Home Education for Non-Homeschoolers

Home Education for Non-Homeschoolers. Sometimes circumstances happen when traditional schooling outside the home has to be put on hold. Whether it be due to a prolonged illness or injury, a natural disaster, an unforeseen forced closure of the school or other situation where attending public or private school is not an immediate option, it does not mean that your child's education also has to


How to Start Educating at Home

How to Start Educating at Home What is a home education? A home education is a legal method of providing your student with instruction and support for their learning needs away from the traditional brick-and-mortal classroom, typically in the child's home and facilitated by a parent, tutor or other adult.


Homeschool Curriculum and Affordable Homeschooling Programs

The Co-op saves money on homeschool curriculum with deep discounts and member-only exclusive offers. The Co-op is very selective about the products we offer to our members. When you find homeschool curriculum at the Co-op you know that you are getting resources that meet our rigorous and exacting standards.


5 Steps to Plan Your Homeschool Year

Whether you plan out your entire homeschool year at one sitting or take it one day at a time, it is helpful to have a basic game plan. Below are some steps …


Share your Homeschool Science and Technology Teaching Tips

Get great ideas, tips, support, and encouragement from other homeschool moms for ways to support science and technology instruction in your home school, AND get a …


Wordly Wise 3000 Online FAQ at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op

It has no testing, no reading passages, no reporting. The paid site represents the books and all of their content including the teacher's edition. The free site only has words and nothing else." The Wordly Wise 3000 Online website shows student pricing for as low as $11 per student. The Co-op's price is $39.95.


Free Homeschool ID Card

Free Homeschool ID. By clicking 'ADD TO CART' below, you certify your child is homeschooled and the information provided is true and correct. Use the free Homeschool ID card templates below to create your homeschool ID card. Then: Order a professionally printed, sturdy plastic (PVC) ID …


Fascinating Education

In Fascinating Intro to Chemistry, students will receive an introduction to intramolecular bonding, which is crucial to understanding chemistry. This course is for students in middle school or students who do not have a deep understanding of basic science. Features: Simple, colorful illustrations. Instructional audio files. Real-life application.


Homeschool Learning Styles

Supportive students are often labeled "chatty" or "busybodies." They are sometimes seen as "nosy,""overly sensitive," or "emotional." Supportive students are usually talkers and social by nature. Cooperation, interaction, and discussion are important to them, and …


Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Homeschooling discounts

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest cooperative of homeschooling families. Our mission is to give homeschoolers access to the world's best curriculum at the lowest possible prices.


How to fight back against Medical Overcharges

Summary: How to fight back against Medical Overcharges: Contributor: Stacy Sandt: Savings: 100's or even 1000's yearly: Description: According to People's Medical society, a nonprofit medical consumer rights organization, three-quarters of hospital bills have overcharges to the tune of $1000 on the average.


Monarch FAQ at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Monarch is available for grades 3-12. We offer 5 core subjects for each grade level: Bible, Math, Science, Language Arts and History & Geography. There are five course subject sets available or individual courses may be purchased. Currently Monarch has 84 electives to select from (50 are state history).


5 Ways to Help Struggling Spellers

Are you looking for ways to teach your homeschool students how to spell confidently? Spelling lessons can be tedious, and the brain doesn't do a great job retaining information when the student is bored. In this post we share with you tips to make homeschool spelling lessons fun …


Free Lesson Plans

Free Lesson Plans. Welcome to the Co-op's database of free lesson plans. Preparing for your classes is one of the most time-consuming teaching activities. Now, Managing Editor Susan Mark does much of the leg work for you by reviewing many of the freely available lesson plans. Observe and record snow data by making a snow journal and keep adding


Free Complete Algebra 1 Course

Standard algebra 1 curriculum covering integers, linearity, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, radicals, quadratics, rational numbers, and more. Presented in 73 animated videos and includes complete textbook. All you need for algebra 1 and it is free!


Discovery Education Science

Discovery Education Science - 1 Year Subscription. Discovery Education Science supports your homeschool science curriculum with up-to-date standards-based virtual labs, simulations, reading passages, and more, coupled with a real-time assessment component that measures student's progress. Available US only!


Quick Start Carschooling

Carschooling is the act of turning travel time into learning time whether you're running a 5-minute errand or taking a 500-mile road trip. By using the world outside your car window or resources you bring along in the car, you can have fun, boost your kids' knowledge of the world, and turn them into 'Road Scholars.'.


Touch-Type Read and Spell

Touch-type Read & Spell is an award-winning, multi-sensory, highly accessible typing program for homeschooling families. Students learn to touch-type and develop spelling, decoding, and sight-reading skills at the same time. Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing skills while also helping kids


Homeschool Diploma Templates

Homeschool Diploma Templates. Whether your student is graduating from Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, or High School, diploma templates allow you to add a personal touch. Select from multiple designs, add your graduate's details, and print at home. Enter the email address associated with your Co-op account when prompted.


