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Board Game Rules and Instructions. Our board game index is loaded with all your favorite classic board games and most likely ones you have never heard of before. To get the most fun out of your games, you need to understand the game rules. Don't let the other team change or even make up their own rules or instructions in their favor.

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Welcome to Board Game Capital! If you're looking for some fun entertainment with family and friends, you've come to the right place. We offer a basic synopsis of hundreds of tabletop games, official game rules for how to play, comment boards, free game reviews, …

Upwords Game Rules / How To Play

Couple of rules we play. For 2 players the first two rounds must be 4 letter words . For 4 players just the first round. Additionally, once all the tiles have been taken (I.e. the bag is …

Split Game Rules / How To Play

Split is a simple game to learn how to play. Read the Split rules and instructions to find out more.

Wheel of Fortune Game Rules / How To Play

Now, here's your chance to spin the wheel, choose letters, and see how far you can go. You'll need a combination of luck and skill in the game of Wheel of Fortune as you try to collect the most Wheel dollars and win. Each edition of the Wheel of Fortune game feature different puzzles in categories such as Same Name, Before and After, On the

Sequence Game Rules / How To Play

09-11-2017. The Sequence game rules state that "you may use any one of the spaces from your first SEQUENCE as part of your second". I take this to mean that I can add a single chip to the end or beginning of an existing SEQUENCE to create a new SEQUENCE. Just …

Clue Game Rules / How To Play

Clue game play is then continued to the player left of Miss Scarlet. Players move their suspect token across the yellow squares the amount shown on the die in their roll. You may move your token forwards, backwards, or crosswise all in the same turn. Moving your token diagonally is against the Clue rules.

This That & Everything Game Rules / How To Play

ABOUT THIS GAME. You have 30 seconds - Go! Your task is to try and give clues to a wide variety of famous people, things, and places for their teammates to guess. No need to wait or keep track of who's turn it is. Shout out the answer when you know it and see if you can get the most points. This That & Everything is the perfect name for a card

Stone Age Game Rules / How To Play

Step back in time, like way back in time, to the stone ages. In the game Stone Age, players will "relive" the basic lifestyles of people back then by finding resources, building and using tools and find food to feed their family.

Blurt Game Rules / How To Play

Blurt is a fast board game where players or teams race to the finish by blurting out the words they think fit the descriptions read. There is no penalty for blurting out the wrong answer. In Blurt, you just keep blurting out words until the correct one is named. Blurt is the Webster's game of word racing. Have fun with your friends and family

Trouble Game Rules / How To Play

RED 1: means the other player can move one out if they can, you don't move that turn. DOUBLE Xs: if you stop on them you get another turn. You are allowed to pass your pieces, if you stop on any piece they are sent home. If you stop on a warp spot you travel to connecting warp spot on other side of …

30 Seconds Game Rules / How To Play

30 Seconds is a game where you literally have 30 seconds to get your teammates to guess five of the people, places, and things that are on the card in your hand. 30 Seconds is a fast-paced game. This game is great for group parties because it can involve many people and gets everyone talking to help figure out the stuff on the card.

Payday (Pay Day) Game Rules / How To Play

HOW TO PLAY. Perparation: To begin the game, all players need to decide for how many months the game will be played (usually 2-4 months works best lasting 1-2 hours). All cards must be shuffled. One Deal card is then set aside (face down) by sliding it under the edge of …

Skip Bo Game Rules / How To Play

Skip Bo players are dealt a handful of cards and try to be the first to organize their hand in numerical order starting with 1 through 12. While playing Skip Bo, it's the luck of the draw. The theory seems simple but can result a game full of strategy and tactful moves. Skip Bo is easy to learn how to play and extremely portable.

Pictionary Game Rules / How To Play

Pictionary is a board game where a player from each team take turns drawing a word on a card that they pull. Their team members need to guess this word with no other hints other than drawings. You don't need to be a great artist to be good at Pictionary. You just need to be creative and draw the right things at the right moment to win this game.

