How to Top Up (PAYG)

You must register the card with O2 first. Dial 4444 and choose option to top up via card. You will be asked if you wish to register a card. You will be asked for the name on the card, the long number, the expiry date, the security code. Once this …

SIM Swap: a mini guide (incl eSim)

This is just a quick help guide for people who want advice on doing a SIM swap. Do I Need To Swap my SIM? If it's your first contract with O2 then you will be provided with a new SIM card and number with your shiny new phone. A SIM card is sent with 3 …

Cancelling your contract

To do this you need a PAC code. The easiest way to get a PAC code is to text PAC to 65075. You will then receive a text message containing your PAC code (or depending on the network a message asking for security information). Your PAC code will consist of 3 letters which identify the network followed by 6 numbers.

How to change your mobile number

Get a new O2 mobile number. You can do this by simply calling customer services on 202 (Pay Monthly) or 4445 (Pay as you go). O2 will allow you one free mobile number change should you wish to change it. After that you will be charged a one off fee of £35.00 if you want to change again. Things to keep in mind: If you call to change your number

How do I reach the Live chat team

Hi @Anonymous!. As well as the methods mentioned in other responses to your original question: 1. you can use Twitter to send a (public!) message to @O2, they will reply and follow you so you can use Twitter "Direct Messages" to talk to them (or they will send a link that takes you into the WebChat app directly).

Solved: Activate sim card

You’ll find this printed on the back of your plastic sim card or on your eSIM pack. To move your mobile number across to your new sim, text SWAP to 20220 from your O2 phone and follow the instructions. Sim swaps can take up to 24 hours to complete. Once you lose signal with your original sim, turn your device off.

Solved: How do I forward a scam text message

I've had a scam text and want to forward it to 7725. The process given says press anf hold on the message, a option of "more" will appear, whic I assume give sthe option to forward the text. I say "assume as when I follow this process I get nothing on my screen. Please advise how I proceed.

Solved: How to talk to a real person

Solved: I need to talk to customer services. I call 202 and get a load of menus. I just want to talk to a real person. I would rather not go through

Solved: Where can I check my 02 text messages online

31-08-2018 13:43 - edited ‎31-08-2018 13:44. You don't need an app to connect to Wi-Fi @Harold. Just go into your phone's settings and under connections turn Wi-Fi to on. Then you can use Wi-Fi wherever you are that has free wifi, like your hotel, a restaurant and many shops. If …

Solved: How do I check how much data I have

Totally agree - when you search how to find your data use, all you get is instructions to log into your account. Then nothing. Many times I have tried to find this information on my account.

Solved: My own number

Text the word "Number" or "My Number" to 2020 (free) I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues. Currently using: OnePlus 6 (O2 & Sfr), Z3 Tablet (Three UK), iPhone 8+ (EE) Message 2 of 10.

All you need to know about O2 Voicemail 901.

The most common issue we come across is customers trying to turn off voicemail and can't. If you want to know more about voicemail 901, read on.. Visual Voicemail Visual voice mail (VVM) is a voicemail with a visual interface presenting a visual list of messages for playback. Each message

Check PayG balance without signing in to MyO2

Pop your sim into a phone. Turn wifi off, so that you’re connected to our data network. Go to My O2, where you can check your balance without signing in. Don’t worry – you won’t be charged for using data on the My O2 website. This part highlighted in green says you can check balance without signing in which is a bit misleading.

how to find phone number

1 REPLY1. Here Guide: How do I find my own mobile number? I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

Solved: Changing from Pay Monthly to PAYG

Hi @denmitchell . Youcan change from Pay Monthly to PAYG. We can take care of moving your number and even arrange for your new Pay As You Go sim. Get in touch by calling us on 202 free from your O2 phone, or on 0344 809 0202 from any other phone.

Texting from UK to US

To text the us if the person is on a us mobile network. You will need to place +1 in front of there mobile no. If the mobile no begins with a 0 (Which i dont beleive us mobiles do) you would just remove the 0. I sms the us all the time and dont have any problems. It cost me 12p to send to a …

Solved: How do I get my phone number from a new SIM

Look in your phones settings. You should find it. Also look in the sim pack if you still have it. O2 unlocks your device or handset for free it only takes a few days n if u got e-mail address the code to unlock your device or (handset) for free better than going to black market and getting it unlocked lol.

Solved: Keep my old number

Good evening; Last week I called talk talk to have other offer for sim card than they branched me with o2 staff and I take new sim card than I received it last Saturday when I activate this sim card I found it with other number and my old sim card which is with talk talk still working, I called talk talk staff and they advise me to contact you and tel you that the Pac I have a Pac code and I

Solved: How can I contact customer service by phone

If you call 202, when it comes to the reason you are calling stay silent for 15 seconds and you will be taken to the keypad options. Press 2 for Everything Else. Press 5 for More Options. Press 7 for Anything Else which will put you though to an advisor. Press Upgrade, Lost/Stolen or …

Solved: Lots of calls recently from unknown, 0203 and 0208

Hi all, Just recently i have had an influx of calls from 0203, 0208 and unknown number calls on my mobile all between 1 and 5 pm in the day time. I never really use to get many of these but is this something that is affecting lots of other people or is it just me that seems to be getting a lot mor

Unlocking an O2 phone to use a different SIM card.

