14 Ways to Travel the World for Free (or Even Get Paid)

Travel Tips to See the World for Free. Some of these options offer free accommodations, others offer free transportation, and a few offer both. They all come with limitations and trade-offs, but for anyone looking to travel on a tiny budget, these travel tips are hard to …


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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Airline & Hotel

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on the global travel industry, upending millions of travelers’ lives, and threatening countless livelihoods in the process.. It’s likely the pandemic will affect many travelers, either directly or indirectly. Because this is a fluid situation that changes by the day, bookmark this list to refer to frequently so you can get new information as


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Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations in the World

International travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are dozens of ways to travel the world for free. Look for countries where you can both fly cheaply and stay inexpensively once there. Before booking a hotel, look into more affordable hotel alternatives, like Airbnb, guest houses, and bed-and-breakfasts. The difference in


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Holiday Travel Tips 2021

Want a stress-free holiday season?. Don’t travel. The holidays represent the busiest travel season of the year, which means long lines, delayed flights, congested traffic, and dense crowds — an even worse combination than usual in the era of COVID-19.And that says nothing of the higher costs, as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and other industry servicers mark up pricing per the


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How to Travel for Business Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Travel numbers increased by the middle of October but were still down around 63% over October 2019. Travel restrictions and coronavirus precautions have also permeated the business travel industry. According to the Global Business Travel Association, 53% of businesses have canceled nonessential work trips while maintaining some business travel


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How to Get Free Flights and Travel for Free

Some people who are trying to pile up the travel miles will go so far as to book a flight with a connection in a distant city to earn more miles. If you have the time to spare, and you don’t mind the extra travel time, you can route yourself through one or more distant …


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10 Best U.S. Cities to Visit on a Budget

Travel The easiest way to get to Atlanta is by air. In fact, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport has been known as the world’s busiest airport since 1999, and is the home of Delta and AirTran. Once you arrive in Atlanta, travel by Atlanta’s rail system, MARTA, if you plan to stay within the city limits.


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How to Find Cheap Travel Accommodations & Lodging Anywhere

The travel space is awash in coupons and limited-time deals. If your travel dates and destinations are flexible, and you’re not picky about your hotel brand or location, you’ll almost certainly be able to snag a 10%-plus discount to the advertised price.


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How to Travel the World for Free Using Customer Loyalty

Ways to Exploit Loyalty Programs and Travel for Free. 1. Research Reward Programs. On the home page of every frequent flyer and hotel rewards program website is a list of ways you can earn points or miles. Between reward earning credit cards (e.g. Starwood Preferred Guest credit card ), shopping portals, and partner earning opportunities, the


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How to Travel Light With Just 1 Bag

Ultralight travel is not difficult; it just takes a little more planning. It’s well worth the effort because it makes travel much more enjoyable. I spent two weeks in Barcelona and a week each in London and Greece using only one small shoulder bag. I was able to zip in and out of airports, taxis, and public transit quickly and easily.


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10 Ways to Get Cheap Vacation Deals and Save on Travel

Travel Auctions. There are two kinds of travel auction sites. There are two kinds of travel auction sites. One allows you to enter your preferred travel dates, destination, and class of service (such as economy or business class), and travel companies compete to offer the lowest-priced trip that meets your criteria.


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Where to Buy Travel Supplies, Accessories & Toiletries on

2. Travel-Sized Emery Boards These come in multi-packs for roughly sixty-nine cents, and are great for on-the-fly manicure emergencies. Since so many come with one purchase, it’s easy to keep a supply handy for unexpected trips. 3. Cosmetic Pads


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How to Travel Cheap by Using Public Transportation (Bus

If you travel on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the ticket price will be $192. For Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2018, the price is $189. Greyhound also offers discounts to certain riders. Students and active or retired military veterans save 10% on tickets, and seniors aged 62 and older receive a 5% discount.


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U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa® Card Review

Limited Travel Benefits. FlexPerks Travel Rewards doesn’t have a very generous lineup of travel benefits. In fact, they’re pretty thin. The most noteworthy is the $25 airline fee credit, but that applies only to award travel – meaning you can only take advantage of it once in a while.


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SunTrust Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

The SunTrust Travel Rewards Credit Card is a hybrid cash back and travel rewards credit card with an $89 annual fee and a rewards program that favors travel spending. Like competitors such as Chase Sapphire Preferred , which have comparable annual fees – it’s designed to reward frequent travelers with loyalty currency redeemable for cash


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How to Find Cheap European Travel Deals

Travel by train once you arrive. If you plan on moving from one European country to the next, traveling by train is a great idea. Not only will you be able to save money, but it gives you the chance to see the countries you are passing through. To get started, visit Raileurope.com. This site gives you options to find an unlimited travel rail


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How to Pack for Vacation: 6 Tips & Checklist of What to Pack

Before you travel, learn more about the weather forecast for your vacation destination by visiting Weather.com. If you don’t check the weather before you begin packing, you may end up spending money on clothing and assorted sundries during your travels.


