️ Is Owning An RV Worth It ️ What There Is To Know!

A travel trailer is an adventurous vehicle that comes in all shapes and sizes. The travel trailer offers models that can sleep up to 4 or a cozier option that can sleep up to two individuals. Some features of the travel trailer include spacious interiors, slide outs, and some travel …


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Pick A Part Junkyard ️ Finding Parts for Your RV or Camper

The pick a part junkyard also known as the salvage yard is a large lot filled with inoperable vehicles and automobiles including RVs and campers. There are some salvage junkyards that specifically cater to travel vehicles like RVs, popup campers, and travel trailers.


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️ How Long Can a Car Run on Empty ️

Many modern cars have an estimate of how many miles you can travel before running out of gas. Bear in mind, though, that these mileage forecasts are just estimates. Sitting in traffic, traveling at high speeds, or ascending a steep hill may all have a significant effect on these figures.


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What To Buy – AWD vs. FWD

However, though, no matter how an AWD vehicle is designed if you own one, you should be able to rely on it to get you *anywhere you wish to travel. Summing Up There is no *right answer to AWD vs. FWD, as it truly does depend on what you need …


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Can a Timing Belt Last 200,000 Miles

According to the US Department of Transportation, the average driver in America travels 13500 miles per year. At that rate, A timing belt should last between 4.4 years and 7.4 years worth of travel. The average Jetta owner would get all the way up …


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Negative Camber ️ What Is It and Why Does it Happen

The word camber isn't one that comes up very often in casual conversation and not everyone knows what it refers to. When we're talking about your car, camber is the word we use to refer to the angle of the wheels.This relates to the vertical position of the wheel as it sits on the road.


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Steering Wheel Not Straight ️ Here's What You Need to Know

Even if you're off centre steering wheel isn't affecting your car's ability to travel in a straight line, it can still be frustrating for you as a driver to see that the wheel is off-kilter. Also, psychologically, it can cause you to overcompensate in the wrong direction when you're trying to make turns or avoid obstacles in a pinch if your


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Here's How Much Transmission Repair Cost Should Run You

So, without a transmission, a car could only travel at one speed, which is pretty much how a fixed-gear bike works. Worse, the lack of transmission of power to the wheels won't allow it to travel at all. That's a basic definition of car transmission systems, but …


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The Importance of an Engine Splash Shield ️ What You Need

Many of them travel hundreds of miles a week, and that can cause a lot of wear and tear on components such as the steering wheel, breaks and gas peddle. However, one thing you might not think about is what all that driving is doing to the underside of your car. There are rocks, pebbles, puddles, and other debris that hit the bottom of your car


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Ford Transmission Problems ️ Everything You Need To Know

Karczewski also talked about his car sputtering in traffic and he does not travel to the places he desires to drive. Ford Fiesta Owner Discusses Transmission Issues Another Ford owner talked about the issues she has with her Focus model: “I bought my car brand new in 2011, November.


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The Most Common 2017 GMC Acadia Problems ️

They said when shift to park shows up to switch from park to drive and travel a few feet or switch to reverse and travel a few feet and then put it into park and that should resolve the problem. Asked what causes this problem and she could not give me an answer.” How to avoid buying a 2017 GMC Acadia with mechanical problems?


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DIY ️ How To Fix Low Compression In One Cylinder

Simply speaking, the gasket is the one that keeps everything in order in the engine as it prevents the coolant from mixing with the fuel as they both travel to the cylinder. Similar to the problem of the cylinder block, overheating is also the main culprit when it comes to gasket issues.


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Common Speed Sensor Problems ️ Symptoms, Causes, and How

The speed sensor can no longer display the travel speed of your vehicle. It is best that you have it repaired immediately. Illuminating check engine light. The engine control unit will set off the check engine light and a diagnostic trouble code if the signals from the speed sensors are lost.


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Is Your Ignition Coil Packs Bad or Is it the Spark Plugs

Even if your vehicle is operable, the engine’s performance will eventually decrease making it incredibly difficult to travel. Misfires are a common symptom of failing ignition coil packs and spark plugs. Intermittent misfiring can be dangerous because it can cause vibrations that make the vehicle difficult to handle and even cause the car to


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️ Cheapest Place To Get Brakes Done ️

OK- let’s travel this great country of ours, and find out who offers some of the cheapest brake jobs without sacrificing quality and durability. How Much Does Jiffy Lube Charge For Breaks? Jiffy Lube is a trusted name when it comes to car maintenance and they also perform brake jobs. Jiffy Lube offers brake replacement without cramping your day.


