Farm in the HIlls south of Stonehenge”. When you’ve reached this spot, go through the group of people in front of you here to find a small clearing with a wooden table in the middle.


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What is Sealed Sender in Signal and Should You Enable It

With any messaging app, there are two very crucial pieces of data that travel from one point to another. First is the contents of the message itself which contains the private conversation between the sender and the receiver. The second is the metadata required by the app which contains the location of the sender, the sender’s details, and


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How to put a code on Netflix and visit altgenres directly

Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159) Political Documentaries (7018) Religious Documentaries (10005) Science & Nature Documentaries (2595) Social & Cultural Documentaries (3675) Dramas (5763) Biographical Dramas (3179) Classic Dramas (29809) Courtroom Dramas (528582748) Crime Dramas (6889) Dramas based on Books (4961) Dramas based on real


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Where To Find The Billhook In AC Valhalla

0:00 / 2:56. Live. •. To find the Billhook, you’ll need two clues. The first clue to finding him comes from killing the target Eanbhert, the Warden of Law. To find the second clue in locating him, travel to Aelfgarstun, in the region of Lincolnscire. Go inside the cottage in front of you, and pick up the order of Billhook towards the left


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Best Gear in AC Valhalla: Everything You Need To Know

Regardless of where you are in the story, you can always travel around, including Norway. Every last inch of the map is there for exploring and hunting down gear pieces. You can even get some assistance from the game’s interface to reveal some treasures that contain gear pieces, ingots, and even new abilities.


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139 Cool Microsoft Teams backgrounds to spice up the fun

6 minute read. 119 Cool Microsoft Teams backgrounds to spice up the fun! [November 2020] Microsoft Teams recently added the ability to replace the background in your video feed with virtual images. This allows you to keep your home surroundings private and use different images as your virtual background during important meetings and video calls.


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Discovery Plus vs Discovery Go: Everything You Need To Know

A major complaint of Discovery Go users is the fact that they get bombarded with ads. With Discovery Plus you can opt for the ad-free version if ads bother you. This option does not exist with Discovery Go even if you are willing to pay extra. It is believed that soon all the new shows and episodes will premier on the Discovery Plus platform


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How to add a boarding pass to Google Pay

Google usually sticks with bug fixes and stability improvements but with the March 2020 update, the Mountain View giant is rolling out feature drops to make your life easier. One of the highlight additions in the latest update is the ability to add a boarding pass to Google Pay so that you can use it to travel from one place to another with ease.


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AC Valhalla Opal Guide: Where to find Opals [All The

It looks like you’ve finally met Reda and discovered the treats that the Opal can offer in AC Valhalla. As Eivor, there is undoubtedly a lot to explore in Ubisoft’s expansive, brilliant game and the Opal element plays an important role in terms of both exploration and currency throughout the game.


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How to add and use your own images as backgrounds in

Can I add my own backgrounds? Well, yes, but not officially. If you are looking to add a favorite picture, wallpaper or camera shot to Microsoft Teams, there is a workaround that you can use to do so.Make sure you have saved the favorite images on any folder in your PC so that you can copy it easily to the required directory.


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AC Valhalla Excalibur Location and Step-by-step Guide To

Travel to the west of Jorvik in Eurvicscire territory till you arrive at the snowy entrance of the cave. Be careful inside the cave as things will get slippery and you need to make sure there is a proper ledge or support before you move ahead. Once you reach the barred door, look for the window that will give you access to the lock of the door.


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15 Co-op Puzzle Games to Play Online with friends and

Create portals that you and your friend can travel through while exploring the Aperture Science Labs. The new co-op mode has its own unique storyline and set of puzzles for you to solve. The addition of the co-op mode has definitely made the game more complicated in terms of puzzle-solving. Players must work and think together to figure out the


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How to find and remove permissions you gave to Google

For example, if you’ve signed into a travel app using your Google account, it makes sense for the app to ask for access to your Google Calendar since it will be making appointments and reservations and then add it to your calendar. If the same app asks for access to …


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Best Zoom Filters: How to get and use them

Many of us are still stuck with the ‘WFH: Work From Home’ environment and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Of the video conferencing solutions available to you, Zoom still manages to provide the most features to both free and paid users and continues …


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Best Zoom Games to Play During Holidays, Christmas and New

With travel restrictions and the risk involved, it is safer to stay home as the year draws to an end. This does not mean that you are doomed to spending the holiday alone. With video calling options like Zoom, you can spend time with your loved ones virtually.


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25 Best Among Us Themed Gifts To Give Someone

Travel mug. As people are starting to head out of their homes, their travel mugs are being brought out from the back of the cupboards. Make old travel mugs redundant by gifting new Among Us themed stainless steel insulated travel mugs. Reusable water bottles. A great environment-friendly gift to give is a reusable water bottle.