Scum Game Rules / How To Play

Scum is a very easy card game to learn how to play but has tons of strategy built in that varies depending on the round or set of cards you have. Players try to get rid of their cards by sequentially getting rid of their cards in the pair amount that played. Go out first to move up the royalty ladder.

Minecraft Card Game Game Rules / How To Play

If you love Minecraft, you'll love this fun card game that continues the fun of the original game. The Minecraft card game has fun authentic illustrations on the cards that will remind of the real game.

Five Crowns Game Rules / How To Play

Five Crowns takes your traditional deck of cards to a new level. Cards look very similar to your traditional poker deck although there is an addition of a star suit (which is where it got its name Five Crowns). With a solitaire version of this game you can have anywhere from one to seven people playing.

Labyrinth Game Rules / How To Play

In the suspenseful game of Labyrinth players must find treasures. These aren't just any treasure though, they are unique to each player. The Labyrinth game board is always adjusting and changing to make this a confusing and eventful game.

Risk Game Rules / How To Play

Risk is a popular game for major strategy type players. Risk can be played for hours and is a board game of world domination. In Risk, the object is to conquer the world by attacking to acquire territory and defending your own territory from your opponents. Risk is a turn-based game and is best if played with two to six players.

Hi Ho Cherry-O Game Rules / How To Play

Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a fun game where players want to be the first to fill their basket. How do you fill your basket? You need to be the first player to get ten cherries. This sounds pretty easy, but along the way you'll find a dog and a bird that are both ready to help you empty your basket. Hi Ho!

Greedy Granny Game Rules / How To Play

This fun kids game is exciting to play and will get kids giggling as granny's teeth come flying out. Intended for players ages five and up, Greedy Granny is a game that kids will want to play over and over. Playing doesn't take very long and up to four kids can play together. Tell us what you think about Greedy Granny and buy your copy today.

Take Away Game Rules / How To Play

Takeaway is a simple game that almost all ages can play. Children from age 7 and up with two to four people can play Takeaway. This game is a card game where you try to collect as many cards as you can in each round. Takeaway is a great game to take with you on vacations or where ever you need a little fun. Give the card game Takeaway a shot today!

Buzzword Game Rules / How To Play

Be sure to read through these Buzzword game rules and instructions so you are aware of how to play Buzzword. Rules are simple and straight forward so check these Buzzword directions out today!

ImaginIff (Imagin Iff) Game Rules / How To Play

to each player during their turn. Different options are then given. Everyone must place pick their answer to that question trying to pick the same card that the person themselves chooses. ImaginIff will liven up the party and surely get the conversation going. ImaginIff is very easy to learn how to play and doesn't take long to complete a game.

Careers Game Rules / How To Play

Careers, the board game, is considered a classic board game and has been a favorite of many families since it came out in the 1950s. Careers has varied between many styles and colors, but is back to its original coloring from its original come out. The object of the game Careers is to choose your personal formula to achieve success.

Twister Game Rules / How To Play

HOW TO WIN. The last player left in the game of Twister is the winner of the game! If there are only 2 players and no referee, you can play without using the spinner. One player calls out the body part; the other player calls out the circle color. Players alternate turns calling out the body part first. Otherwise, game play is the same, with

Scribblish Game Rules / How To Play

Scribblish is a must have parlor or party game that you'll want for your friends to enjoy. Game play is simple and with only 30 seconds to guess the clue, everyone will be on their toes. Throw in the additional twist of being able to crown the game clowns or artist so it …

Mastermind Game Rules / How To Play

Mastermind is considered "the challenging game of logic and deduction." Like cracking codes? Mastermind will get you thinking while you try to crack a four …

You're Pulling My Leg Game Rules / How To Play

You're Pulling My Leg is a fun conversation book that can be played as a game. Learn how to play and start the conversations.

Anybody's Guess Game Rules / How To Play

HOW TO PLAY. Perparation: Two groups are made and the five prediction cards are given to each team. Both teams start in the beginning space (START) on the board. Place a stack of cards into the card viewer with the starter card on top. Make sure all doors are closed.

