6 Simple steps to look fresh & Presentable 24/7

Live. •. Watch Later. Remove. Cinema Mode. In this free Personality Development video by Skillopedia you will learn 6 simple steps to look fresh & presentable 24/7. Looking presentable is very important in today’s times, especially in the professional world. The following Personality Development tips will help you look, be & feel


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How to speak effectively over the phone

Effective communications over the phone require clarity of speech, knowing what you want to convey, and a willingness to engage with someone using good listening skills and prompts. This article provides some of the basics required to effectively communicate during a phone call. 1.Answer the phone specifying who you are. It can be disorienting for […]


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Expressing Time in English.

In this lesson you will learn, how to express time in different ways. n English, the 12-hour clock is normally used for telling the time. The 24-hour clock is only used for travel timetables. Asking the time what’s the time? what time is it? Could you tell me the time, please? Do you happen to […]


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Smart and Polite ways to say 'NO' in English.

Here is a good rule to keep in mind about English; it is often better to be polite than it is to be direct. English speakers often use more words than are necessary to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because they are adding polite words to the simple messages they are trying to get across. If […]


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Having a good conversation or small talk with strangers involves having better communication skills. You need to learn some ice breakers or conversation starters to get the person talking to you. In this Skillopedia’s self-improvement video with Michelle you will learn about some small talk and communication tips to gain that much required self-confidence on […]


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How to form Adverbs from Adjectives

However, there are few exceptions where the adjectives end with ‘e’ but to form adverbs ‘e’ is replaced by ‘ly’. Examples: True – Truly. Whole – Wholly. Due – Duly.


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How to Express Condolences in English

Expressing Condolences in English. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s short, sweet, heartfelt, and always welcomed. Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss. I was heartbroken by this sad news. He/She will be sadly missed. (Add a detail that describes this person’s best quality. For example: He was the best


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Smart ways to answer – Could You Help Me

Formal ways – At work, it is always better to reply formally. Welcome: is a formal way of saying you are ready to help someone. Certainly: a very affirmative reply. Of course: another way of saying certainly. That’s absolutely fine: it means you are okay with helping someone. It is nothing: that means it is a small task.


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How to describe physical pain in English.

10) Stabbing –. Stabbing is a sudden, strong and sharp pain. 11. Agliophobia –. If a person has an abnormal fear of pain, he or she is an agliophobic. Hope this English speaking lesson is helpful to you in describing different types of pain.


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How to use 'Let' & 'Allow' with permissions

Finished watching the lesson, now its time to test how much have you learned from this lesson. Take the quiz below on transportation prepositions. In this Advanced English Grammar lesson, you are going to learn how to use ‘let’ and ‘allow’ as permissive verbs and how to use them in your daily English conversation. Let: […]


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5 tips to deal with awkward silence in a conversation

One particular situation that people worry about is facing awkward silences in their communication and how to fill these empty moments in a conversation? Some people fear them, some think it’s very embarrassing and some feel that they fail miserably in socializing Here are some five tips for you to deal with awkward silences when […]


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All Uses Of The Modal Verb SHOULD Using Should Have

Should, Should is a modal verb, and we often use it English conversations to give advice, to recommend something or even suggest something. It’s also used to predict something that is likely to happen and to express an obligation. You see, there are so many ways in which you can use SHOULD. We will take […]


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In how many different ways can you say 'I Like It

6. It’s to my liking : a very formal way to say ‘I like it’. Example : The tea is to my liking. It’s perfect. 7. I’m partial to : you like something a bit too much and it always remains your preference. Example : Even though I’m on a diet; I’m partial to a piece of chocolate cake.


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Silly Mistakes In English You Can Avoid 7 Common Errors

As a beginner in English, you tend to make some common mistakes in spoken English. But you can certainly avoid these silly mistakes in English speaking by watching this English lesson by Niharika. In this English communication lesson you will learn how to avoid these common errors in English that embarrass you. Making mistakes is […]


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Learn The Gentle Art of Saying ‘No’ without being rude

In order to be productive and focused on your tasks, you need to learn the art of saying ‘No’ in a gentle way. Saying No is the most difficult thing many people face. Saying Yes to everything could ruin things for you and you would not be able to get anything done, at least not […]


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How to answer the question

New English speaking practice lesson to learn creative ways to answer the questions - How are you in English. This question is often asked in a job interview or when you meet someone for …


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How To Talk Without Fear & Hesitation

Speaking confidently is an art and can be achieved by anyone with practice. In this lesson, I will give you 4 Tips to improve your communication skills so that you could talk with anyone without any fear and hesitation. You have a lot of thoughts, but while speaking you are stuck and the fear of […]


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160 Basic English Questions for conversation-Improve your

In this English lesson you will learn asking over 100 basic questions and how to answer them. You would learn asking questions related to, personal information, Introducing yourself and saying hello, Shopping related questions, Questions with the word like and asking for someone’s opinion and suggestion. These questions would help you to keep


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Stop Saying ‘Same To You’ OR ‘Wish You The Same’ Learn

When someone wishes you on a New Year, Says Happy Diwali or Greets you on special days, the general response is ‘ Same To You’ OR ‘Wish You The Same’. Is that the only response you know when someone greets you or sends you an SMS message. In …


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Tips & Tricks Archives

Stop Speaking Basic English! Use These 50 Advanced English Words With Correct Pronunciation. Here are 50 advanced English words you should start using from today to speak English fluently and confidently. This lesson is the 4th part of the 5 Lesson ….


