How to Find and Delete All Your Old, Unused Accounts

We all have accounts we no longer use, but some apps and websites make deleting your profile a pain. In those cases, simply ignoring them is an easier option.

How to Access Reader Mode in Any Browser

Safari is the king of the reader mode. Not only is the built-in reader mode beautiful, but there’s also an option to automatically load all articles in the “Reader View” by default (although

The Two Major Ways People Respond to Stress (and How to

During stressful times, people tend to react in one of two ways: Either by over-functioning, and kicking into high gear to solve all of the problems; or by under-functioning, and freezing up to

How to Negotiate Absolutely Anything, With Expert

How to Negotiate Absolutely Anything, With Expert Strategist Victoria Medvec Whether you're haggling with a car salesman, making the case for …

How to Deal With Your Childhood Trauma As an Adult

Recovering from trauma is hard no matter when it happens. However, if adversity happens during childhood, it can be especially hard to overcome. Unlike adults, children have very little …

How to Reduce the Humidity in Your Home Without a Dehumidifier

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the humidity in your home without—or in addition to—a dehumidifier. Here are some strategies from the experts at …

How to Find and Use the PlayStation 5's 'Hidden' Web Browser

2 days ago · A dedicated web browser app is one of the few PlayStation 4 features Sony did not carry over to the PlayStation 5—at least, not officially. Turns out, there is a built-in web browser on PS5. If

How to See When and Where a Photo Was Taken From Within a

How to see photo information in a Google Photos m emory. To check out this expanded information while viewing a m emory, s wipe up on the photo in …

How to Manage English Ivy and Other Invasive Plants

Remove the soil around the roots and let it fall, leaving the soil loose and tilled; then let the soil dry completely. Advertisement. Drying out the ground will kill any remaining roots or debris

How to Keep a Relationship Alive When You Work All the Time

Own up when you don’t get it right. Even if you want to be a totally devoted employee, partner, parent, friend, and everything else, your work will always get in the way at some point.

10 Commonly Misused Phrases, and How to Say Them Correctly

10 Common Phrases People Constantly Get Wrong, and How to Say Them Right. “For all intensive purposes”. “I could care less”. “Irregardless”. “Nip it in the butt”. “Take a

How to Access the Hidden Symbols on Your Android Phone’s

2 days ago · The most useful shortcuts are hiding under the period key. Press and hold the . (period key) to access a bunch of useful symbols, such as &, %, …

How to Wash Your Car Without Water (and Why You Might Want …

1 day ago · Instead of the usual setup involving a hose, a bucket of water, and cleaning solution, waterless car wash products are premixed and come in the form of a …

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone

If you misplace your Android phone, there are a few things you can quickly do to locate it, so take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and follow these steps as we show you how to …

How to Avoid Getting Caught by the Android 'FlyTrap' Malware

The malicious ads are also still active in the wild, so Android users need to take care to keep their devices safe. Here are some quick tips: Use anti-malware and anti- virus apps to …

How to Take Control of a Micromanaging Boss

2 days ago · Calmly address the situation with your boss. If it seems like your boss is a kind—if neurotic—person who isn’t acting with hostile motives, you should start by trying to talk it out. Put a

How to Convert Your Hot Tub Into a Refreshing Cool Plunge Pool

9 hours ago · How to cool a hot tub. Converting your hot tub into a refreshing plunge pool involves the following, according to Miley: Turn down the heat, either setting your thermostat to 85 degrees or below

How to Finally Start Kayaking (and Why I'm Glad I Did)

The place will give you the equipment you need (boat, paddle, lifejacket), give you a crash course in how to propel and steer your boat, and warn you about any parts of the lake you should stay

How to Keep Your iPhone's Camera Settings From Resetting

Your iPhone’s camera is chock-full of different modes and settings: Live Photos, slo-mo video, panoramic landscape shots, the list goes on and on.More often than not, you use the …

How to Set Up a Smartphone for Someone Who's Never Used One

Introduce someone to a smartphone (or tablet, for that matter) for the first time, and you'll quickly realize how much you've taken for granted. From swiping to unlock and tapping to answer calls

How to Take Care of Leather

For smaller leather goods like bags or briefcases, maintain their shape by stuffing with a clean towel. Then place them in a cool dry place in a dust bag, which will protect the surface for years

How to Deal With People Who Undermine Everything You Do

Years ago, a friend introduced me to someone who asked what I did for a living. “I work on an online video series,” I said. It was hard work, it required lots of planning, researching and

