What is Remote Work and is It Here to Stay in 2021 and Beyond

Instead, you work from somewhere else and have the flexibility to travel to other places. For example, if your company is based in New York or London, you can work while exploring Bali or Peru. All you need to live that digital nomad lifestyle is a strong internet connection.


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Helping Remote Employees Be Productive (2021 Guide)

Travel reimbursement for commuting to the office. Equipment costs for office workers. Depending on your business’s size, this could equal significant cost savings without having to change your organization structure or forgo brick-and-mortar business activities.


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Nearshoring: What It Is, Pros, Cons, Top Destinations

A nearshore Latin American country not only saves your travel time but also reduces the travel cost. c. Language and Cultural Similarity. Due to globalization and the shared history between the two nations, Mexican people may understand the cultural nuances of the Americans.


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Virtual Assistants: What They Do & How to Hire (2021 Update)

Booking travel arrangements for weekend trips or vacations. Helping you make purchases – gifts, books, stationary, hardware and perhaps even clothes! As a lot of these tasks don’t need to be done by someone in-person, they can easily be outsourced to a VA instead. 3) Content Creation


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Top 25 Virtual Assistant Websites For VA Services In 2021

Hire an executive assistant to help with travel booking, calendar, and appointment setting. Graphic design services to create logos, custom branded graphics, and promotional images. The Process Of Hiring A VA. 1. Fill out the detailed form on the Contact Us page. 2. Their team will get in touch to understand your needs. Pros


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Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees

Encouraging your employees to travel is recommended if you want to have a happy, productive workforce. Remote work allows your employees to travel and contribute at the same time. Individualized Working Habits. Working between the hours of 9am to 5pm, five days a week is the standard workweek for most corporations. However, working habits are


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Nearshoring to Mexico in 2021: Benefits, Challenges, Solutions

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the manufacturing industry, and strict travel restrictions and have affected the global supply chain. Companies now have to innovate flexible supply chain solutions. When nearshoring to Mexico, American companies don’t have to worry about the travel restrictions.


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Business Process Outsourcing (2021 Guide + 7 BPO Trends)

Travel. A company may outsource the processes necessary to support its travel logistics. Outsourcing services such as ticket and hotel booking can save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Even travel companies such as airlines use travel BPO to enhance business productivity.


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How to Drastically Improve Workplace Flexibility (2021 Guide)

Whether they travel by bus, train or car, a remote worker who skips the daily commute can save on travel expenses. Additionally, they also free up an hour or two of their schedule — which can be used to tackle work or personal needs. B. Benefits for Employers. 1. Improved Employee Retention


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6 Important Remote Work Statistics To Know in 2021

According to a recent survey carried out by Simform, seventy percent (70%) of employees were content with working remotely because it enabled them to travel and live as they desired. There are all sorts of costs associated with hiring new employees.


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30 Legit Filipino Work from Home Job Sites That Won't Scam

The top three sites for Projects based employment are: Upwork has a large database of professional freelancers that can get the job done. One of the pioneers in the work-from-home arena. Freelancer has a large database of freelancers (similar to Upwork) where you can list yourself to be hired. PeoplePerHour is a smaller platform compared with


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Evaluating the Top 36 Virtual Assistant Companies of 2021

The ability to manage high-value tasks such as prospect development and lead generation, CRM data entry and maintenance, travel arrangements, scheduling, expense reporting, document preparation, email management, incoming and outgoing calls, and so much more.


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How to Boost Employee Satisfaction in A Hybrid

3. Greater Travel Opportunities. In a post-COVID scenario, the hybrid workforce model offers employees more travel opportunities. The idea of the ‘digital nomad’ has become popular among remote employees.


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Salesforce Time Tracking: The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Travel & Hospitality; Why Should You Set Up Salesforce Time Tracking? Salesforce offers a ton of products that can streamline your workflows. And when you use a comprehensive software like Salesforce, it’s always an excellent idea to have a time tracking system in place.


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How To Hire And Manage A Virtual Executive Assistant (2021

Travel arrangements for the employees and the office assistant. Overhead expenses like electricity, internet, and employee’s life insurance. Costs involved in getting office equipment. Real estate charges of having a physical office. Additionally, paying a skilled virtual assistant is cheaper than paying an in-house employee. How?


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How To Maintain Accurate Employee Attendance Records In

2. Do Keep A Record Of Training And Travel Hours. Under FLSA, you must pay employees for all work during regular working hours. This includes time spent attending training seminars, company-mandated conferences, and business trips — as long as these events happen during working hours.


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Virtual Office Management: 4 Proven Tips to Succeed

Not being bound to an office saves on travel time to and from work. This means more time to focus on other activities that contribute to the growth of the business, like sales and marketing. More flexibility can also result in a greater work life balance, so your employees are happier and more productive.