Dice / Card Game Rules, How To Play, Instructions

Dice & Card Game Rules and Instructions. Portable dice or card games are great to take places and usually have a pretty straight forward set of rules (nothing too elaborate with pawns, game boards, tokens, etc). We've got you covered if your official game rules have gotten lost or if you just want a refresher on how to play.

Kerplunk Game Rules / How To Play

Players insert all the colorful sticks into the game tube and then place all the marbles on top of them. One by one every player gets a turn to remove a stick hoping that all the marbles stay on the top. Every marble that falls through on your turn is counted against you. Whoever has the least amount of marbles at the end of the game is the winner.

Rock Me Archimedes Game Rules / How To Play

What to play a challenging game that also throws in a little gravity and physics? Rock Me Archimedes is a brain twisting game where your goal is to get four of your …

Pandemic Game Rules / How To Play

Pandemic is a fun board game that requires a lot of strategy and team work as you all attempt to win together. This will be no small task so game play will take upwards to 1 hour to complete. Pandemic will keep you on the edge of your seat as you race against the diseases trying to stop them. Winning the best new family game award in 2009 this

Chronology Game Rules / How To Play

Learn how to play Chronology with these game rules and instructions. Board Game Capital offers Chronology game directions and many other game rules.

Phase 10 Dice Game Rules / How To Play

Game play is pretty much the same but instead of cards, you roll dice. You get three rolls to try and get the highest score and complete your phase. If you do, you move on. If not, you must redo your phase. Phase 10 Dice is great for almost any amount of players and of all ages. It is just as portable as the original Phase 10.

Forks In The Timeline Game Rules / How To Play

Forks In The Timeline is a game that you can play just for fun or get more into it and go for the points. It's a game of whimsy and wit where you have infinite power to bend history at will.

Illusion Game Rules / How To Play

Illusion is a fun light-weight game that messes with both your brain and your eyes. Players will need to arrange cards in order depending on how much of a given color is visible on the card. Sounds pretty easy except the cards were intentionally designed to trick you. …

Otrio Game Rules / How To Play

HOW TO PLAY. Perparation: Place the pieces on the outermost board. Like colors should be placed together. Game Play: 2 players: each player will select two colors. Take turns placing one piece per turn in the playing areas, alternating between your two colors. (play proceeds clockwise) 3 or 4 players: each player selects a color.

Jinx Game Rules / How To Play

ABOUT THIS GAME. Let the luck of the dice determine how you play the game of Jinx. Players try to line up their pieces in a row on the board. But, one roll can change everything. One roll could mean starting over or moving your opponeent's pieces off the board. Roll the dice and see how it goes.

Flippin' Out Game Rules / How To Play

Flippin' Out is a great card game for up to 5 players and won't take a long time to play. Different rounds make up the game and if you have the lowest score at the end of the game you'll win. Give Flippin' Out a try today! Perhaps the goal of this game is to not flip out while playing Flippin' Out.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Game Rules / How To

The game has two parts. In the first part, players collect clues to figure out which one of Carmen's V.I.L.E. henchman stole a famous landmark. In the second part, player track the thief to his/her hideout. The first player to reach the thief's hideout wins the game Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego.

Adverteasing Game Rules / How To Play

Adverteasing is an awesome game of slogans, commercials, and jingles. Try to match products with their jingle, commercial, or slogan. Adverteasing comes with over 600 trivia questions.

Anti-Monopoly Game Rules / How To Play

Learn how to play the exciting new game of Anti-Monopoly by reading the complete rules and instructions. Learn how to compete in the modern world of free market competitors and monopolists.

Ribbit Rivalry Game Rules / How To Play

Ribbit Rivalry makes two to four player carefully plan their moves, minimize their risks and even play offensively by embracing risky moves that reduce their opponent's options. This simple board game packs quite the fun in this frog hopping, lily pad landing board game. Learning how to play is simple an easy - playing is a lot of fun.

F-R-A-N-G-O Game Rules / How To Play

Learn fractions and become a math wiz the fun way. Frango is a great game that teaching kids how to compare fractions and understand the concept of division.