15 Ways to Reduce Waste & Move Towards Waste Free Living

Here are 15 simple tips on ways to reduce waste at home, school, and office: 1. USE COMPOSTABLE ITEMS. Compostable items open up a wonderful path to living a waste-free existence. In truth, composting is arguably one of the greenest things we can do. It’s also among the best ways to reduce food waste in your home.


Going Green: 60 Earth Day Tips You Can Use Every Day

ECO-FRIENDLY BATHROOM TIPS. 16) A mixture of vinegar and water makes a miracle cleaner when it comes to getting rid of mildew buildup in the tub. Simply spray the solution on the problem area, let sit, then wipe away. Soap scum can be removed with a baking soda paste composed of baking soda and dish soap.


How To Save Water: 15 Simple Conservation Tips

The woes of the world’s fresh water supply are proving increasingly problematic.. Aquifers around the world are starting to dry up. Due to rising temperatures, snowpack is failing to provide enough sustainable surface supply. Municipal water sources in some cities have moved beyond questionable to full-on toxic.. Because we all depend on H20 to live, learning how to save water has never been


How to Grow Mushrooms at Home (A Step by Step DIY Guide

Plugging the logs: The logs will be inoculated with shiitake mushroom plugs. This is done by drilling holes into the logs (5/16” drill bit is the standard size), then hammering the plugs into place. Holes should be a few inches apart (around 4 to 6”), with at least four rows on each log.


How to Make a DIY Rainwater Harvesting System

A barrel-style rainwater collection system may be rudimentary, but the water would be perfectly fine for our lawn and garden use. If further purified a little at time by boiling, it can even become potable in a pinch. For a total cost of $50 to $60, this water-saving wonder can fulfill a lot of needs.


How To Avoid Products With Palm Oil (Including Your

Mature oil palm trees have a single stem and can grow to more than 60 feet tall, with fern-like pinnate leaves that can be 10 to 16 feet long. The plant produces tightly packed clusters of small flowers, each of which has three petals. The palm’s fruit, which grows in bunches, is about the same size as a plum and reddish in color.


45 Pieces of Advice I Would Include in a Letter To My

Today, I turned 45 although, on most days, I genuinely feel about 15 years younger. It was a weird thing yesterday, filling out a tour waiver here in Mexico and realizing it was the last time I could truthfully check off the 25-44 age bracket box. It was even weirder because it was a day full of adventure, swimming with whale sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles with my 12-years-old daughter


The 15 Best Kauai Waterfalls (and How to Get to Them

12. Queen’s Bath. Located on the north shore of Kauai, the Queen’s Bath is a unique tidal pool filled with water flowing from a scenic 15-foot waterfall. The Queen’s Bath Trail is great if you’re looking to go hiking to waterfalls in Kauai, because it is easily accessible and is just 0.8 miles round-trip.


How to Design & Plant a Permaculture Food Forest Garden

Permaculture is a system of designing our surroundings. It can include everything from how our home operates efficiently and how we sustainably acquire our energy to how we produce our own healthy organic foods.. It is this last item—growing food— for which the permaculture movement gets the most attention.


40 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Guatemala

Textile. Guatemala is renowned for its vibrant textiles, with each indigenous group having their own spin on design, color and material. It’s nearly impossible not to become enamored with the traditional skirts, comfy pants, table runners, rugs, wraps, and eclectic mixture of bags.


The Negatives Of Traveling (& How To Avoid Them)

The Negatives Of Traveling (& How To Avoid Them) Confession time: I hate travel. I came to this shocking revelation during our trip to the ecotourism paradise of Dominica last week, during our 13th hour of transport from our home in Atlanta to the gorgeous but remote Rosalie Bay Resort. We’d driven an hour from our house to Mary’s mom’s (where we dropped off our car) to the airport; flew


Top 10 Living History Museums In America

COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG (Williamsburg, Virginia) Begun in 1926 by the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr., the restoration of this colonial town’s historic buildings eventually encompassed more than 85% of the 18th century capital city’s original area. Today Colonial Williamsburg stands as the world’s largest living history museum, with 301 acres of


DIY Mesa Verde Tours: How to Explore the National Park On

When I started planning a cross-country road trip with my British wife, Emma, Mesa Verde tours weren’t originally part of our itinerary. We spent most of the last decade in Central America, admiring the great Mayan ruins there. But I never really stopped to consider the rich indigenous history of my own country, the United States.. One of the great tragedies of US history is how much of it


My Stupid Mistake While Hiking Corcovado National Park

Luna Lodge – Located adjacent to Corcovado National Park, Luna Lodge is a secluded 3-star eco-lodge that is situated on approximately 60 acres of tropical wilderness. The lodge offers nature hikes, birdwatching, yoga, and a pool and spa. Guests can also enjoy complimentary internet in all areas.


GO GREEN TIP #99: How To Make A Do It Yourself Vertical Garden

GO GREEN TIP #99 How To Make A Do It Yourself Vertical Garden Anyone who loves gardening and lives in an apartment or house without a big yard knows the disappointment of not having the space available to grow plants. But now, thanks to the increasingly popular 'Do It Yourself Vertical Garden,' you can make planters that allow you to capitalize on the vertical space that almost everyone has.


The Ultimate Rio Dulce, Guatemala Visitor's Guide

The Central American hotspot can put you atop an active volcano, in the depths of the jungle scaling ancient pyramids, or– when visiting Rio Dulce– exploring the country’s Caribbean coastline. Measuring just 27 miles long, the Dulce River is fairly short. It stretches between Guatemala’s largest lake, Lago Izabal, and the Caribbean Sea



Rarely do our minds wonder to an endangered dog. But that’s what the Dhole is– a member of the canine family found in Central, South, and Southeast Asia. This Asiatic wild dog is extremely endangered, with the IUCN estimating a declining population of less than 2,500 dholes are left in the world.