How to Build a Software Product Full Scale

Just like in cooking, you need a step-by-step process to achieve the result. The process is essential to combine the people and technology to build the product. Here are the processes: Brainstorm for a product that will solve a problem. Plan the entire process. Incorporate ideas from business partners or stakeholders.

How to Start a Software Company Full Scale

4. Hire People. The people you hire plays a significant role in the success of your business. As founding members of your company, they set the foundation and dynamics of how your business will operate. Hence, you have to be hands-on in selecting your staff, from the recruitment personnel to your software developers.

How to be an Entrepreneur

Learn as much as you can. The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop the moment you build your company. It’s an ongoing process of learning …

How To Start A SaaS Company Full Scale

Starting a SaaS company is a challenge. In this article, let’s discuss the high-level step-by-step guide for successfully starting a SaaS company. 1. Company objectives. Clearly define the business requirements and objectives. The business objectives will guide your team in starting infrastructure design and component selection.

How to Create a Go-to-Market Strategy

Launching a new product or service needs a solid action plan to help a company target the right market and gain a competitive advantage. The best way to achieve this is through a go-to

How to Succeed in Lead Generation

Build a Sales Funnel. As soon as you know your target audience, it’s time to create a system to collect their contact information. In this step, you’ll funnel all your leads to a landing page or online form that asks them to enter their info in exchange for freebies (e.g., ebook, free trial, or a sample).

How to Build an Effective Sales Organization Full Scale

Sales is the lifeblood of business. Your company thrives on how much you’re making. Hence, you have to ensure that you have a competent sales organization that can sell your goods.

How to Modernize Legacy Applications Full Scale

Modernization is about modernizing the legacy application’s structure to make it up to date. Modernization includes moving data from a legacy data center, moving data into the cloud, updating legacy applications, and refactoring monolith applications into microservices. Some applications are relatively hard to modernize.

10 Ways to Ruin your Brand 10 Ways to Ruin Your Brand

10 Things that will Ruin your Brand. Treat your customers poorly – examples: leaving frustrated customers hanging when they call for support and treating them in an arrogant, patronizing manner.; Talking about politics, race or religion – sometimes you can throw in sex, too (think of those who got involved in the “Me, too” movement).; Not engaged on social media – if you want to

How to Build a Mobile App Full Scale

Mobile applications are now helping every startup grow. Don't be left behind. Find out why you need an app and steps on how to build a mobile app.

Python: Where to Use and How to Learn Full Scale

A comprehensive list of the leading online resources for beginners is available at additional information, read Stackify: Learn Python Tutorials for more.. Conclusion. Early-stage commercial challenges contribute to the failure of most startups because of the lack of knowledge, resources, and experience.

6 Leadership Tips for Startup CEOs Full Scale

Now that we know what the responsibilities of a startup leader are, we need to understand how to execute them properly. Here are some leadership tips in management: 1. Identify Truths. In the age of information, one can easily get lost in them. And the wrong information can cause a company to spiral downwards.

How to build a Startup Management Team Full Scale

An ideal startup team can keep your company afloat and help you sail further. But how do you build the perfect startup management team?Read on to find out. No man is an island, and no CEO manages a company alone. This is a universal secret that …

7 Steps for a Superb Customer Experience Full Scale

Use AI to Empower Customers. In 2022, Gartner predicts that most customer interactions will involve emerging technologies. So, businesses will be engaging customers via chatbots, mobile messaging, and virtual assistants. These AI-powered tools are handy in interacting with customers with repetitive and simple tasks. However, they have their limits.

