Tips, Tricks, and Tech to Help Plan your Wedding

Here are a few of our tips, tricks, and tech to help make planning your wedding a breeze. This is our wedding planning guide to help you start planning your big day.

Party & Event Rental, Corporate

Whether you’re planning a corporate special event, traffic building promotion, team building event for 100 or a conference for 20,000, Absolute Amusements has the professional experience and exciting amusements and game rentals to make your event the talk of the industry! We specialize in corporate event rentals, trade show traffic building games, family fun days, and employee appreciation

Trade Show Traffic Building Ideas Absolute Amusements

Don't just be another booth in the crowded room. Stick out with these ideas on how to build traffic to your tradeshow booth. Let us tell your story, build your brand, and help you connect with your clients.

Event and Party Rental Services

Event Photography. Capturing the moment is an important aspect of a lot of events. Event photography comes in many types including actual photographers, photo booth rentals, green screen photography, and photo printing services.We offer a variety of event photography services including:

How to Create a Photo Opportunity Event Photo Op Ideas

Creating The Right Photo Experience. Everyone has seen photo booths, red carpet rinse and repeats, and green screen experiences at gala dinners, trade shows, and corporate events. Most of the time the experience is exactly the same. However, every now and then you …

9 Unique Ways To Add Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Stand Out With These Unique Ways To Build Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth These days it seems as if every trade show you walk into is comprised of endless rows of booths lined with LED screens, elaborate sound systems, and multicolored, brightly lit up displays. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars each year … Continue reading 9 Unique Ways To Add Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Constructing a Giant Lite-Brite

Constructing a Giant Lite-Brite. Building games is our passion. We love to recreate peoples favorite child hood games and make them life size for private homes, public spaces, or for corporate event rentals. The nerds at Absolute Amusements decided to build a Giant Light this go around.

Golf Simulator, Virtual Golf, Putting Green Rentals

Golf. Golf Simulator, Virtual Golf and Putting Green rentals are some of the fun activities that we, at Absolute Amusements, offer. Absolute Amusements services events in the Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Las Vegas areas or anything in-between. and one of our most popular offerings is our golf themed entertainment rentals.

Arcade Game, Video Game, Pinball Machine Rentals: …

Arcade Games. Customized arcade game rentals are something that can make your party extremely entertaining & personal. The best Pinball Machine Rentals can give customers in Jacksonville a certain amount of nostalgia.

Giant Piano Building a life size piano

Take that same love for chopstix, twinkle twinkle little star, or mary had a little lamb and make it fully interactive! That’s what we did with the Magic Keys Giant Piano. The magic keys GIANT piano was built in our Orlando Fl shop. The piano is a two octave keyboard with each key being able to be fully lit. Add to that 127 other sounds and

Event Decor Rental Red Carpet Rentals, Party Decor

Absolute Amusements Has a Huge Selection of Decor including Spandex Truss, Red Carpet Rentals, and Event Lighting. Absolute Amusements is a leading provider Event Decor Rentals: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas

Fundraiser Corporate Promotional Event & Party Rentals

Promotions. For the perfect fundraiser in Orlando or a corporate party in Tampa call Absolute Amusements. We have rentals for every occasion and will do everything we can to help make your event a success. We will help make your event in Fort Lauderdale something that will be remembered by all who attend. We will help you with the perfect way

High Striker Rental Custom High Striker

Absolute Amusements offers different sizes and options for our Hi Striker (High Striker). Step up and see how strong you are! Pick up the mallet and give it your best swing as you watch to see how high you can go. Get to the top and hear the bell ring. Successful participants can win a prize! The Hi Striker is perfect as a trade show traffic

Reasons To Throw A Company Party Event Planning

Reasons To Convince My Boss To Throw A Company Party Company Parties Are Not A Waste Of Money. There can sometimes be a stigma around throwing a company party because some believe it is a waste of money.Throwing a company party is NOT a waste of money.

Hosting A Dodgeball Tournament

Hosting A Dodgeball Tournament. Whether you are hosting a dodgeball event for a corporate event or for team building activity, there are a few things that you should know. Things like the size of the court, how many players, what type of balls or even how to keep score are all things you should look at before hosting your dodgeball event.