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8 High Paying Remote Jobs of 2021

When it comes to high paying remote jobs, tech is where it’s at. If you have marketable tech skills, you won’t have any problem finding a job. One of the highest paying remote jobs in the tech world is that of a Senior iOS developer. Senior iOS developers can make anywhere from $130,000 to $160,000 a year, as sourced from salaries from


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The Clear & Complete Guide To IT Outsourcing (2021)

The idea behind this is that it would be easier to travel and communicate if any clarifications are required. For example, if you’re based in the United States, outsourcing to Mexico is an example of nearshore outsourcing. 3. Onshore Or Domestic Outsourcing.


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12+ Slack Games And Apps For Remote Teams (2021)

These channels cover a ton of topics such as travel enthusiasts sharing the best photo spots, soccer buffs arguing over the latest games, and gamers discussing a video game with the game developer. You can easily create a new channel so that each employee can get together and discuss non-work related topics or play a fun game whenever they are


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Free Consultant Timesheet Templates (Excel, PDF, Word)

Google Sheets (To download, click File > Make a Copy) Excel. Word. PDF. 4. Monthly Timesheets. This gives you an overview of the work done by your consultants on a monthly basis. While it isn’t that detailed, monthly timesheets make it easy to create monthly payrolls.


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4 Free Excel Time Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

Here are 4 free Excel time tracking templates that you can modify to track your employee work hours effectively: 1. Weekly Timesheet. A weekly timesheet is necessary if you calculate your employee work hours, paid-time-off and wages on a weekly basis. Download Your Free Weekly Timesheet. 2.


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How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business in 2021

booking travel arrangements; content creation and article writing; scheduling social media posts; Some VAs offer more advanced services like project management, programming, SEO and managing finances. These VAs will charge higher rates since their services require formal training or a degree (e.g. a degree in computer science for advanced


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Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistant Call Center Services

Making travel arrangements for personal and business trips. Personal shopping — ordering your goods online and having them delivered to you. You can also hire a dedicated virtual assistant to handle specialized tasks such as accounting services or HR management.


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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs: How to Find One and Get Hired

You have the freedom to travel and not be stuck to a single location. Because of all these benefits, an increasing number of people are choosing to take up work from home jobs. In 2017, 43% of U.S. workers worked remotely at least occasionally, up from 9% of workers in 2007. The Best-Known Companies are Hiring for Work From Home Roles


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5 Key Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your

5. Frees Up Time For Strategic Thinking. As virtual assistants can perform your non-core activities, you have more time to focus on growing your business. Rather than wasting time and resources in doing day-to-day operations, you can invest it to think strategically about the business from a long term perspective.


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How to Hire and Manage a Legal Virtual Assistant (2021

Travel costs of commuting to the office, etc. Also, paying a top-notch remote legal assistant is usually less expensive than paying a full-time employee. How? Most legal assistants charge hourly rates for the task, so you only need to pay for the work they do.


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How Nearshoring Services Can Help Your Business (2021)

However, managing travel and logistics to an offshore country can be tedious and hectic and may affect the overall efficiency of the work processes. Additionally, different time zones, cultural differences, and language barriers can lead to inefficient communication and workflows.


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10 Smart Teleconference Tips for Productive Meetings

Gone are those days when you would have had to travel long distances just to have a face to face discussion. With video conferencing, all you need to do is get into the nearest meeting room and dial the other person. You can also connect with several long distance teams at the click of a button, allowing everyone in the team to be seen and present.


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3 Work Models Plus a Guide to Choose the Best for Your

Avoiding the hassles of daily travel is one of the biggest rewards of remote work – especially when the world’s biggest, busiest cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Delhi report terrible traffic conditions. The energy and time saved can be channeled into work …


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Create A Foolproof Time And Attendance Policy For Remote

You can set up the tracking and attendance system so that field agents will have to submit a list of locations they will travel to during the workday. The GPS will then track field agents throughout the workday and sync over WiFi so you can see if they’re working on tasks at an approved work location.


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Study Shows Employees are Dreading The Return to Office

Travel time and getting ready have been replaced with free time and getting fulfillment. Many have taken up new habits like reading, meditating, or exercising. Parents have been able to spend priceless time with their children that they never had prior to switching to remote work.


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HR Outsourcing: Everything You Need To Know

Determining allowances (like house rent and travel allowances) and salary components (like variable pay and net pay). Gathering and verifying extra expenses incurred by the employees, along with the deductions from their salaries. Accounting and processing payouts.