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Describing Anger ( Synonyms)

Describing Anger ( Synonyms) In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to speak in English about different sides of anger. Anger is a very complicated emotion that we all go through, how about learning synonyms of anger which would help you to improve you English Vocabulary. Here, English teacher Rima teaches you 10 synonyms and


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Smart Answers to Tricky Questions in a Job Interview. Job

Most of us feel that we are smart and capable to answer and handle difficult questions in a job interview. The problem only gets serious when we have to answer a difficult question in an unfamiliar circumstance, like a job interview.


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Describing Body Shapes & Types in English

Describing body shape and type is always an interesting topic for gossip. You either call someone slim or fat, but there are so many different English words to replace them. In this English Speaking Lesson with Michelle you will learn interesting English vocabulary to talk about the body shape that attracts you, choosing the correct English


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10 Interesting Words & Phrases To Describe Your Enemy

Hey English learners welcome to new English Lesson to improve your English fluency. We all hate some people, especially at our workplace. So how do you describe your enemy at office. This English conversation lesson would help you learn some inetersting words and phrases to describe the people you hate the most. At Let’s Talk […]


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Adjectives to describe your work colleagues

In this English lesson, you would learn some positive and negative adjectives to describe your work colleagues and co-workers. When you work with people for long hours, you certainly develop a relationship with them and get to know them better. You could use these useful adjectives to expand your vocabulary and describe one’s qualities by


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How to pronounce the letter 'u' correctly in English

Most English learners find it to pronounce English vowel sounds, and mostly the sound with the letter ‘u’.In this English Accent lesson, you will learn different sounds the letter ‘u’ makes and how to pronounce these sounds correctly in English.So let’s get started. For all the sounds bellow you will feel the vibration in your vocal chords.


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How do you describe someone who's funny in English

Having a warped sense of humor means that you laugh at things that many people are afraid of or offended by. You might think that jokes about death, illness, and tragedy are funny. It might seem like having “a warped sense of humor” is bad, but it’s not a really negative expression. Of course, there are a lot of way s that humor can go wrong.


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Formal and Informal ways to say 'Nice to meet you

In this spoken English lesson you will learn different ways to say ‘Nice to Meet you’ when you meet people for work or socially … especially new people meaning when we meet people for the first time it’s important to express one’s pleasure and positivity at meeting them by saying “Nice to meet you”. Its always polite and positive to say this to other person and it creates a


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10 Easy Tips And Tricks To Speak English Fluently And

How to speak fluent English? A very common question every beginner in English asks as they want to discover the correct way to speak fluent English faster. There are hundreds of English Learning videos on YouTube that claim you can speak fluent in 7 days and speak fluently and confidently. But, is …


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Personality Development Archives

Office conflicts – Makes you nervous, irritated and frustrated! So how do you manage office conflicts. Work place is naturally a stressful environment …. How to stay self-motivated? Personality Development Skills. In this video from Skillopedia you will learn how to stay self-motivated. Life is tough and we are so burdened with stress.


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Using 'MUST' correctly in sentences & questions.

Take the quiz below. ‘Must’ is a modal verb. It has different meanings depending on how it is used. In this English lesson, you will take a look at some example sentences using ‘must’. Example: I must finish the work before I leave. ( an obligation one imposes on himself)


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Adjective to describe Drinks & Beverages

Caffeinated – A caffeinated drink or caffeinated beverage is a drink which contains caffeine, a stimulant, which is legal and popular in most developed countries. The most common naturally caffeinated beverages are coffee and tea. Example – The energy drinks available in …


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English Grammar lesson

A pair of: When you talk about just one pair, you use ‘a pair of’ followed by the noun in the plural. This is because there are two objects that comprise a pair. But the verb following ‘a pair of …’ is always singular as we are talking about one pair. Example: This pair of shoes is smart. Example: Your pair of glasses is broken.


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How To Be A Smart Mouth

Do you struggle to speak fluent English? Do you know all the Grammar rules, but still your English doesn’t sound fluent? Do you get stuck while speaking English? If your answer to all the above questions is YES, you have just clicked the right English lesson. In …


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English Conversation Phrases

To speak English fluently in your everyday conversations needs regular practice. Beginners in English just focus on English grammar and forget to practice speaking English. If you want to learn how to speak English confidently in everyday situations, learn situational English phrases. In this English speaking Lesson with Michelle, you will learn one such situation […]


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Difference between – ‘Seek’, ‘Search’ and ‘Find’

Test your understanding of this English lesson Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. In this English lesson, you will learn the difference between ‘seek’, ‘search’ and ‘find’. A lot of people get confused and used them […]


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Improve your English Speaking

Learn how to replace a few English words and make your English sound natural, just the way native English speaker speaks. This Spoken English lessons is brought to you by Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute. This is a free English resource for people who want to improve their English communication skills and speak fluent English naturally.


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How to improve English communication skills Anywhere

You are very busy, you don’t have time to improve your English communication skills. What if, I say you can learn English anywhere, anytime, yes, it’s true, I found this wonderful resource online to develop effective communication skills by speaking to native English speakers 24/7.


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Common Everyday Idioms To Speak English Fluently English

How many of you use English idioms in your daily conversations? In this English lesson I will teach you common everyday Idioms to speak English fluently and confidently. I personally use these idioms in my daily conversation. I have given example sentence for each idiom for better understanding in daily English speaking. 📝 Learn English […]


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