Casino Party Rentals Blackjack Table, Craps Table

Absolute Amusements is a leading provider of Casino Party Nights with Casino Game Rentals | Blackjack Tables, Craps Table Rentals, Poker Table Rentals : Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas

Corporate Event Game Show Rental Absolute Amusements

Absolute Amusements loves Game Shows! We love to have just as much fun as you do and that’s why we are experts in Game Show Production in the Corporate Event World. When you host Game Shows, there are a lot of little details to plan and manage. Everything from the questions to how the moderator interacts with the contestants and the crowd

Dunk Tank Rentals Custom Dunk Tank

The Dunk Tank features a target and a see-through window for easy viewing of the dunkee. Guests throw (3) softballs at the target. Each ball that hits the target sends the dunkee splish-splashing into the water. Our custom dunking booth allows you to put your brand’s message or …

Corporate Event Ideas, Corporate Event Planning, Corporate

For over 20 years the experts at Absolute Amusements have been helping businesses in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada with corporate event planning that is guaranteed to satisfy any type of meeting or company event. No matter the size of your event, whether it is 20 people or 200, our staff of trained professionals will help you

Ping Pong Table, Volley Ball, Pop A Shot Rentals: Orlando

Absolute Amusements is a leading provider of Ping Pong Table, Volley Ball, Pop A Shot Rentals in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas

Electronic Putting Challenge Rentals: Orlando, Tampa

Electronic Putting Challenge. Our Electronic Putting Challenge utilizes a unique, flexible surface. Once a hole is played, the green is adjusted by the game’s computer to simulate the contours of actual golf greens achieving dramatic realism.

2020 Event Planning Trends

2020 Event Planning Trends. 2020 is the start of a new decade and maybe the last push where events and consumer-like experiences are blurred together.We have put together a list of event planning trends that are expected to become more important and some ideas on how to address them.. The first trend, which seems to be growing, is the desire for more intimate events.

Guide To Creating A Family Fun Night Corporate Event

Check out our guide to creating a successful family fun night. Here is a few tips and tricks to consider when planning your next corporate event, employee appreciation day, or social gathering. Orlando, Las Vegas, and Nationwide!

Carnival Games, Roll A Ball Horse Race, Dunk Tank Rentals

Carnival Games. Absolute Amusements is one of the best and largest suppliers of entertainment equipment. If you are planning a carnival or midway themed event …

Blender Bike Rentals

Blender Bike Rentals | Portable Blending Bikes. Our Blender Bike rentals provide a unique and engaging way for people to participate in an activity that is proven to boost moods! If you are looking to do a smoothie bar outside and don’t have power, then the Blender Bike is a great solution for you. Wanting to have a Margaritaville Blend Off?Guests can rush to add ingredients, blend their

Car, Bike, Boat, Snow boarding, Skiing Racing Game Rentals

Young or old it doesn’t matter, our rentals are bound to make them feel young at heart. They can control the action, be part of the pit crew or be behind the wheel, the options are almost endless. Our Slot Car Racing rental features eight lanes of high speed adventure and comes with a pit stop operator to ensure that the racing goes smoothly.

Getting Value With Your Next Event Game Rental Hiring

Getting The Right Games and Entertainment With Your Next Party Rental. Choosing the Right Event Company Can Make or Break Your Event Games and Entertainment are an important part of every party or private social event.

Virtual Reality In Live Events Augmented Reality

Is Virtual Reality going to be a big part of live events in the future? Augmented Reality in live events? Virtual Reality is still really in its infancy. The first Virtual Reality product that was invented was called Sensorama. This early form of Virtual Reality was invented in 1957, but was not patented until 1962. … Continue reading Virtual Reality In Live Events | Augmented Reality

Mechanical Bull, Surfing Simulator, Big Bass Fishing

Absolute Amusements is a leading provider of Mechanical Bull, Surfing Simulator, Big Bass Fishing Rentals in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas

Temporary Internet Rentals For Events

Temporary Internet Rentals For Events The Benefit of Temporary Mobile WiFi Networks For Events With mobile apps, event webpages and the need to stay connected at events, it has become more and more important to provide reliable fast internet to your attendees and staff. Unfortunately, not all hotels and conference centers are created equal and you may find yourself at a location that has a

Oculus Rift VR Rentals

Oculus Rift VR Rentals. If you are looking to have an immersive experience at your next trade show, corporate event or private party, then you are on the right page.. We offer a variety of different games and experiences with our Oculus Rift VR platform.Don’t just hire any company to handle a VR experience – hire us!We have well-trained staff on each of the experiences we offer.