PLATO Comprehensive FAQ at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Here is a simple fix we suggest: 1. Save the progress report in your current PLATO course to your hard drive before your subscription expires. 2. Purchase a new subscription to the same course. 3. Using the progress report from the previous subscription, your student may pick up where they left off.


WordBuild Online

WordBuild is a highly effective way to improve reading comprehension in just 10-15 minutes per day. WordBuild is based on morphology, the study of units of meaning - roots, prefixes, and suffixes, so here is no memorizing word lists. Expanding your vocabulary has never been so much fun! WordBuild Vocabulary qualifies for our Low Price Guarantee.


Free Homeschool Curriculum and Educational Resources

Find free homeschool curriculum and educational resources with our free and fully searchable database. Discover thousands of resources from PBS, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Dept. of Education, and many other sources. Ideal for teachers, students, and homeschooling families.


5 Tips for Getting Back into Homeschooling after a Break

If you are anything like me, getting back into the groove of homeschooling after a long break, whether from the holidays, vacation, or illness, can present a new set of challenges for the homeschool mom.


Russian Language Lessons

Age Range: 13-18 (Grades 8-12, with parental supervision). If your high school student is interested in learning Russian as a foreign language elective, then this site might just be the ticket to get started. Currently there are eighteen lessons but, per the information on …


Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons provides software and direct instruction materials to help homeschool parents and tutors teach beginning and struggling readers how to discover reading success.


MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is an effective online reading program that improves reading abilities. It permits students with diverse skills and unique needs to learn with control and precision. MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is beneficial to students within a wide range of proficiency levels and is highly appropriate for struggling readers


Ohio History Central

Age Range: 10-18 (Grades 5-12, with parental supervision). Every year on March 1st, Ohio celebrates Statehood Day. However, there is some controversy as to the actual date statehood was confirmed. With this site from the Ohio History Connection, see why there is …


Field Trip of Texas

Dr Pepper Museum 300 South 5th Street, Waco, TX Have a blast on the most popular tour that tells the story of the invention of Dr Pepper and the growth of the soft drink industry. Discover some interesting smells and flavors in Dr. Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store, explore the bottling room, crown a soft drink bottle, and "shoot a Waco" in the Soda Fountain.


You and the Ocean

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to live near the coast and see the ocean on a regular basis. However, wherever you live the view out your window includes water or evidence of its life-sustaining effects.


Do Something Action Grants

Do Something Action Grants - $500 each. Type: Entrepreneurship. Description: These grants are ongoing and given out at the rate of approximately one per week. Some have payouts; some don't. Currently, the following are showing. : Collect jeans for homeless youth in your community.


National History Bee

Age Range: 6-18 (Includes elementary, middle, and high school levels - with parental supervision.):::: Have you heard of the National History Bee? It's a nationwide competition that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of history.


Achieve3000 Literacy

Achieve3000 Literacy improves reading comprehension and has been shown to attain literacy gains of up to 3.5x what is expected. Product Details Fulfillment Testimonials FAQs. Achieve3000 Literacy is designed to increase students' ability to read, comprehend, apply, and communicate information derived from complex text.


Reading Assistant Plus

Help your struggling reader with Reading Assistant Plus from Scientific Learning, recommended by Sally Shaywitz, M.D., author of "Overcoming Dyslexia". For Grades K-12


Reading Assistant 1 Year Subscription Switchover

Oral reading is critical in improving reading fluency, comprehension, and prosody. Learners use Reading Assistant Plus to read developmentally appropriate texts both silently and aloud.


Testimonials for myON Literacy

Testimonials for myON Literacy. The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add myON to their home school curriculum. If you have used myON and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here. ”This is our second time subscribing to myON.


Testimonials for DreamBox Learning

Testimonials for DreamBox Learning. The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add DreamBox Learning to their home school curriculum. If you have used Key Press and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


Kids Guitar Academy

Kids Guitar Academy provides professionally designed online guitar instruction courses that help kids reach goals quickly and efficiently. Each course includes online step by step video lessons, supplemental sheet music, audio downloads, and a helpline for additional support.


Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online

Rosetta Stone 24 Month Subscription Family Pack (3 Users) 10 SmartPoints per $1. Designed with your child’s success in mind, Rosetta Stone Homeschool is an effective way to bring a foreign language curriculum home, providing long-term retention and a critical lifelong skill …


Latter Day Saints Home Educators Home Education Conference

Latter Day Saints Home Educators Home Education Conference West. Start Date: 05-26-2021. End Date: 05-28-2021. About the Event: You know all too well that life is messy, that the best laid plans go awry, that children fight with you and each other, that …