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Outdoor How to Guides & Infographics. "How to" guides, as the name suggests, provide information on how to do something. A great “how to” article will also answer the what, why, where, and when questions — which is what we do here at Enjoy the Outdoor Life. Our guides are well articulated and provide detailed information and instructions.


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Enjoy the Outdoor Life Trusted 🤝 Companion for

Our in-house team of outdoor enthusiasts has compiled useful information on all things touching on land to help you get the best that it has to offer. We also have product reviews, buying guides and DIY guides on many topics that will help you have fun and create wonderful memories. Enjoy the Outdoor Life is a growing a team of outdoor lovers.


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How to Use Binoculars — Beginners Guide to Using

Okay, we are going to start by saying this — reading about how to use a pair of binoculars is a great way to get started. Yes, you need to know the basics, but the best way to figure out what works for you is to start using them.


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How to Canoe: 5 Basic Steps for Paddling a Canoe for Beginners

Step 1- Hold the Paddle at the Right Position. The first thing you need to do is grab the paddle at the right place. Now, by seeing the paddle you’ll be able to identify where you have to place your hand. Yes, it should be at the top, obviously. However, most of the time people tend to …


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How to Sight In a Rifle Scope for Hunting [Easy 👍 Step by

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video tutorial can be really help you understand those words! Contents - Zeroing in Your Rifle Scope. How to Mount & Sight in a Rifle Scope Like a Pro. Step 1: Set Up Your Scope. Step 2: Bore Sight Your Rifle.


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Outdoor Speaker Installation — Mistakes to Avoid Setting

While you could use a waterproof portable speaker for music while outside, the sound quality will not compare to an actual speaker system (although well known speaker brand Bose has one for about $100).A built in system will provide you with music and …


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Looking Through Binoculars — How to Adjust Binoculars for

Adjusting binoculars for crystal clear images just takes a little bit of know-how. Learn the steps to getting the perfect view every time! While this post talks a lot about using binoculars for bird watching, the information applies to using your binoculars for whatever your favorite sport or hobby is!


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DIY Guide to Build a Flower Bed from Scratch [Bountiful

The first thing you have to decide is where your flower bed will go. Favorite spots for flower gardens are in the back yard, front patio, along a fence or under a window sill. Ideally, any spot you choose will be complemented by a flower bed. Some varieties, like …


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My Day Trip to Giethoorn Village, Netherlands – Things to

In the summer, Giethoorn attracts a lot of tourists who come to experience the vibrant “Golden Hour of the Day.”. If you're not who wants to travel to get there bright and early, consider an overnight stay! The morning is when the village comes to life, and tourists enjoy boat cruises which cause the canals to fill-up.


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Gardening, Yard & Landscape What You Need to Know

Gardening — nurturing plants, flowers, and herbs can be challenging — especially if you are a beginner gardener. Transforming your yard into a beautiful play area isn’t any easier either. Don’t worry, though — we will furnish you with useful information for your yard and garden. In addition to traditional gardening, we'll be covering


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Outdoor Product Reviews 👍 & Guides Information You Need

We conduct extensive research on various outdoor products and consult experts when writing our reviews. This page provides a place to view our latest reviews, or you can use one of the quick links to see a complete list of our product reviews & buying guides, organized by category in alphabetical order. Spend less time researching and more time


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Types of Bows for Archers and Hunters – How to Choose a

Yumi Bow - Also known as a Kyudo bow, the Yumi is a Japanese bow used in martial arts. Yumi means "bow" in Japanese, while Kyudo is the term for archery. Usually made from bamboo, the Yumi is tall and resembles a long bow. Self Bow - This is the most basic form of bow, which is why it is also called a simple bow.


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What Do the Numbers on Binoculars Mean

The number following the magnification number is the objective lens size, which is more commonly known as the aperture. The aperture shows how much light the lenses in the binoculars are able to take in. For example, a 10 x 50 binocular will have a 50 mm objective lens. The wider the lenses, the larger the pair of binoculars will be.


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🧳 How to Tour Amsterdam in a Day [10 Cheap Things to Do

My day in Amsterdam started at Centraal Station, which I found to be extremely gorgeous and grand.It was hard to believe that I was at a train station. Amsterdam Centraal Station is known to have been designed by the same architect who designed the Rijks Musem (which I didn't get to visit this trip) — P.J.H. (Pierre) Cuipers.So obviously it has that museum-like vibe.


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Common Boat Engine Problems — How to Prevent Boat Engine

It could be loose connections, tripped breaker, a blown fuse, or corroded wires. On boats equipped with a kill switch, check that the lanyard key hasn't slipped and engaged the switch. To prevent the engine from stopping dead in the water, Boat Mag recommended checking the boat's engine wiring for corrosion. Periodically inspecting, cleaning


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Camping, Hiking & Climbing Information What You Need to Know

Nothing beats the feeling of gazing at the stars while making merry with loved ones around a camping fire. How about the joy of exploring new hiking trails or spending an afternoon rock climbing with friends?