How to Develop a Business Concept

Essentially, a business concept is a brief description of an idea behind the existence of a business. It describes key consumer problems it seeks to solve, articulates how the idea applies to a market and provides a clear direction when processing a business plan. We all know that business plans are quite extensive; it’ll take a long time to

How to Hire a Game Developer Full Scale

According to Payscale, an entry-level game developer with less than one year experience can expect to earn an average base pay per year of $57,391 . This includes bonuses and overtime pay. An early career game developer with less than four years of …

Android Development: Things You Need to Learn Full Scale

This will help you identify potential challenges and formulate ideas on how to overcome them. Without further ado, here are the things you need to learn about Android development. 1. Compatibility. In Android development, it’s not enough to say you want a mobile application.

10 Tips for Managing an Offshore Development Team

10. Treat Them Like Your Team, Not an Offshore Team. One of the biggest mistakes is creating an “us versus them” mentality. Don’t keep your offshore team at arms length. Treat them like they are part of your team, they just happen to work remotely. Avoid an “us vs them” mentality.

How to Reduce App Development Cost

Choose Cross-Platform Development. Ideally, native apps offer faster speed with better performance and stability. But if you want to decrease the cost, it’s better to develop an application for multiple platforms. Whether it’s Android, iOS, or Windows, cross-platform apps will scale down your app development cost.

Startup Business Plan Tips Full Scale

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” said none other than Benjamin Franklin. Running a business is no different. So, you need to develop an effective startup business plan to set you up for success.. Business is not something that you just build and expect mountains of …

How to Create a Marketing Budget Full Scale

Startup Marketing Budget. A startup’s marketing budget is the projected cost of all promotional efforts. This will take into account the media fees, the manpower, the platforms to be used, and all other required payments to execute a campaign.

How to Find Investors for a Startup

Angel Investors – These are affluent individuals with a $200,000 minimum income or those with a $1 million net worth. Angels typically fund startups in the early stages or those who are unqualified for Venture Capital Funding. AngelList and Wefunder are popular sites to find angel investors.

Risk Assessment for Startups

Risk assessment includes three components. These are: The identification of possible risks that your startup may face. It can be cybersecurity, market, location, financial, or project risks. An evaluation of the potential impact of each risk. The risk evaluation is done by comparing the chances of these threats from happening against the extent

How to Value Equity Full Scale

Many business owners struggle with how to value equity. Equity shares have to be split properly so the business thrives. Today, we’ll look into the methods designed to determine how you can value and fairly split the equity.

Work From Home Communication Tips Full Scale

Working from home can be a tricky setup. A team has to clearly communicate their ideas to meet their goals. Here are some communication tips for remote teams.

Defining Your Target Audience Full Scale

In a nutshell, a target audience is a distinct group of customers who are likely to respond to your marketing messages. They are classified according to demographic or behavioral categories which include location, gender, age, income level, and purchasing intentions. If you target a specific audience, your focus is less on the ads themselves

Creating an Investor Pitch Deck Full Scale

How to create a pitch deck. On average, a pitch deck is composed of 10 or more slides. For your presentation, you can use tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan.

Pros And Cons Of Offshoring Full Scale

Advantages of Offshoring. Companies obtain many offshoring benefits when they relocate their business operations to overseas locations. The following are the major advantages: Lower labor costs – It is more affordable for companies in the United States to pay foreign employees who have lower salaries compared to employees within the country.

How to Build a Podcast Brand

This way, it is easier to build a strong podcast brand based on its structure. This may need to identify the genre, podcast topics, length per episode, artwork, format, and name. Having these fundamentals put together in the first place can advance the strategy of creating and marketing your podcast brand. Next, you’ll need to find a web tool

How to Raise Venture Capital for a Startup Full Scale

In this article, we’ll focus on ways you can raise venture capital. There are a plethora of sources to secure startup funding. Venture capital (VC) is one of the go-to financing options for small businesses and startups. Generally, VCs are reserved for risky business ideas with high-growth potential. Since VC firms funnel a considerable

Coronavirus, Covid-19 Business Planning, Preparation

Coronavirus, Covid-19 Business Planning, Preparation. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. There is no doubt that the current situation related to the coronavirus or COVID-19 is extraordinary. This article is intended to help you understand some of the things that you should expect when it comes to your business and COVID-19.

