Pool Cue Maintenance 101

Like all good things in life, your pool cue needs a little special care in order to ensure it looks and plays its best for years to come. Always remember: a pool cue, even a very expensive pool cue, is made out of wood and wood needs to be taken care of to retain its value and playability. If taken care of properly, a pool cue can last for years – for multiple generations, in fact – and is


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Setting Up Your Game Room

For a 9 ft. table. To play with a standard 58” cue, your room should be at least 13'10”x18'. To play with a 52” cue, your room should be at least 12'10”x17'. To play with a 48” cue, your room should be at least 12'2”x16'4”. "Outfitting a full game room depends largely upon …


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Choosing Your First Pool Cue

The better the materials used to make your cue, the longer it will last and the better it will play over time. For the money, the best starter cues are those manufactured by Players, Rage or Dufferin. These cues are inexpensive (ranging from $49 to $199), and all are manufactured here at Cue & Case.


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Becoming a Great Pool Player

The Fundamentals Mechanicals skills like proper stance, bridge, stroke, grip and alignment provide the foundation upon which your game is built. Build a strong foundation with these fundamental skills, and you'll be well on your way to mastering the next stage of your pool journey. Don't forget to practice diligently. Be patient, and remember that pool isn't a sport that can be mastered overnight.


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How to Pick Out & Hang Billiard Lighting

A billiard light is one of the most important accessory you can buy for your game room (right behind a table and somewhere to stash your cues), and the single quickest way to change the whole look and feel of your room in just one step. Your light sets the tone for your room, and can express your personality like no other piece of furniture or decoration can.


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Ultimate Pool Cue Buyers Guide

Questions to consider when buying a pool cue Should I buy a one-piece cue or a two-piece cue? What is the difference? Two-piece cues Two-piece cues are almost always a step up from a one-piece cue. I say almost always, because some big box retail stores do sell two-piece cues made out of plastic that are of lower quality than a wooden bar cue.


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Sneaky Pete Pool Cues

World's largest manufacturer and master distributor of Pool Cues, Pool Cue Cases, Billiard Accessories, Game room tables, and indoor/outdoor games


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PureX® Technology

Add a different product to compare. Compare. Add to cart. HXT32 PureX® Technology Pool Cue. $302.49. Compare. Add a different product to compare. Compare.


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Choosing the Right Pool Cue Tip

Leather Tips. There are hard, soft, and layered leather tips available. House cues usually have soft tips and most custom 2 piece cues come with a hard leather tip. Many performance pool cues like Lucasi Hybrid or Predator have a layered tip. Professional players tend to prefer the playability of a layered tip like a Moori or Kaumi.


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How Pool Balls are Made

How Pool Balls are Made. Pool Balls are made out of polyester or phenolic resin. Phenolic resin, the better material, is used only by 1 ball maker worldwide, Saluc which manufacturers the Aramith brand of billiard balls. Phenolic resin has been proven to be the best material available for billiard balls because of its chip and scratch resistant


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About Cue and Case Sales

About Cue & Case Sales. Our company was founded in 1991 by Jim Lucas, a pool player with a dream of making the sport he loves – billiards – more popular by making it accessible to everyone. What began with one pool players’ simple dream is now the largest billiards manufacturer and distributor in the world, offering a wide selection of


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PCTB Aramith Pool Cue Training Ball

Plus, there is NO MINIMUM ORDER. Save even more by combining everything you need in one shipment to increase your bottom line. We are truly your one stop shopping source! Double-sided training cue ball. Teaches you cue ball control and how to pocket balls better. 30 page Instructional booklet, Cue-Ball-Disc and Home practice pocket included.


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MCD111 Leather Burnishing Pad

Smooth and seal your cue shaft with McDermott's Leather Burnishing Pad. Safe enough to use after every game, this burnisher makes your cue look better and better over time. To use, wrap around the shaft and work up and down with firm pressure. For a professional finish, repeat for half a minute or so before and after play.


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Billiard Ball Storage

World's largest manufacturer and master distributor of Pool Cues, Pool Cue Cases, Billiard Accessories, Game room tables, and indoor/outdoor games


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ARNB Aramith "Aim by Numbers" Ball

Description. Specification. Reviews. Endorsed by world champion Mike Massey, and developed by world class pool player and instructor Joe Tucker. A unique and incredibly efficient method for learning how to pocket the balls. 2 Aramith training balls. Detailed manual that includes 45 pages of instructions, 25 detailed drawings and a glossary.


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The Cue & Case Difference

One Stop Shopping Made Easy Save Money, Time, and Freight You can take care of all your inventory needs in one place with our huge selection of cues, cases, racks, lighting, pub tables, spectator chairs, commercial furniture, one piece cues, billiard cloth, billiard and other gaming tables, 100’s of billiard and game room accessory items, huge selection of table tennis tables and


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TJCT Tiger Jump/Break Tip

Tiger Laminated Jump Cue Tip is the difference between making the jump shot or making the jump shot with lot of control. Selected from quality cow & pig hide, this cue tip is made with the same quality as our other line of laminated cue tips. Vacuum laminated with VACULAM™ process, the bottom half is laminated for power and the top half for


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LCR51 Lucasi Custom® Carom Cue

Feel the rush of winning! Introducing Lucasi Custom®'s newest addition to their line up: Custom Carom Cues. This traditional-style Lucasi Custom® Carom cue features a Premium Super Birdseye Maple forearm and butt with exotic Geometic shaped Abalone and Imitation bone accent inlays, simple black rings, wrapless, black Implex butt cap, Tungsten Plated Titanium quick-release Uni-Loc® joint and


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TPCC16 Cue Candy Talc Powder Card of 16

Keep your hands dry and sweat-free, and your strokes smoother with a Cue Candy talc powder bag. Similar to how a rosin bag works for pitchers, Cue Candy is a porous cloth pouch with powder inside. Just rub the pouch on your hands and the powder comes out. Once you try Cue Candy, you'll never go back to messy bottled powders again!