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About Enjoy the Outdoor Life 🏞️ — Who We Are & What We Do

Our team includes people all over the world, who like you, love the great outdoors and all it has to offer. They share their personal experiences, inspiring our readers with both their triumphs and their struggles. Our team members will also share expertise in their particular area of interest, providing you information from "someone who has


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Riding, Running & Walking What You Need to Know

Learn more. Taking a walk or running for a few minutes each day can do wonders to your mind, body and soul. If you love riding, then cruising through the outdoors while dirt bike riding or on your favorite bike can be equally fulfilling. Allow us to indulge in you in useful information to help you jog through the countryside, enjoy your trail


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🧳 My Visit to Antwerp Where the Cool Kids Go! [Things to

Started My Day at Antwerp Centraal. So, me being the morning person I am, I get to Antwerp Centraal at exactly 7:30 am. It has been a 3 hour and 15 minute journey from Enschede (where I was staying) to Antwerp. And this time around, I’m traveling solo, unlike my visit to Amsterdam.. It only took a few seconds for me to to fall under its charm.


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Best RC Helicopters – Who Makes the Best RC Helicopters

The Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom 3CH 3.5 Channel Mini RC Helicopter is yet another impressive, yet really affordable RC helicopter. However, this one on particular features 2 selectable frequencies on it to add the juice. What this means is that you can fly 2 …


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How to Build a Raised Garden 👨‍🌾 Bed on a Budget [DIY

There are 4 main steps to constructing a basic raised bed garden: getting the location ready, constructing the frame (which includes cutting the pieces and pre-drilling if needed), adding support to your frame and positioning the raised bed. Includes Bonus: How To Grow Organic Vegetables.


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Best 6 Person Tent Reviews 2021 — How to Choose a Large

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews 2021. Camping is a beautiful time to bond with family and friends and enjoy the night sky view together. For you to enjoy the experience, you have to look for the factors discussed as well as what tent fits your style and needs, not just for you but for the other tent occupants too.


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Best Natural Gas Grills to Buy for Summer 2021 – Best

Top Natural Gas BBQ Grills 2021 — Our Picks. Before we get to our reviews for BBQ grills fueled by natural gas, here's a quick preview of which ones we chose based on quality, overall customer satisfaction, and value for the money. Since Amazon offers the ability to shop for a variety of brands, with highly competitive pricing, we used them for our price comparisons.


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Outdoor Sports ⛹️🏌️, Recreation & Hobbies Enjoy the

One of the best ways to keep your mind fresh and your body active is through sports and engaging in recreational activities such as playing golf, shooting baskets, swimming or a game of soccer — just to name a few. Our goal is to ensure you have the informatio you need to enjoy your favorite outdoor sports and hobbies, whatever they are.


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Hunting & Target Sports What You Need to Know

Lifelong hunters will tell you that the secret to successful hunting is a good hunting rifle (or the hunting weapon of your choice, such as a crossbow if that's more your style) and spending endless hours target shooting to perfect your skills. We have brought you all the information you may need to enjoy your hunting games and target sports.


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⛷️ Skiing Jacket FAQs: Waterproofing, Breathability

When looking for the best ski jackets, you want a coat that will keep the snow out while at the same time dispersing the heat and sweat your body generates while skiing. A layer with 20,000mm and above waterproofing and also 20,000 grams breathability rating should work pretty well. The best skiing jacket also comes padded for warmth retention.


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Best Fishing Reels for the Money Reviewed — Guide to

Penn Fishing (wide range of top of the line fishing reels) Abu Garcia Reels (founded in Sweden, brand of Pure Fishing, Inc in the US) Finally, we want to give a special shout out to Plussino spinning and baitcasting reels. They are well known for budget friendly fishing reels, …


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Best Electric Smoker — What Is the Best Smoker to Buy

The Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker measures 24 x 30 x 22 inches. Part of its charm is the work put in to ensure its insulation is perfect. It utilizes fiberglass to reduce heat loss. The handles are located in a convenient position along the sides for easier transportation when moving with it around.


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🪁Outdoor Family & Kids Activities 👪 Things Kids Will Love 💖

Through our useful guides, you will find tips and ideas on how to create fun projects with your kids that they will live to remember. We have detailed reviews on products such as bounce houses, the best trampolines and many other items to make family events a joyous experience.


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Affiliate Disclosure. This website, https://enjoytheoutdoorlife.com, is owned and operated by Enjoy the Outdoor Life. We believe in transparency and honesty of relationship, opinion and identity, and this website abides by word of mouth marketing standards. Posts on enjoytheoutdoorlife.com may contain affiliate links, sponsored content, paid


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Best Inflatable Kayaks Reviewed – How To Choose the Best

Hypalon Inflatable Kayak. Hypalon is is ideally the most expensive material used in Kayaks. Ironically, it also happens to be harder to work with, requiring more labor than other materials. However, Hypalon is the best at handling UV rays and is more resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme weather.


