Dota 2 FPS: The ultimate Guide to Improve and Boost your

Follow these steps to simply imrove your FPS: Run Dota 2 and go to settings. Click on the Videos option. A new page will appear on the right side of the page and you will see a rendering column. Select the second radio button in that column called “Use Advanced Settings” and uncheck all the checkboxes. Set all the “quality” radio boxes

Ultimate Dota 2 Beginner Support Guide: Mastering the

Save your cores at all costs, grant vision on the map and use your ultimates wisely, in order to win team fights. However, this role has some disadvantages as you will probably have the lowest net worth in the game, meaning you’ll be really poor. If you want to know more about the Dota 2 roles, check out this extensive article: Dota 2 Positios/Role Guide

The Braindead Guide how to calibrate your Dota 2 Acc

Dota 2 resets MMR of each player seasonally after every six months, twice a year. When MMR is reset, players have to calibrate their account again: The process of recalibration is the same as the above process of the new account calibration: You have to complete 10 matches in solo or party mode and your MMR rankings will be calculated based on these placement or calibration matches.

Dotabuff Beginner Guide: How to use it

Dotabuff is a huge and famous Dota 2 statistics platform. In this guide I will show how to simply setup Dotabuff and how to use the top features effectively. 😉 . What is Dotabuff? Dota 2 is a fast-changing game, every new patch can completely shift the playstyle.

How to play Dota 2 with a Controller

Controller shortens two steps into one. Same like this, you can perform multiple combinations on various buttons. Use buttons (Y, X, B, A) for your heroes default abilities. Y= Ability 2 (w), X= Ability 1 (Q), B= Ability3 (E) and A= Ultimate (R). Use item 5 and item 6 for D and F. How to use a Controller.

Dota 2 Mind Games Guide: How to Trick your Enemies

2. Attack Animation Canceling & using the Hold Key: Doing this in the laning phase is great to get more accurate last hits and denies. You can use this to bait a right click and get an easy deny. In the case of spells, for example, canceling the animation of the Magnus Ultimate might trick the enemy’s mind.

Best Dota 2 Guides

Dota 2 Guides to improve your Skill: Welcome to the wonderful Dota 2 guide section – Dota is super complex and it’s essential to learn it by heart and to dive deeper and deeper to maximize the fun, knowledge, and skill.Never stop learning, Dota is evolving and so should you. In our extensive Dota 2 guides list you can find the perfect beginner tips and gameplay guides.

The definitive Guide how to master the Offlane in Dota 2

In this offlane guide, you’ll learn what this role is all about, how to master it and win your lane with some easy tricks for the quickstart. In a nutshell, an offlaner is the one in charge of creating space, building aura items (most of the time), looking for team fights and being the tank of the team (situational).

Easy Dota 2 Stacking & Pulling Guide (Timing & Tricks)

Stacking is an extreme efficient method to improve the income in Dota 2.Through this technique you can boost the GPM (gold per minute) of yourself or of your carry player who farms the stacked creep spot. Also pulling in Dota 2 is a quite strategical move, you can check the Dota 2 hero combo table to find heroes that work well together. Let’s dive into this topic deeper to give you a basic

OpenDota: Simple Guide how to use the Dota 2 Data Platform

OpenDota is a platform where Dota 2 players can get detailled data about their account and can compare it to other players. The site continuously updates the matches and turns the raw statistical data into easy understandable information.From a player perspective, analyzing the given data and information is a big step into the direction of becoming a better player. 😉

The Dota 2 Starter Guide: Ultimate Resource for New Players

Icefrog is the name of one of the main inventors of Dota 1: Defense of the Ancients and the most famous guy behind the scenes. The game was addicting and evolving fast, the map creators realized an extreme hype and a fast-growing userbase – a new era was born, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).It is a complete movement, in MOBA’s you typically play only one hero and its summons in

Can I play Dota 2 on a Laptop

How to play Dota 2 on a Laptop? Minimum Requirements to Run Dota 2. Beside game content & mechanics, Valve keeps upgrading Dota 2 in case of improving the graphics compatibility & accessibility.Dota 2 is entirely dependent on the quality of the CPU, GPU, and RAM of a machine.