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14 Benefits of Taking Family Vacations and Why You Need Them

Travel gives kids real-world experience outside the classroom, and kids learn best by doing. While reading books and looking at pictures certainly has its place, nothing beats hands-on experience. When kids travel, there are all kinds of things to learn. International travel gives them firsthand experience of how others live.


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Top 21 Outdoor Adventure Destinations in the World

Travel in a group of 8 to 12 riders on two-lane roads on rented two- and three-wheeled Harley Davidson models while spending each night in a comfortable hotel. This tour is for adult, experienced motorcyclists. Recommended Tour Company: Panam Holidays Inc. Other Options


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17 Best Dude Ranches in the U.S.

The pinnacle of my pre-adolescent travel career was a weeklong visit to a rustic dude ranch in Wyoming’s high country. Years later, most of the details are fuzzy, but two distinct memories remain: riding horseback along a bubbling, sun-dappled creekside and perching at the edge of the stables on a warm afternoon, watching the ranch hands go about their business.


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37 Ways to Save Money & Time When Traveling Internationally

Travel is a particular passion of mine. I’ve written frugal travel guides for such popular destinations as Miami, San Francisco, and Lisbon, Portugal, among others. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about saving money on longer, out-of-country trips.


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7 Free Travel Apps to Save You Money When Planning a Vacation

KAYAK also helps you find car rentals, alternative travel dates, and flight and airport information. 2. Triposo. Triposo is an app that acts as a virtual guide for your vacation. Input where you’re going, your interests, and your overall budget, and the app helps you create an itinerary that also takes weather and attractions into consideration.


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9 Travel & Vacation Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Costly Travel Planning Mistakes. 1. Booking Too Late, or Too Early. Finding the perfect sweet spot to purchase airline tickets or reserve a hotel room can make a huge difference in how much you pay. If you book too far in advance, you could miss significant sales …


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4 Types of Luggage Bags You Need Traveling on Flights

4. The Large Duffel. A large duffle is the final link in the four-piece luggage chain. For most travelers, it’s also the least-used – though it’s useful for plenty of things beyond air travel, including car camping and recreational activities like ice hockey and going to the beach.


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How to Find Cheap Flights and Get the Best Airline Ticket

Travel portals are great for filtering the options and finding the right price and times, but visiting the airline’s official site is always worthwhile. 4. Be Flexible. Being flexible about your travel dates will always help you find the best fare.


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What Is Travel Insurance and Do I Need to Buy It

4. Travel Delay Travel delay coverage is more narrowly tailored to reimburse expenses (for instance, an airport hotel room) incurred as a result of long travel delays – usually six hours or longer. In some cases, travel delay coverage also covers prepaid trip expenses, such as nonrefundable hotel rooms or …


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22 Ways to Eat Cheap & Save on Food While Traveling on

Some high-end travel cards confer even more valuable perks, such as free breakfasts at participating hotels or in-flight discounts with participating airlines. For example, the Delta SkyMiles Gold credit card from American Express slashes in-flight Delta purchases by 20%. Read your card’s terms and conditions, and plan accordingly.


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23 Tips for Green, Sustainable Travel on a Budget

Long-distance travel is not good for the environment. At least, not the way most people do it today. According to the New York Times, “one round-trip flight from New York to Europe or to San Francisco creates a warming effect equivalent to 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person.”. If you’re an average American, that’s 10% to 15% of your annual carbon footprint in a single six- or


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How to Earn Money While You Travel Full-Time

How to Earn Money While Traveling. 1. Workamping. Workamping is defined as trading your time and skills for something else of value. That could be an hourly wage, a free camping spot for the season, or a combination of both. One of the biggest benefits of workamping is that the work is often temporary and seasonal.


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14 Best Weekender Travel Bags for Your Next Getaway

12. Newhey Oversized Travel Duffle Bag. The Newhey Oversized Travel Duffel Bag is a full-size waterproof leather-and-canvas weekender with gender-neutral appeal and unbeatable pricing. For such an affordable bag, the high-density canvas and waterproof leather provide impressive durability.


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Traveling with Pets on Airlines

Pets must be at least eight weeks old to travel, and pets traveling in cargo may not exceed a weight limit of 100 pounds, including the pet carrier. If outside temperatures are below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees, animals may not fly in cargo. American Airlines allows only one pet per customer on flights.


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22 Tricks to Save Money for Your Next Vacation

Pad with a reasonable buffer – say, 10% to 15%, to account for higher-than-expected travel costs or currency fluctuations (for international travel). This final number is your upper budget limit. 2. Set Travel Dates and Pin Down Likely Costs for Airfare, Lodging, and Local Transportation.