If you want to use your O2 contract or PAYG phone with a SIM from another network, ie a local SIM when on holiday, you will need to release the network lock. If you have a monthly contract it is free to get your phone unlocked.. Any phone can be unlocked (with the exception of the iPhone immediately after launch - see website for details of when these can be unlocked).

Texting from iPad with Cellular feature

on ‎17-03-2017 20:01. You can send iMessage from the message app providing you are connected to either wifi or mobile data. It does use the sim for this but only the data connection off the sim. ALL tablet tariffs come with texts as some of the more …

cancelling disney +

Hi everyone I've tried to cancel my disney plus and followed instructions online but can't seem to. Phoned up and they said I've got to call back on 24 Sept as this will be the date of the minimum 6 months since i took it out. Is this the case? thanks

i need to top up a phone for someone else

23-04-2020 07:13 - edited ‎23-04-2020 07:16. As long as you have her number you can do it by dialling 4444 on YOUR phone. You will be asked if this is the phone you want to top up, Press NO. They will then ask you to input the number of the phone you want to top up and you input the other number. You will then be asked to choose an amount.

Solved: How do I set up my voicemail

Solved: can anybody help me how do i set up my voicemail as anytime i miss a phonecall it rings and rings and never goes to voicemail how do i set it

Solved: Enable WIFI calling

Hi All, I would like to enable/add WIFI calling to my account. It says on the help from O2: "Make sure you add Wi-Fi calling to your O2 account. To do this, sign in to My O2, go to Device Details and tap Wifi and 4G Calling where you can then add the service to your account." I can't see where i

Solved: Moving my 02 number from business to personal

2. Open a regular account, close the old business account and port the number. I went for option 2. To start everything afresh with my name etc. Fella on the phone said my number should swap quickly but that he had to say it might take up to two days. I guess he meant 'working days'.

Disney+ extra cancellation

on ‎30-12-2020 16:19. @Elsa. If not activated, there's nothing to cancel. If you did, how to cancel it here Guide: Adding and removing O2 Extras. but you can only do so after the first 28 days. I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies.

Disney plus problem

I mistakenly added Disney plus to my account. I thought I was just linking my account to Disney plus that I had already signed up for. Now it’s charged me on my bill as well as my credit card I had all ready paid for. I called o2 they said I can remove it myself but this is not an option? How do I c

Solved: Deactivated sim card

A call to customer service and they should be able to reactivate it for you. You need to make a chargeable call every 6 months to keep the sim active and top up once in every 999 days. Failing all that, pick up a new sim from supermarkets or retailers such as newsagents for around a £1.

Solved: Samsung S20 , no wifi calling option

Tap Connections. Toggle Wi-Fi Calling to On. If for whatever reason you don't see the Wi-Fi Calling toggle in the settings, you can enable it from the phone's dialer. Here's how to do so: Open the dialer from the home screen. Tap the three vertical dots on the right.

eSim Galaxy Watch 3

Hi I was sent an eSim for Galaxy Watch 3 4G (pre-owned). I have it all setup but cannot make/receive calls in standalone mode. Is there supposed to be an airtime plan for the watch in addition to the airtime plan I have for the mobile? If yes, how do I signup. Anyone I speak with online or in-inst

Solved: cancelling O2 refresh contract and 30 days notice

Why o2 representative asking 30 days notice to cancel airtime on o2 refresh contract when support page suggest otherwise How much does it cost to end your contract early on O2 Refresh? What do you charge for the leftover Airtime Plan? With O2 …

Solved: Disney plus offer

Hello, You need to go to my o2 and select Disney plus as your optional extra. Then once set up and confirmed through my o2 app you can complete registration for Disney plus.

Buy out of contract

22-05-2020 13:44 - edited ‎22-05-2020 13:45. @Shauna2. Info here Guide: Cancelling Your Contract. Text INFO to 85075 to get details on any early termination fees. Once you port your number to another network O2 will generate the bill for you to pay.

Solved: Calling American mobile numbers

1 ACCEPTED SOLUTION. 24-01-2015 09:40 - edited ‎24-01-2015 09:47. 24-01-2015 09:40 - edited ‎24-01-2015 09:47. You would need to add +1 or 001 as a prefix. Either will work. If you're calling from your mobile it will be a very expensive call. You'd be much better off using Skype, which would be free if your friend in the US also had it.

Solved: Changing to Tesco Mobile who use O2 Network

Hi! My current 24 month 02 contract ends 17th September. When usinhg MyO2 app it says i can upgrade now. As Tesco Mobile use O2 Network can i take advantage of the early upgrade or do i have to wait to 17th September? Thanks Dave P.S. completely happy with O2 but they only do 24 month contracts wh

Solved: Does my number stay the same when I upgrade

Report Content. on ‎16-05-2020 15:12. @Simone1 Yes, your number will stay the same. You will be sent a new sim, but you don't have to use it. You can use your old sim if it's the same size. If your new phone is a 5G phone and you want to use a 5G sim you will have to do a sim swap.

Solved: My phone keeps saying not registered to network wh

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Solved: Two Iphones

1 ACCEPTED SOLUTION. At the very least you both need a separate AppleID in the imessage and facetime settings as that is what is causing the problems. It would also be beneficial to use a separate AppleID for your iCloud backups too as it means you each have 5GB rather than having to share it. There are advantages to keeping the same ID for

Solved: Samsung S9 rejecting calls

Solved: Hi All, My Samsung S9 keeps rejecting all calls from a friend in my contacts, he says it rings once then bleeps twice before cutting off, he