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10 Best Bluetooth Speaker with AM/FM Radio

At 15W, the Xeneo offers surprising power for its size and price point, with dual aluminum radiators on either end of the device, and impressive toughness — the Xeneo is IP6X splashproof, dustproof and shockproof and comes with a hard-shell travel case.


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Is Discovery Plus Worth It

The answer depends totally on you…. If you want to go back and enjoy a rich library full of Discovery network’s shows from all 15 of their associated channels then it is definitely worth it. If you want to watch shows on Magnolia Network, which is apparently exclusively on Discovery Plus, then the subscription is a must-have. If you want a


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Calls on Galaxy S8 going straight to Voicemail

If you frequently travel using your CDMA Galaxy S8, manually updating the PRL list might just help fix the issue of calls going straight to voicemail. Sprint: Dial ##873283#. Telus: Dial *22803. Metro PCS, US Cellular, Verizon (3G phones only): Dial *228. Try the Method 3 below if you are still having issues with the voicemail your Samsung


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How To Download On Crunchyroll For Offline Viewing

This is a great feature for people that travel a lot or do not wish to spend their cellular data watching anime episodes. Earlier, Crunchyroll would offer two types of subscription models; Free and Fan. While the free membership was ad-supported, the ‘Fan’ membership costs around $8/month.


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How to disable the navigation bar (hide on-screen keys) to

Good method, but lock screen in many devices are a bit moved down. no other issues, but i found annoying the lock screen issue by using that comand. i use “adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,-87”. i do not want to root my phone to modify build.prop, i do not have a reason to do it “except disabling the navbar” the phone allow me to hide it, but a swipe up enables it again “i hate this”.


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Premium Zoom Backgrounds: Level up your next Zoom meeting

Travel. See at Shutterstock. See at Shutterstock. Black and white. See at Shutterstock. See at Shutterstock. Nature. See at Shutterstock. See at Shutterstock. See at Shutterstock. Architecture. See at Shutterstock. See at Shutterstock. We hope these backgrounds helped add a unique flair to your everyday Zoom meetings.


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How to Sign Up for Discovery Plus: Step-by-step Guide With

To get started with the sign-up process, head over to discoveryplus.com on your web browser. On the Discovery Plus homepage, click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ option. With this, you’ll get a week’s worth of streamable content for free after which your actual monthly subscription will commence. When you select ‘Start Free Trial’, you


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125+ Best Google Meet Backgrounds To Download For Free!

Google Meet was recently updated with new features and bug fixes that help improve its performance across most devices. Additionally, this new update also introduced the much request feature of custom backgrounds to Google Meet.. You can now easily hide your room’s background with a static image, blur, or video depending on your choices.Many people are looking to make use of this feature at


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How To Change Time or Time Zone on Android

When you travel, your phone can help you keep track of the time at your destination as well as back home. Open the Clock app on your Andriod device. Tap on the settings icon. Turn on the Automatic Home Clock feature, by sliding on the toggle on the right side. This will allow you to select Home Time Zone. Tap on Home Time Zone.


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How to Fish in AC Valhalla: Step-by-step guide

Yes, you can fish when within a boat, as well. Now, open Eivor’s action wheel to open up your inventory by hitting down on the D-Pad on your controller. When the action wheel appears, select the fishing rope from your inventory. When the fishing rope is out, press the L2/LT to aim where you want to throw the rope.


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Best waterproof cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases. Ghostek Nautical Tough Rugged Case. Temdan Heavy Duty Case. Fansteck Full-Body Protective Case. Lanhiem Shockproof Full Body Case. Lanwow Rugged Shockproof Case. It looks like you’re preparing for your next aqua adventure and are in need of the perfect waterproof case for your aging Samsung Galaxy


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What is LastPass Family Plan

The differences are often minor, generally speaking generally, with the extra features on offer by any one particular service often equating to but a different flavored icing on an otherwise similar cake. 1Password offers its travel mode feature, Dashlane has a premium VPN, Bitwarden is open source and could be self-hosted, and LastPass has a


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Discovery Plus on Dish Network: Everything you need to know

Discovery Plus is a brand new streaming service by Discovery that was launched on 4th January 2021. It is aimed at not just the Discovery enthusiasts but also at those who like to watch real-life entertainment shows, documentaries, and tons of lifestyle shows. Gone are the days of purchasing separate channel packages from your cable provider


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Best Wireless Speakers with long battery life

FUGOO Style is more towards the compact side and is rugged enough to be a great travel companion on long journeys. Buy on Amazon: $169.99. 2. JBL Boombox ($449.95) The JBL Boombox comes with a massive 20,000mAh battery and promises to up to 24 hours of playtime. With a 60W output, it’s literally meant to be the life of a party and it surely


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Whom To Follow On Clubhouse

Arts. Following is a list of people who are known to be involved in some form of creation of art. Clubhouse hosts a slew of photographers, designers, theatre artists, dancers, food-makers, writers, and more, and here are some of them you may wish to get to know better on the app.