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Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring: Does It Increase

2. Employee monitoring is one of the best ways to maintain productivity, establish accountability and keep track of working hours. However, it’s only beneficial when done correctly. Employee monitoring can also lead to privacy issues, lowered employee morale and potential legal complications. In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons


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Coworking Trends: 11 Predictions for 2021

In the future, there are possibilities of coworking spaces that travel to different countries and even continents. For digital nomads and traveling remote workers, this is a big thing and a trend worth looking out for. Who knows, this trend may redefine both remote work and modern workplaces as we know it. 8. Traditional Industries Switching to


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10 of the Best Virtual Office Software Your Team Needs for

Get pre-negotiated corporate discounts for your whole team on fitness, travel, entertainment, etc. Choose from thousands of items, experiences, and rewards. Pricing. Pricing available on request. Customer Reviews. G2: 4.6/5 (1500+ reviews) Capterra: 4.6/5 (200+ reviews)


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Top 17 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies

Wipro is a leading Indian provider of IT, consulting and other BPO services. Based out of Bangalore, India, the company helps businesses in banking, retail, travel, education and other industries. Number of Employees: 150,000+ Major Clients: Walmart, Philips, Best Buy and HP. Key BPO Services: Cloud infrastructure. Customer experience management.


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A Guide To Writing The Perfect Virtual Assistant Job

The first step in making this happen includes writing a solid virtual assistant job description. Here is how. 1. Write a Clear Title with Relevant Keyword. The first element to writing a good virtual job description is writing a clear job title and including the relevant keyword. Without a clear title that includes your main keyword (job title


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The Ultimate Guide To Offshore Companies In The

If you can’t travel to the Philippines, engage your employees through other means, such as virtual meetings. You’ll be surprised how a simple gesture like this can significantly boost your team’s morale and productivity. 4. Manage Your Offshore Team With the Right Tools


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How to Avoid Crazy High Currency Exchange Fees

Hi Rob. I found Swaash is a great app for travelers to avoid big fee! I had the test trial of using the pre-launched the app. It is really easy to use, and my friend told me it is also only cost me USD$1.5 for swapping currency with local people wherever I travel to. And pay even less when I …


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How To Start An Agency (Step-by-Step Guide)

Happy clients turn into loyal clients and loyal clients can increase your agency’s cash flow and bottom line through additional projects. Additionally, they can give client testimonials and refer you to their network, bringing in new business for your agency. 3. Implement Proper Workflows.


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18 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment and Optimize

A ‘go-bag’ can keep all of your work-related items in one place. This may also prevent you from forgetting anything when you travel. The same organization for a desk applies to a ‘go-bag’: Be sure you organize the contents of your bag within small containers or ziplock bags to prevent clutter.


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What is Virtual Project Management

Travel reimbursement for commuting to the office. Equipment costs for running office operations, etc. This allows you to save up on costs without changing your business structure in any way. 2. Improves Productivity. Employees who work remotely save time that goes in:


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Virtual Assistant Philippines: How to Hire, Pay & More (2021)

Travel bookings; Social media marketing; Lead generation; 2. Article/Content Writer. Virtual assistants that fall within this category are experienced (but not expert) writers that complete tasks like: Content creation – articles, ebooks, etc. Article writing and promotion; Video blog transcription and management; 3. SEO Specialist


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15 Essential Outsourcing Tips for Better Decision Making

For instance, when choosing the right vendor, you will lose time and may encounter fees from networking websites or other sources. Negotiating and drawing up a contract in some instances can carry legal fees, and continuing the relationship will have costs in time or possibly travel. 4. Choose the Right Help


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Top 10 Risks of Outsourcing (and How to Manage Them)

You’ll also need to travel a great distance for inspections and frequent check-ins won’t be feasible every time. Additionally, if you’re unprepared for a quality or supply chain problem, it might take more time to fix it. How to Manage this Outsourcing Risk. For making the …


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8 Types Of Flexible Work Schedules For The

This cuts short their full-time work and allows them to work from home. The flexibility in switching to a remote work setup could be a welcome change for them – as they may prefer to minimize regular travel due to health considerations. 7. Job Sharing . A question most leaders face is how to accomplish a task in the shortest possible time


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What is Outsourcing and is it Right for Your Business in 2021

Mexico is the southern neighbor of the world’s largest economy and because of its proximity to the US, similar time zone, and ease of travel it is more convenient for Americans to travel and attend regular meetings and have face-to-face interactions with their software partners (such as Scio)


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Virtual Assistant China: Top Services, Tips (2021 Guide

Providing travel assistants for your personnel on the ground. Entering the Chinese social media network. Providing purchase assistants for online Chinese stores like Taobao. B. How It Works. To hire their services, contact the VAhut team via their contact page. C. Pricing. VAhut offers three options to pay for virtual assistant service:


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