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Best Skateboards for Beginners & Pros 2021 [How to Pick a

The smaller size is also better for city riding where you have to make tighter turns. While there are less expensive electric skateboards like the Teamgee H5 37" Electric Longboard and the RazorX 30" Electric Skateboard, we recommend this one from Boosted because every single feature is reinforced like a tank.


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Kids Winter Fun: Snow Ice Cream 🍨 & Snow Cones 🍧 from Real

Step 1 - Gather the Snow of Course! Step 2 - Decide Which Treat to Make First. How to Make Real Snow, Snow Cones. Option 1 - Use Pre-Made Snow Cone Syrup. Option 2 - Use Fruits, Juices or Powdered Drink Mixes. Homemade Slushies with Real Snow. Frozen Lemonade and Strawberry Slushy Recipe.


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Alcohol Stoves 🍳 for Campers, Hikers & Trekkers [DIY 🔥 vs

Alcohol stoves are small, portable sources of energy that use alcohol to produce a flame that can be used to cook or keep warm. An alcohol stove has become a useful component of a backpacker’s “must have equipment" due to its convenience and countless benefits when outdoors.When homemade, these are popularly known as pop-can stoves, soda-can stoves, beverage can stoves, or just can stoves


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Popular Outdoor Sports, Recreation & Activities Blog

Whether it’s exploring extensive countrysides, rocky mountains, thick forests or clear waters, our land holds endless adventures waiting to be explored!


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Best Bushnell Binoculars — Which Bushnell Binoculars are

The world is a vast place with plenty to see. Whether you are a sports fan, wildlife enthusiast, bird watcher, hunter, or you just love traveling, you are going to need a good pair of binoculars sooner rather than later.


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Snow & Ice – Winter Activities What You Need to Know

Whether you're looking for information about alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, or any other winter sport, we have you covered! Explore our posts and guides on various winter activities involving snow and ice or search through our database to find rich resources for …


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The Great Gas Grill Fuel Debate: Which Is Better

It is an excellent fuel for portable grills and it is hotter than natural gas. Because of this, it uses 2.4 times more energy compared to natural gas. Propane tanks must be refilled occasionally making it a little costly than natural gas. Propane is also heavier than air, as compared to natural gas.


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Best Volleyball Reviews — Which Volleyball is Best

Chance Soft Waterproof Volleyball Review. The Chance indoor and outdoor volleyball boasts of a more unique and modern appeal. It incorporates premium quality 18-panel stitching, which gracefully combines with a sponge backed composite cover for that super-soft touch. It is a masterful work of art, really.


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🥇 13 Fun Facts — Popular Outdoor Sports & Activities

Did you know that families that engage in physical activities together are happier, healthier and have stronger bonds? According to the Physical Activity Council Report, in 2018 close to 60% of Americans (6 years and older) engaged in some type of outdoor sport. 4% of that number were people ones who tried something new and 5% who went back to outdoor activities after a break.


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Outdoor Tech, Gadgets & Gear Enjoy the Outdoor Life

Whether you are engaging in casual, recreational, professional or adventure activities, we will have numerous reviews on outdoor gear and outdoor tech. Read through our rich articles and browse our database that’s loaded with reviews and useful guides that will transform your adventure. We will cover things such as trail cameras, GPS watches, pedometers and fitness watches, and of course


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Best Family Spring Break Destinations You May Not Have

Your family will also get a chance to shop and dine at some nice restaurants. Six Flags Fiesta Texas — San Antonio's biggest, most popular themed attraction featuring dozens of thrill rides, shows, and activities. San Antonio Zoo — The 35-acre zoo in San Antonio, Texas, has over 3,500 animals representing 750 species.


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Image & Icon Attribution. In addition to images taken by our team, we also use stock images from other photographers. To the best of our knowledge, except where specifically noted and credited, all images and icons used within this site are within the public domain for commercial usage under Creative Commons. We want to extend our gratitude to


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Outdoor Attire: Clothing, Apparel & Shoes Reviews

Whether its summer clothes, winter clothes (or any season in between) or campaign clothes, we have buying guides that will help you pick the right attire to step into any outdoor activities. We will also have product reviews on shoes including climbing shoes, golf shoes, hiking boots and riding boots, just to name a few, that will ensure your


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13 Fun Facts About Popular Outdoor Sports & Activities

Land Sports & Activities 13 Fun Facts About Popular Outdoor Sports & Activities Gardening & Working in Yard Camping, Hiking & Climbing Sky Sports & Activities


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Should I Wear a Helmet Skiing & Snowboarding

The answer is yes, you should absolutely wear a helmet while out on the slopes. The number of head abrasions on the slopes may not have declined but the severity of the injuries has undoubtedly improved. While it’s true that a helmet doesn’t prevent all head injuries, it can have a crucial impact on the severity.


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