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What is Microsoft Viva

Viva Connections boils down to a personalized dashboard, replete with all of the resources that cater to your specific role within the organization and a regularly updated feed with relevant information. This way news can still “travel” through an office space, albeit digitally, and updates important to your project can reach you organically.


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Is Food Network Moving to Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is here! Since January 4 Discovery network channels have become available on Discovery’s exclusive streaming platform. Aside from the new Magnolia Network, subscribers of the platform will get access to content from networks like HGTV, TLC, ID, Animal Planet, Food Network, and Discovery.


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Best battery cases for the Galaxy Note 9

Another Amazon’s Choice for Note 9 charging case, this is a great addition to your travel backpack if you like going to remote places with stable electricity connections far and few between. In $30, you get not only extra 5000mAh juice, but also get 60 …


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What are Sigurd Strikes in AC Valhalla

This is gauged by the Sigurd Strikes system in Valhalla. These are basically five decisions that you make over the course of the story that will impact your relationship with your brother. If you make three out of the five choices wrong, you strike out with your brother, your leadership comes into question, and Sigurd leaves England.


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Best Bow in AC Valhalla: The Best and All The Rest With

15. The Hunnish Bow can be grabbed very early on in the game in one of the main story quests that take place in Norway. It’s essentially the first ranged weapon you can own in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is a classic bow that is used most for hunting deer but is significant when battling enemies as well.


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Best accessories for Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

This cable is also 6ft long, which makes it ideal for travel. Anker also offers a lifetime warranty to vouch for this flagship line. Buy on Amazon (2-pack): $9.99 Deego USB-C Cable. This cable comes with a combination of high-speed data sync and fast charging.


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Best Chrome Extensions for Mobile: Amp Up Your Phone!

To help solve all these issues you may encounter, you can try the extension Instapaper. Instapaper allows you to save webpages so that you can read them offline in the future whenever you may like. This is a great option for users that travel a lot as being connected to …


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Ashes of Creation Classes: List, Best Classes, Tips And more

The Dünzenkell are a pretty straightforward dwarf race, with the usual emphasis on smithing and crafting. In Ashes of Creation, they will come in two races: the Dünir, traditional mountain-loving dwarves and the Niküa, dwarves who prefer to travel the plains and forests of Verra than be cooped up in the frigid mountainous passes and lairs.


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Genshin Impact Diluc Build and Guide: Best Artifacts

Genshin Impact Diluc Build and Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons and Tips. Genshin Impact wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Not only does it draw from the high-chroma aesthetic and art style employed in Breath of the Wild, but the attentive gamer might also notice more than a few easter eggs and homages to other creative giants.


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How Sigurd in AC Valhalla Impacts Your Game [Explained]

Ever since its early release on 10th November 2020, the fervor surrounding Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has grown exponentially by the day. Of special significance is the setting – we travel back to the time of the Vikings, and witness the near-perfect depiction of Nordic life of that era.


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Asus ZenFone 4 Max update and firmware downloads: New OTA

The Asus ZenFone 4 Max is receiving a minor OTA update with optimized camera performance and updated translation for Brazilian Portuguese (BR) language. The update comes with software version 14.2016.1708.158 and is available for the ZC554KL variant of the device. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, head over to Settings


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How to access the new movie editor in Google Photos app

To access the movie editor, fire up the Google Photos app and in the top right corner, tap on the three-dot menu. In the list of options, tap on the “Movie” option and a new window titled “Create movie” will open. This is where you can select the photos and/or videos you want to edit and add them to the movie editor.


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Best Earbuds for Working Out Under $100

Many users report them as being comparable, if not better, than the standard Airpods when it comes to sound quality — even if the Bluetooth range is lesser and the iOS connectivity understandably superior. The headphones do however support 18+ hours of playtime and a sleek, lightweight case that makes it handy for in-pocket travel. 4.


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50 Best Winter Captions for Instagram

Here are some winter weather appropriate captions for the lazy and active Instagrammer: Tis the season to get snuggly. The slopes are calling so imma ski you later.🎿. Caution Bikini bodies have been snowed in. Leave behind your worries like footprints 👣 in the snow. It may be freezing out, but this warms my heart.


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