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The Life Expectancy of a Ford F-150 ️ Check Out How Many

Depending on how you travel in and use your F-150, front tires are prone to more wear and tear. Tire rotations not only extend the life of your F-150’s tires, but you can be assured of a smoother ride. You’ll also help to reduce the load of the vehicle’s suspension that come from uneven tires. You can even spot and fix alignment issues


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Everything You Should Know About a Bent Rim ️

With bent rims, alignment difficulties are prevalent, and if left unchecked, they can destroy your tires. When you collide with a curb, the power of the contact forces the wheel to travel in an opposite direction. The wheel is therefore out of line with the other three wheels on …


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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Check Head Gasket ️

Furthermore, the gasket separates the flow of oil and water that travel through the engine's block and cylinder head. A car's head gasket is exposed to numerous elements of the vehicle, including water, oil, exhaust gases, and gasoline. The fact that it contains the compression ratio within your car's combustion chamber demonstrates the


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How Long Does A Tire Plug Last ️ Everything You Need To Know

How Long Does a Tire Plug Last? Generally, tire experts state that a proper tire plug and patch job can last from seven to ten years. Even though tire patch and plug jobs can last a long time- in theory a tire should never be plugged more than once.


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Honda Oil Dilution ️ Everything You Need To Know

Keep in mind that this is a severe cold weather problem that affects drivers who seldom travel more than very short distances, often before the engine has had a chance to warm up properly. As a result, in terms of total CR-V sales volume, it's not very popular in the United States (nearly 380k sold last year in the United States.


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How GPS Works in Cars ️ Everything You Need to Know!

Since the microwave signals can travel at the speed of light, the receivers will be able to receive the data from the GPS satellites at the same time. The GPS satellites transmit signals toward the Earth constantly including their exact position and the exact time as measured by an atomic clock.


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A Cracked Engine Block – The Top Things You Need to Know!

Just mentioning the phrase “cracked engine block” sends shivers down the spines of most car owners. Why? Because unlike other engine issues that are simple to repair, like a bad fuse, a cracked radiator hose, or worn brakes.A crack in your engine block is a severe concern that often signals a costly repair (if a fix is even possible at all).


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9 Causes of a Knocking Noise from Front Wheel When Driving

This in turn helps stabilize your ride so that you don't really feel every single bump and variation in the road under you as you travel. If your struts or your strut mounts begin to wear out or sustain enough damage, then their ability to both eliminate noise and reduce that vibration is …


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️ Ford EcoBoost Turbo Problems ️ What You Should Know!

The 2.0 EcoBoost engine is a solid performer. In general, there aren't many common issues, and the internals and main engine components last a long time. These engines should be able to travel 150,000 miles with ease. However, if you exceed these mileages, you can prepare to have to replace different engine material components.


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️ Ford Explorer Reliability ️ How Long Do Ford Explorers Last

There’s also the advanced all-wheel-drive (AWD) system of the 2017 Ford Explorer- that makes is a capable vehicle for off-road travel. Ford Explorer Recall on 2020 Models According to the nhtsa.gov website : “ Ford Motor Company[is] recalling certain 2020 Ford Explorer vehicles equipped with 2.3L or 3.3L engines.


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2019 Ford Ranger Problems and Most Reported Complaints! ️

The brake pedal went all the way to the floor and my foot then engaged the gas pedal also. The Ranger lunged forward and hit a store sign. I have had two instances of unintended acceleration while braking, on both occasions the engine revved and the vehicle went forward. Only have 950 miles on it. The brake pedal has a lot of travel before


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️ Noco Boost Plus GB40 Review ️ What You Should Know!

When you travel frequently, having a portable car jump starter in your trunk is essential. Car trouble is inevitable and there’s nothing scarier than being stranded at night or during bad weather conditions. Since you can’t predict when your car battery will fail it’s good to always be prepared.


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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery ️ Here's The Scoop

When it comes to the life expectancy of your Honda Civic hybrid battery it largely depends on how much you travel. Some Honda Hybrid batteries can last longer while others may not. Initial reports from Honda claimed that the Honda Civic Hybrid battery was lasting well beyond the warranty period for most consumers while only 0.002 percent failed.


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How Long Does a Timing Chain Last ️

In an interference engine, the timing chain is also important in preventing the piston from striking the valves. This type of engine is a 4-stroke internal combustion piston engine in which one or more valves in the fully open position are extended into any area through which the piston may travel.


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My Car Won't Crank ️ What Could Be the Issue

The distributor cap directs electricity to the spark plugs which in turn ignites the fueling process. When the distributor cap is broken or can’t close properly the spark won’t travel. As a result, in some cases, your car won’t crank. If the distributor cap is …


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️ Dodge Intrepid Problems And Reliability ️ What You Need

We travel to work and have a family. I saw this car & loved it, not knowing what we are in for!!! This engine is bad and once we had an issue with the engine, got it fixed. Now, my husband drove home from work & NO WARNING LIGHTS came on and suddenly he pulled over because he heard a loud noise & called me to pick him up. We had it looked at


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️ Engine Knocking Sound ️ What Causes It And How Can I Fix

This is the loud clacking noise that you will hear as the driver if rod bearings become damaged over time. The piston rod is connected to the bearings, allowing the crankshaft to spin and the piston to travel smoothly. Damage to these bearings lets the rod knock against the crankshaft, since there is a small gap between the piston rod and


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How to Get Rid of Roaches in a Car

Roaches in cars are more typical than you think. Even like your home can become infested with bugs, so can your car. Yet, most folks are shocked when roaches set up shop inside of their vehicle, especially if the car is not a clunker and your daily driver.