Spandex Stage Backdrops Signature Spandex Tower

This is our Signature spandex towers that are available for rent. They make the perfect addition to any set. Use some LED fixtures or even some projectors and projection map onto them. These spandex panels look beautiful in any space. Use them for an entry way piece for your next private social gathering or corporate … Continue reading Spandex Stage Backdrops |Signature Spandex Tower

Corporate Team Building Activities and Events

Building Synergy and Unity Within your Business with our Team Building Activities. Team building exercises is the one thing every company needs to do. If you are having a: trade show, corporate sales conference, or an employee retreat then you should consider adding some team building activities. Absolute Amusements has been in the business of building unity and synergy within a company for …

Table & Recreation Game Rentals For Corporate Events

Table/Recreation Sports. Las Vegas & Orlando are two of the top destinations for Trade Shows or Corporate events, and some of our most popular items at these events are table games such as foosball, air hockey, or pool.

Custom Branded Rollaball Horse Race Brand Building

Custom Branded Rollaball Horse Race . Branding and Image is Important When Planning any Event. When someone decides to do an event they are planning the event for a few reasons : to entertain, to engage people, and/or to build their brand.

Golf Swing Analyzer Rentals: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

Golf Swing Analyzer. Golf Putting Analyzer, the ultimate putting teaching tool is an analysis and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of a putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover each individual’s strengths and weaknesses for a

Dart, Shooting, Bowling, Hunting Precision Game Rentals

We specialize in rentals that make every event fun. Let your friends and guests test themselves in games of skill without precision sports rentals. Even if the participants don’t have the skills they can still have fun with our Electronic Dart Board Rentals, its a great way for your guests to bond. Electronic Darts are a classic game that

Home Run Derby Rentals Virtual Baseball Game : Orlando

Home Run Derby. Feel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our interactive Home Run Derby. Try to knock one out of the park using real equipment in simulated play.

Poker Table Rentals, Rent A Poker Table: Orlando, Tampa

Poker Tables . Whether you’re hosting a friendly game out in the garage or a full-on Casino themed event, there’s nothing like a classic, beautiful Poker table to add the thrill of Vegas to any gathering. And with our quality felt play fields, weighty, real deal feel chip sets and authentic cards, your fellow card sharks can really get into the game!

Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest 2017

Check out the image gallery below of the Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest! With over 15,000 people in attendance, our games provided lots of funn for hours! We provided several #funn stations for attendees to have fun. The players even walked around to the different games playing with the public! One of the most popular … Continue reading Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest 2017

Batting Cage, Arm Chair Quarterback, Homerun Derby Rentals

The Home Run Derby is an interactive game that lets everyone play in a life-size stadium. Your team can feel the excitement as they swing for a home run in our Interactive Home Run Derby. They can try to knock it out of the park using real equipment and feel like they are part of the game.

Foosball Table Rentals (Party Game Rentals) : Orlando

Standard Foosball Table Professional Quality Foosball Table Rentals For Any Event. Our professional quality Foosball Tables are made by Valley Tornado right here in the USA. This table features height adjustable legs for a level game, patented players and score counters.

Air Hockey Table Rentals: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

Air Hockey Rentals For Any Event. This fast-paced game requires reflexes as well as skill. The puck glides on a bed of air providing low friction and high speeds. Set up a tournament and compete for prizes or just the thrill of it. Air Hockey tables can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Boxing Game, KO Punching Bag, Combat Sport Game Rentals

Absolute Amusements is a leading provider of Boxing Game, KO Punching Bag, Combat Sport Game Rentals: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas

Corporate Event Company Trade Show Booth Ideas, Planning

Absolute Amusements is a leading provider of Corporate Event Ideas, Corporate Event Planning, Trade Show Booth Entertainment, Trade Show Event Ideas, Trade Show Traffic Building to individuals & Event Companies in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, &Las Vegas

Ferrari F355 Game Rental: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

Ferrari F355. This machine was designed from the ground up by a Ferrari enthusiast. This machine is vastly different from all other driving machines, as it was intended to be a real-life simulator without exaggerated physics. You could actually learn how to drive with this machine!