Dota 2 Cheats (Complete List & Ingame Commands)

Run a lobby or a bot match. Pick your hero and go back to the main menu. Press the console button. Write sv_cheats 1 in the console and press Enter. The cheats are now enabled! Get back to the game and apply cheats in the chat box. For example type -gold 5000 to …

How to report someone in Dota 2

These type of people ruin the whole game, and you have to lose your win streak and MMR (if it’s a ranked match). To avoid playing with these criminals in the future, Valve designed a Dota 2 reporting system: Due to the strong punishment, the reporting system allows playing good games.The rage quit rate is quite low in my games (I am an Ancient 7 player).

Dota 2 Map Warding

Dota Warding Map 7.24b: The lovely Dota 2 map has changed a lot in patch update 7.24b. The most important change was the addition of the 2 Outpost that grant true sight within 700 radius when captured. Keep this in mind. We’re sure you don’t want to place a ward near any of these buildings.

How can I see my MMR in Dota 2

MMR stands for Match Making Rating, in Dota 2 it shows the progress of your Ranked matches and defines you as a beginner, moderate or professional player. To see your Dota 2 MMR check the following step by step guide: How to see your MMR in Dota 2: Run Dota 2 and click on your profile.


Now, Play Dota 2, on the top right corner of the screen, you will see all network information. The network information includes Ping along with Packet loss and FPS, it changes on run-time (dynamiacally) that means you can always see your live values.If you want to find out how to increase your FPS in Dota 2 check this guide.

How can I sell Dota 2 Items and Skins

Click on it. A drop-down menu will appear, select the “market” option in the drop-down menu. It will redirect you to the community market page, there you will find a “sell an item” button. Click on the button, and it will pop up your Dota 2 and steam items. Select the item you want to sell.

Win more Dota 2 Matches

1.Set a Goal how much MMR you want to have: Of course, every Dota 2 player wants 5000+ MMR. Although it is not a piece of cake – come out of the fantasy world and try to join the reality. 😀. Even for professional Dota 2 players, it is not an easy task, Dota is a super complex game.

Ultimate Dota 2 Carry Guide: How to Carry your Team

A carry is the position 1 of the team (Position 1-5 Overview), that means he is the number one priority core hero inside the game.This hero is usually really weak by himself in the early game, but with the help of his supports, he can start getting kills and assists.. The carries job is to farm as much as he can and buy the right items for team fights.

Dota 2 Taunts: How to Activate and use a Taunt

Taunts are cosmetic items for heroes in Dota 2!A taunt causes heroes to perform in-game animations. It is used to mock or tease the enemy. Note: Not every hero has a taunt because a taunt is a complex animation, and it takes time to create.

Dota Plus Beginner Guide: How to use Dotaplus

Dota Plus is a premium tool, to avail its advantages you have to subscribe to the monthly plan.. The basic price for a month of Dota Plus is $4, while a 12 months subscription costs $3.5 monthly.If you buy more months on start you can safe alot of money. 1-month Dota Plus Subscription for $3.99.

Dota 2 Picking Guide: Draft Strategies for the win!

As you may know, Dota 2 is a team game, where everyone has to play specific roles according to every situation.In this Dota 2 Picking Guide, I will show you that picking good heroes for every role is essential to guarantee a victory.. Imagine your team has already picked 3 cores and then the 2 remaining guys decide to pick another core and a jungle Legion Commander (OMG!).

What are the Dota 2 Role Responsibilities for each Position

Each Dota 2 side has three different lanes: The midlane, safelane, and offlane. Midlane: The midlane is the most beneficial lane in Dota 2, but the midlaner also has the most pressure on his shoulders: If the middle lane is screwed the chances of winning are low. The role of a mid lane hero is to stabilize the game until the carry gets fat.