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My Car Won’t Start but the Radio and Lights Work ️ Find

A problem with your ignition switch could allow power to travel to the lights and the other electrical components while not sending the correct signal that you're trying to start your vehicle. Remember, your ignition switch works in three different positions. The first position will turn on your accessories like the lights.


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2019 RAM 1500 Problems and Most Reported Complaints! ️

The brake pedal would either become really soft or it would travel to the floorboard when depressed. The failures occurred without warning. The vehicle was driven to dealership to be diagnosed, but the failures could not be replicated. The service manager stated that new brake master cylinders may need to be installed.


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Putting Unleaded Gas in Diesel Engines is a Bad Idea ️

If we travel to the city, we gripe about higher gas prices. When we journey to the far suburbs or countryside, we marvel at the lower prices. Sometimes, we get a little mixed up. In our game of price checking, we might confuse the two prices – one always seems to be a …


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Clutch Fluid Vs Brake Fluid ️ Is There A Difference

Clutch fluid is actually brake fluid that is housed in the clutch master cylinder. Once you go to depress the clutch pedal, this particular fluid will travel from the clutch master cylinder, then enter into the slave cylinder. The pressure of the fluid then engages the clutch. This action allows you to shift gears.


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Differential Fluid Change ️ Is it Really Necessary

A differential is a part of your vehicle’s rear and front axle assembly that makes up for the difference in distance that the outside wheels and the inside wheels travel when your vehicle turns or drives through corners. It is because when you make a turn, the inside wheels travel less compared to the outside wheels.


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Reduced Engine Power ️ Everything You Need To Know

Additionally, some cars may disable non-essential accessory components, such as the radio. The short answer is that while it is possible to drive when your “reduced engine power” light in on, you should get your car towed if it must travel further than a couple of miles. What Should I Do if the “Reduced Engine Power” Light Comes On?


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4 Wheel Alignment ️ How Much Should A 4 Wheel Alignment …

He or she will adjust them so that both of those wheels will travel parallel as you drive your vehicle. As this is the simplest of alignments, may auto techs recommend bypassing this service if you have a modern vehicle, due to the fact that this excludes the rear or the back angels of the wheels.


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How To Sell A Car in Oregon And Follow All State Guidelines

Selling Your Car Online. In today’s day and age, it is common to sell lots of things online and cars tops the list. From Facebook, to Craigslist, there are a plethora of car ads, with each seller hoping to make a quick sale and get quick cash!


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How Does a Safety Sense System Work in a Toyota SUV ️ Find Out

Hence, drivers must continue to pay attention to the surrounding conditions, location of the vehicle and the travel direction even when LTA is activated. Drivers are ultimately responsible for vehicle operation and steering input at all times.


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There’s A Slow Leak In My Tire

Have you noticed that one of your tires is continually losing air? Do you have to constantly fill the same tire up with air?You could have a slow leak in your tire. There are many common issues as to why this could be occurring.


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Car Won’t Move in Any Gear ️ Automatic Transmission

The first gear will lock the transmission into first gear. Many vehicles will automatically switch out of this gear at a certain RPM to protect the engine. First gear is used to drive uphill or downhill, tow a heavy load, or travel during slippery conditions. Common Automatic Transmission Problems


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️ Nissan Murano Problems ️ 2004 & 2009 the WORST Years!

The last recall for the 2009 Nissan Murano is the ABS valve remains open after an ABS event. If the valves do not properly close in the ABS system, the additional brake pedal travel might be necessary in order to properly stop the car.


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Automatic ️ Transmission Problem With Shifting Gears.

Your automatic transmission is a complicated – and important – mechanical and computer-operated system within your car. Since your automatic transmission is one of the most expensive parts and mechanisms to repair or replace in your vehicle, this means you are better off paying attention to the symptoms of a faulty transmission before it worsens.


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The Ford F150 5.0 Engine Problems ️ Excessive Oil Consumption!

This led to an insufficient amount of piston ring tension- resulting in the engine oil to travel to the combustion chambers. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege the engine oil is not adequately separated from the truck’s combustion cycle as it should be. Instead, the oil burns and is furthermore consumed during the combustion cycle.


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Low Oil Pressure at Idle: ️ Possible Causes and How to Fix It!

It involves the lubricant, the oil pump, and even the distance that it needs to travel to reach every corner and parts of the engine. The measure of the force pushing the oil through the oil pump and the distances it has to go through like the pipes, joints, filters and other parts that can decrease the force is known as the oil pressure.


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