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Weight Bolts & Butt Stoppers

Pool Cues $100-$150. Pool Cues $150-$250. Pool Cues $250-$500. Pool Cues $500-$750. Pool Cues Over $750. Specialty Cues. Lifetime Guarantee Pool Cues. Low …


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Why You Should Buy a Technology Cue

What's the deal with technology cues? The whole class of cues designated as “technology” started in 1992 with a robot named Iron Willie. Iron Willie was created by Clawson Cues (now The Predator Group) to help their research team understand the physics of the pool cue better. By using Iron Willie, researchers were able to make shot after shot while keeping all the variables that go into


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LHAH2 Air Hog 2 Jump Cue

The Air Hog 2 is a must-have for every serious pool player. Featuring breakthrough technology that makes even the hardest jump shots seem effortless, and a great value price, this game-changing dynamo is unstoppable. Three fully-interchangeable pieces connected by Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joints 13.75mm Bakelite tip with S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot for effortless jumps & greater ball control


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LHC97 Lucasi Hybrid® Pool Cue

This Lucasi® cue features natural Super Birds-eye Maple with blue crushed velvet inlays, stainless steel butt cap, and Quick-Release Uni-Loc® joint. Technology shaft upgrade available. Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection Hybrid shaft with 10-piece radial TSC construction Kamui Pro Soft Tip for maximum control and consistency Fusion G5 Grip with X-Shox™ Dampening


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BPS Lucasi Screw In Butt Stopper

Specification. Reviews. If the rubber butt stopper on your cue becomes damaged, it could lead to easy cue damage due to cracking or chipping from dropping. Replace your damaged butt stopper with one of four models. Lucasi Screw-in Butt Stopper - Fits Lucasi and Lucasi Hybrid cues and can be screwed into place with a Phillips head screwdriver.


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HX8-USR Lucasi Hybrid Uni-Loc Extra Shaft

Go Slim For An Even Greater Performance Edge - Lucasi’s engineers couldn’t stop at just one shaft - the 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim ® shaft takes the technological innovation from the 12.75mm version, and slims it down to an even thinner taper with an even lighter front end. This translates into a true-to-aim shaft; just line your shot up and


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LHBB2 Big Beulah 2 Break Cue, Black

Get huge, powerful breaks with cue ball control at a price everyone can afford!! Big Beulah 2's advanced technology features delivers the performance you need on the break to give you a definite advantage. In Mystic Black. Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint TSC 10-piece radial shaft construction makes Big Beulah solid to the core Superhard 12.75 & 13.75mm Bakelite tips with S4 Super Sized Sweet


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OD0005W Zume™ Tenniz™

Perfect for kids and beginners or recreational play. Lightweight and portable, TENNIZ features ultra-quick setup. Includes 2 (21-inch) rackets, 2 balls, 12-foot net, and carrying case. Portable, Instant Tennis Set- Perfect For Kids Ages 8+ Active Game with a Smaller Court Reduced Speed is Ideal for Building Skills and Having Fun Sets Up Quickly on Any Hard, Flat Surface Includes: (2) 21


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LUX44 Lucasi Lux® Pool Cue

This Lucasi Lux® cue features a sleek Matte Pearlized Blue forearm with Metallic Silver LH2 logo, Fusion G5 Grip, Stainless Steel butt cap and joint, paired with a Uni-loc® Lucasi 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim® 10-splice Low Deflection Shaft with TSC and Kamui Pro Tip for maximum control and consistency. Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection Hybrid Slim shaft with 10-piece


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A65U Undermount Brass Table Hook

Brass Under Mount Table Hook. Need a place to hang your rack or store your bridge stick? If so, check out this hook. This sturdy 5.25" hook is perfect for storing those accessories that all too often end up on the floor. Easy to install. Material. Brass Under Mount. Size. 5.25".


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LHC93 Lucasi Hybrid® Pool Cue

This Lucasi® cue features coffee stain Birds-eye Maple with six black points, bocote & silver poly inlays, lizard embossed black leather wrap, black Implex butt cap, and Quick-Release Uni-Loc® joint. Technology shaft upgrade available. Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection Hybrid shaft with 10-piece radial TSC construction Kamui Pro Soft Tip for maximum control and


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C-810 Players® Pool Cue

This modern classic Players® cue features an antique grey-stained forearm & butt with graphic four-point white with double blue outlines design, white banded rings, blue & white double-pressed Irish linen wrap, slimline Implex butt cap and classic 5/16 x 18 joint. Lifetime Guarantee even against warpage Made from 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple High-quality French Le


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C603 Players® Pool Cue

This new Players® cue features a metallic silver forearm and butt with decorative graphic overlay ring treatment, stealth matte finish wrapless handle, slimline Implex butt cap and classic 5/16 x 18 joint.  Lifetime Guarantee even against warpage Made from 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple High-quality French Le Pro leather tip Special High-impact ferrule so durable it comes


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RG94 Rage® Pool Cue

This bold modern Rage® cue features 100% Hard Rock Maple construction with graphic black forearm and butt with climbing rose vine design, Implex joint and sleek wrapless handle. Traditional 5/16 x 18 joint 13mm high quality leather tip Full professional taper Wrapless handle for a better slip stroke


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