Dota 2 Ranking Guide: How MMR & Ranks really work

MMR stands for Match Making Rating and is one of the most popular features in Dota 2: MMR is a value that defines your skill and differentiates you from other Dota 2 players. MMR starts at “1 MMR” and is open to the end. 😉 While the majority of the Dota 2 community is rated around 1.500 to 5.000 MMR, progamers reached unbelievable statistics near 10.000 MMR.

Dota 2 Account Boosting

Account Boosting in Dota 2 means to manipulate your MMR trough help from others to achieve a higher rank. The matchmaking system in Dota 2 is serving every player with the rank of his real skill to maintain fair games.. Account Boosting creates a gap between the real skill and the displayed skill on a Dota 2 profile, which can have a serious effect on the balancing of a game.

Dota 2: Roshan Guide & Roshan Timer (Items & Tips)

It can revive anytime within this time interval. The average respawn time of Roshan is 8:00 – 9:00 minutes (it may vary). Note: Roshan is also a creep, but it cannot be stacked like other usual creeps. The mighty Roshan is the most beneficial creep and quite hard to …

Easy Guide: How to use Dota 2 Quick Casts like a Pro

Step by Step guide to makeAdvanced Changes for Quick Casts: Go to the Dota 2 settings. At the end of the settings page, you will see an option to advanced Dota 2 hotkeys. Click on the advanced hotkeys option, and a new page will appear on the screen. On the bottom right corner, there is a …

Sell & Buy Dota 2 Accounts

Which Dota 2 Account Marketplaces are available? List of Dota 2 Marketplaces to Buy & Sell an Account: On you can buy Dota 2 accounts, items, skins and boosting services. What’s great on this site is that the most deals include a “free insurance” so your money is safe or at least safer compared to other sites or compared to any transactions with strangers.

Dota 2 Auto Chess: Beginner Guide (Tips& Tricks) Heroes

Dota 2 Auto Chess has two features to increase the gold even more: Stacked Gold. Players will receive interest on stacked gold. For each 10 gold you get 1 extra gold at the end of the round. Winning and Losing Streaks. Both winning and losing streak provides …

Dota 2 Progamer Toplist

Which Dota 2 Pro Players have the highest E-Sport Earnings? Until the Dota 2 International 2019 the german player Kuroky from Team Liquid was leading the Dota 2 income list for a long time…. Of course everyone knew it would change after the next big event: The prize pool of the TI9 had a mind-blowing amount of $34,310,846 and furthermore

Dota Underlords: Beginner Guide [BASIC TIPS & TRICKS]

Dota Underlords is better than Dota 2 Autochess because of multiple reasons: Underlord focuses more on teams/clans and related damage. It has a larger pool. Underlords has 1 item slot for each price. In Underlords, a player can re-equip heroes. Dota Underlord includes a Seasonal pass with more details.

Dota 2 Ranks List

Dota 2 Ranks are connected to the MMR Height: Behind every rank, there is an ELO calculation.In Dota 2 this means, the MMR that is split into support and core MMR is calculated and you get the rank for that MMR number. Update: MMR is split into a single rank with role performance now.. By working with this ranking table you can always have a look which MMR leads to which Doa 2 rank.

Dota 2 Single Matchmaking Rank with Role Performance (Guide)

That means Dota 2 is calculating role-specific-handicaps in the back to ensure a better matchmaking experience.. Example: If you are mainly a support player and got the “Ancient” rank, your position 4 and 5 roles might be Ancient or Divine, while your position 1 or 2 roles would be like an Archon or Legend. Any role you play will affect only the main rank, in this example the Ancient rank.

Dota 2: Why do so many Russians play on EU Servers

Reasons why so many Russians play on Dota 2 EU-Servers: First of all, I dissociate myself from any racist aspects, in general it’s not limited to a specific group of people. The problem is that players of a specific region join regions of other countries and refuse to speak the same language. Russians in Dota 2 and a few other nations like

Dota 2 Gosu AI: How does it work

Sky-rocket your Dota 2 skills with Gosu Ai: Read here how to use Gosu Ai and how to make the most out of it.. What is Gosu Ai? Gosu Ai is an AI-driven Dota 2 assistant (AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a computer-based decision software).This AI displays tips & tricks for Dota 2 players to improve their gameplay.It understands the games, and suggest the most practical recommendations.