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5 Stocks to Buy as the Market Recovers From the COVID-19

From a fundamental standpoint, Carnival Cruise Lines represents one of the largest opportunities in the travel industry as a whole. The stock controls a massive percentage of the cruise-line market, has plenty of cash on hand, and will likely benefit greatly as consumers begin to travel …


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19 International Travel Tips to Stay Safe and Avoid Scams

When you travel abroad, your passport is the single most important document in your possession. Lose it and you’re looking at a mandatory visit to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, and probably an unpleasant and time-consuming stint at the local police station.


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25 Tips for Flying and Traveling With Infants & Toddlers

In Europe, we avoid car travel altogether, taking the bus or train into town from the airport and walking or riding public transit once there. Avoiding airport taxis has saved us at least 50 euros, according to our calculations, and sticking to buses and trains in town even more. Wearing is the way to go on crowded public transit vehicles, so


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19 Jobs That Let You Work Remotely From Home (or Anywhere

G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and travel addict mildly obsessed with FIRE. He spends nine months of the year in Abu Dhabi, and splits the rest of the year between his hometown of Baltimore and traveling the world.


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How Travel Loyalty Programs Work

Often Redeemable for a Wide Range of Travel Types. Fixed-rate rewards programs usually allow participants to redeem for a wider range of travel purchases – not just hotel stays, car rentals, and other forms of ground transportation, but also incidental expenses such as baggage fees and in-flight meals. This is a useful benefit for travelers


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7 Best Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling

A money belt is a travel necessity that reduces the risk of theft. These belts have a fabric zipped pouch, and they fit comfortably across your waist or stomach. Position the belt on your body before dressing, and then place your clothes over the belt.


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How to Pick the Right Travel Rewards Credit Card

Annual Travel Credit. This is a big one. If you travel by air at least once per year, you can almost certainly take full advantage of your card’s annual travel credit. The best credits automatically offset travel purchases with no action required from the cardholder, effectively reducing the annual fee by an equivalent amount.


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14 Ways to Save Money on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

Furthermore, you can maximize your savings by adding rewards program information to your travel website profile. All of the major travel websites allow you to enter loyalty program membership numbers for hotel chains, rental cars, and frequent flyer programs, so you can earn rewards while you travel. 6. Consider an Alternative to Hotels and Motels


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14 U.S. Cities With the Worst Traffic & Longest Commute Times

But travel times are excessive – approximately 90 minutes from Riverside to L.A.’s Union Station, and nearly two hours from San Bernardino to Union Station, for instance. Accordingly, the disparity between car and public transit commute times is high here.


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Top 13 Fitness & Spa Vacations on a Budget

Trek Travel provides the carbon-frame bikes, water bottles, luxury accommodations, meals, and support vehicles for the daily guided bike rides. The three-day, four-night camp starts at $899, while the six-day, seven-night camp starts at $1,299. Vacationers can expect to ride about 40 miles each day across the beautiful Spanish terrain, skirting


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BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

The Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card earns an unlimited 1.5 points per $1 spent on every eligible purchase. Points are always worth $0.01 apiece at redemption. They can be redeemed for statement credits to offset any travel purchase, including car rentals, airfare, vacation packages, cruises, hotel rooms, and incidentals such as


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Full-Time RVing: Myths, Tips, Challenges & Benefits

Constant travel – traveling to a new place every day or two – will get expensive quickly. It will also exhaust you to the point where you’re ready to throw away your keys and give it all up. Cherie at Technomadia has what I think is the best piece of advice for new full-time RVers. She says to travel …


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Airline Fees: 13 Best & Worst Airlines When Traveling in

Keep in mind that WiFi costs are often per leg, so you could end up paying several times throughout the duration of your air travel. Airline Fees AirTran: $4.95 to $19.95 for mobile devices, $11.00 to $49.00 for computer devices


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First National Bank TravElite American Express® Card Review

The First National Bank TravElite American Express® Card is a lesser-known credit card with a surprisingly generous rewards program and a decent (but not spectacular) lineup of value-added travel perks. Its attributes are more than enough to earn this card perennial consideration for inclusion on our list of the best travel rewards credit cards.


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10 Best U.S. Cities to Live In Without a Car

Travel+Leisure included Madison in its 2015 list of the “Best Cities on Earth for Biking,” while NerdWallet ranked Madison as the “Greenest City in America'” in 2014 based on the city’s air quality, its 12.7 parks per 10,000 residents, more than 15,000 acres …


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14 Best Credit Card Perks & Benefits You Never Knew You Had

Travel 9. Car Rental Insurance. When I rented a car from Avis, I declined the optional car rental insurance because I knew my Visa credit card would cover me if I ever got into an accident. My credit card saved me $22 per day in loss damage, which added up to a total of $220 in savings for the week and a half that I rented the car.


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