How to Use Metaphors to Keep People Attentive and Engaged

How to use metaphors as a communication tool. To help explain the usefulness of metaphors, Krockow provides an example of one that Dr. Nirav Shah, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control

How to Remove Sunscreen Stains from Furniture and Carpet

7 hours ago · Make a solution of one cup of water with two or three drops of dish liquid (Kielman recommends Dawn). Using a clean, white cloth, “dab the mixture into the …

10 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

While it’s normal to be giddy as a relationship approaches marriage, you want to be grounded with a deep sense of reality in how you and your …

How to Make Perfect, Crisp Coleslaw That Won't Get Soggy

Luckily, this maneuver is easy to pull off; A.A. Newton explained how to do it in her larger guide to coleslaw, but all you need to do is toss 1/4 of a teaspoon of table salt with half a head of

How to Enable Android 12's 'Material You' Dynamic Theme Early

To make things easy, you can copy and paste each of the following flags into Chrome Canary’s URL: chrome:flags#theme-refactor-android. chrome:flags#dynamic-color …

How to Prepare Your Home for the Effects of Climate Change

Climate change used to seem like something that would confront our grandchildren—a distant concern. Now, though, it’s staring us right in the face when we get up in the morning.

How to Identify Poison Hemlock as the Invasive Species Spreads

1 day ago · How to tell the difference between poison hemlock and Queen Anne’s lace. Aside from looking alike, both poison hemlock and Queen Anne’s lace are biennials, and produce only leaves in …

You're Going to Die, Here's How to Deal With It

Death Salon is a group of funeral directors, artists, intellectuals, authors, and “independent thinkers who aim to subvert death denial by opening up …

How to Tell If Your iPhone or iPad Is Infected With

Usually, it’s not easy to install spyware on smartphones and tablets, and especially on the iPhone or iPad.But Pegasus spyware is an exception. In July 2021, researchers found that Pegasus had

Why Your Home Stinks and How to Fix It

For painted walls, reduce the mixture to 1/4 cup to a gallon of water. For a stronger solution, increase the ammonia to a full cup. Apply the cleaning agent directly to …

How to Order Drinks at the Bar Without Embarrassing Yourself

There’s a lot of information to take in when you research, though. There are a number of different types of beers to choose from, depending on how they’re fermented, at what temperature they

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothing

As an anti-theft measure, clothing stores affix certain items with security tags that will set off an alarm should you attempt to leave with the tag still on the garment. Some tags will also ruin

How to Shut Down a Condescending Coworker for Good

You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This advice isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and may even be a little bitter. Welcome to Tough Love.

How to Keep Your Plants Alive When You're on Vacation

How to water your plants while you’re on vacation . The biggest concern people have when leaving their plants alone is regular watering; and if …

How to Change Your Political Party Affiliation

Regardless of the underlying context, switching your political party is a right afforded to any registered voter in this country, and it’s something you can do with a few simple actions.

How to Remove Super Glue from Practically Anything

Start by applying the nail polish remover to the surface and penetrating the glue. Then once it has softened up a bit, brush, scrape, peel, shave, …

How to Download Your Samsung Cloud Data Before It Disappears

The good news is, OneDrive plans are pretty affordable, starting at just $2 a month for 100GBs, so it won’t be expensive if you decide you can’t get your data below 5GBs. How to back up

How to Recognize the Signs of 'Main Character Syndrome'

Main character syndrome is “the inevitable consequence of the natural human desire to be recognized and validated merging with the rapidly evolving technology that allows for immediate and

How to Clean Up Your Instagram Explore Feed

Algorithmic feeds, how I loathe thee. I hate Twitter’s, minor as it is. I hate Facebook’s, because I just want a simple chronological News Feed. And I hate Instagram’s, because its Explore

How to Claim Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

The Department of Labor has expanded eligibility for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, and it will allow those already on unemployment to keep their benefits if …

How to Clean Animal Bones So You May Proudly Display Them

The whole thing was actually was a much easier process than I was expecting it to be, so easy in fact, that you can follow along at home. If you would like to clean your own bones (skull or

How to Import Passwords From .CSV Files in Edge Chromium

Microsoft is testing the ability to import passwords and login information to Edge Chromium using Comma Separated Values (.CSV) files. Edge already lets you import passwords from other browsers or

How to Talk to a Real Human at the IRS Without Waiting on

How to reach an actual person at the IRS. Someone doesn’t just pick up on the second ring when you call the IRS. You have to go through a menu to get routed to find an agent for your issue, if