Dota 2 Smurf Accounts

Scammers and Hackers often use Smurf Accounts in Dota 2: Scammers also use Smurf accounts. Most of them are hackers: At first, they add you to their friend list, play a few games with you and then they send you a link when you click on the link your account is …

Dota 2 Pro Notail

Johan Sundstein. Born: 1993. Notail is a danish Dota 2 professional with a long road until he finally managed to win the Dota 2 International 2018 and 2019 with team OG. While writing this in 2019, he currently is the most successfull Dota 2 player with a mind-blowing E-sport prize money of $6.889.591. #.

Dota 2 Hero Guide: The Unstoppable Storm Spirit (Immortal

Dota 2 Storm Spirit Hero Guide:. This is how I started loving this hero: How Storm Spirit became my best Hero:. Dota 2 has all types of heroes: tanky boys, squishy supports, tanky supports, right clickers, the wombo combo makers and so on, but the kind of heroes I love the most are the ones with low cooldown in their spells and that can also initiate and escape.

Top Dota 2 Custom Games [Toplist of Funmaps with Rating]

5/5. Dota Auto Chess arised to one of the best and most popular fun maps in Dota 2 history: In just a few months it got more than 700.000 users playing it, this number shocked the whole Dota 2 community as well as Valve itself. This map was a wonder and created the biggest hype for a funmap in the whole Dota 2 time and that after years.

Dota 2 PA Hero Guide: High MMR Phantom Assassin (Items & Tips)

PA has 3 abilities allowing her to easily kite/avoid enemies. Dagger to slow, Blur to become invisible (similar to smoke) and Phantom Strike to blink/jump around. Your Phantom Strike can also be used on neutral creeps and Teammates, so keep this in mind! 😉. Lastly, look …

Dota 2 Drafting Tool: Dotapicker (Pick Helper & Counterpicks)

Dota 2 Countering and Synergies Drafting Helper: DotaPicker comes with a bunch of different facilities that players can use. One of them is “counter and synergy picker”. It is an All-Pick and Captains-Mode hero picking tool. It gives you the hero suggestions based on the enemy counter pick. There are also options for selecting the lanes and

Dota 2 Rune Guide: Making the Most out of Dota 2 Runes!

Dota 2 Rune Spawn Times: Dota 2 Bounty Runes spawn at 0:00 according to the ingame clock for the first time and then every five minutes on all 4 spawn spots. Dota 2 Power-up Runes spawn at 2:00 for the first time and then every two minutes. Important: Power-up Runes only spawn randomly on one of the two spawn positions. How much Team Gold gives.

Miracle The Best Dota 2 Progamer Ever with over 9000 MMR

Amer Al-Barkawi. Born: 1997. Amer Al-Barkawi for the world and Miracle for the Dota 2 community is the first player who achieved the 9000 MMR benchmark. He never lets his name down, showing miracles at crucial moments and strives to be the highest-ranked player in the world! #. Overview:

Dota 2 Huskar Hero Guide: Versatile MONSTER

The main aspect of Huskar is to generally harass and keep your enemies on the edge of their discomfort and to apply pressure like a ticking time bomb. This is too obvious, but the title of our guide is “ Versatile Monster ” so I will explain how different item builds and skill-builds would prove to …

Dota 2 Kunkka Hero Guide: High Crit Kunkka Mid Lane

Dota 2 Kunkka Hero Guide:. Let’s start! This is my story about my best Hero: Kunkka. 1. How Kunkka became my best Hero and which lane I choose for him: Dota 2 has many heroes, but one hero always stood behind and close to my heart: Admiral Kunkka.Kunkka is one …