Tips for Choosing A Tech Stack Full Scale

Learn the basics of choosing a tech stack. And check out some trending technology stacks to watch out for. Read on. Just as technology evolves, buzzwords in the community continue to emerge.

Things to Consider when Searching for a Business Partner

Things to Consider when Finding the Right Business Partner Find a reliable partner. While this is obvious, we can’t stress enough how important it is to find someone you can rely on.

Using Podcasts to Promote your Startup Full Scale

1. Live Read Ads – The host of the show can plug in your brand and briefly endorse it during the live broadcast of the program. 2. Pre-produced Ads – This involves hiring a voice-over artist, or using pre-recorded and pre-produced audio. The podcast host can also do …

SWOT Analysis for Startups Full Scale

How to Create a SWOT Analysis. Remember that SWOT analysis is a strategy building framework. Once you’ve gathered the people for brainstorming, commence the idea-sharing. But then the more people you have, the more chaotic a meeting will be.For an organized SWOT meeting, let each attendee create their SWOT analysis.

Why Do You Want to Start a Startup

Overall, if you have the knowledge and talent in a certain field, it’s the perfect foundation to start a startup. 5. Improvement. “This could be better,” you say. If you find yourself saying this phrase more than once about a certain process or company, then you might just have a potential business idea.

How to Find Chatbot Developers Full Scale

Clojure. If you are interested in functional programming, then Clojure will help you with chatbot development. It is a dialect from the Lisp programming language which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Since it is a functional language, it offers recursion and high-order functions.

The Commitments to Make When Starting a Startup

Starting a startup company is very challenging because it requires a lot of commitments from the founders. The two Matts talked about what it takes for a founder to build a startup.

Startup Co-Founder, Tips for Finding One Full Scale

To find a startup co-founder, you must prepare your initial business presentation, look for the skills you need, find someone you trust, expand your network, and recruit a committed co-founder. Once you find your startup co-founder, you are ready to start putting your idea into motion. Then you are prepared to pitch your startup for funding.

What should a Business Plan Include

What is a business plan? A business plan is an official company document that breaks down all the goals of a business and how to achieve them. It basically lays out the groundwork for your idea to come alive. It’s often referred to as the “blueprint of the business”, summarizing your goals.

What is a Startup Accelerator

What is a Startup Accelerator? A startup accelerator, also called seed accelerator, is a program that aims to support early-stage companies.It provides financial aid and leadership advice, as well as network connections. You can think of startup accelerators as a …

How to Create a Marketing Message Full Scale

Make it relevant. Your audience remembers what is relevant to them. Emphasize how your product can help them in a specific aspect of their daily routine. When you point out a problem or a situation that can be made easier, people tend to pay more attention to it. Take for example, cutting down on electricity costs.

What is a Software Startup

Types of Software. Software refers to a collection of electronic programs or instructions that tell computers what to do. On the contrary, the hardware is the physical component where a system can run and perform the tasks.Examples of hardware are the mouse, hard drive, and keyboard. There are two types of software. These are System Software and Application Software.

Marketing Tips: How to Create a Buyer Persona

In summary: Research and Organize. Essentially, creating a buyer persona is just a two-step process. First, do your research and data collection. Then, organize those chunks of information to create one profile or more. Mastering this process will elevate your …

Common Startup Company Challenges

Lack of Research and Planning. One of the most common reasons why a startup company fails is they did not plan strategically. Or it could be a possibility that they have a plan in place but they neglect to cover other aspects of the business that are just as important. Fundamental areas such as funding, recruitment, sales, product development

Startup Valuation Explained

Venture Capital Method. It’s a startup valuation process that uses the startup’s approximate terminal value and expected returns for investors expressed as 10X, 8X, 9X, etc. The goal here is to arrive at the pre-money and post-money valuations. A terminal value is a startup’s expected value on a particular date in the future.