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You've come to the right place! /r/realestateinvesting is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Structured Deals, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending, Land, Commercial Real Estate and more! If it has to do with real estate investing this sub is for you! 968k. housing bubble reddit

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SoCal Real Estate Broker. Also, the housing bubble is not universal even though reddit makes it seem so- not every single neighborhood is hot, alot have maintained or even dropped already. Unless you are absolutely desperate this is the single worst time to be buying a house. 3. housing crash 2021 reddit

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Hey Real Estate Enthusiasts, take a look at this chart about real estate bubbles. Canada and Germany are the centers of the Real Estate Universe in terms of value and FOMO. Major Metropolitan areas tend to appreciate over time and bubbles are hard to spot. Watch out for a decoupling of income to prices. Eventually, we'll see a limit as to how next housing crash reddit

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But I've lived through enough to know what a bubble feels like. And it feels like this. This is not normal. I'm sure some real estate agents and experts on this sub will disagree with me, and you all probably know much more than I do about this subject matter, so maybe you are right. housing market crash reddit

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We could sell our house and make at least $100k-$120k. We could buy now and use that for the down payment. We’ve also considered selling, pocketing the money, then buying when the bubble pops. Of course nobody knows if or when that will happen. We have almost no experience with real estate. us real estate market reddit

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psiquei95. · 3m. All the data and trends shows we are not in a bubble simply because of inventory. Some parts of the country might slow down in appreciation but major cities very unlikely. Also, interest rates are the lowest ever so that fuels the demand. If we have a “crash” interest rates are going to go up making buying something even housing bubble 2021 reddit

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Like /u/beakbea said, if you're buying for 5+ years, you'll probably be fine. And that's assuming there even is a crash. Basically, I see potential buyers having two options. This only applies if the buyer is in it for longer than just a few years (5+).

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A real estate investor who made a fortune shorting subprime mortgages more than a decade ago told CNBC on Friday he believes the current housing market is in a bubble

The Housing Market: It's Time To Start Worrying Again

As we come out of the pandemic, housing market has turned hot, red hot. Demand is extremely strong from first-time homebuyers, trade-up buyers, and institutional investors. But there's a chance the housing market is too hot. Therefore, it's time to start worrying about the housing market again. If you plan to buy a house, it's worth thinking about what could go wrong.

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The term "housing bubble" is used in the real estate industry to describe a period of time where housing prices rise to a level of instability. In this case, the price of housing is usually driven up by an outside force like a surplus of demand during a time of limited supply. However, once that happens, speculators like outside investors also

Charting 20 Years of Home Price Changes in Every U.S. City

The map above, based on data from the Real Estate Bubble Index by UBS, serves as an early warning system, evaluating 25 global cities and scoring them based on their bubble risk. Reading the Signs Bubbles are hard to distinguish in real-time as investors must judge whether a market’s pricing accurately reflects what will happen in the future.

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A real estate bubble, also referred to as a “housing bubble,” occurs when the price of housing rises at a rapid pace, driven by an increase in demand, limited supply and emotional buying. Once

Canadian Property Bubble Nears Systemic Failure, And Not

Canadian real estate markets have become such a large bubble, even a crash can’t fix prices. That’s what the Globe’s Rob Carrick argued earlier this week. The personal finance expert says it’s now too late for young adults in Toronto and Vancouver. Policy failures made markets so inefficient over the past few years, ownership is […]

A Housing Market Crash Is Coming. Here's How to Prepare

Again, nothing in real estate is guaranteed, 2008 housing bubble. In the early 2000s, just about anyone with a pulse was approved for a mortgage, …

Red Flags That Indicate A Real Estate Market Crash

Many people are starting to become cautious of a “real estate bubble.” The past has revealed many red flags that would indicate a real estate market may very well crash. The Great 18 Year Real

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3- The Interest Rates influence on Real Estate Bubble. Exceedingly high-interest rates have a big role to play in too. Most of the real estate regulates by loans and, what ultimately inflated the US real estate bubble is the overcharged lending. It slowed down lending while making returns extremely difficult.

UBS: Risk of Overheating in the Frankfurt Real Estate

In its “Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2020” for Munich and Frankfurt, the bank calculated key figures of 2.35 and 2.26 points. At 1.5 points or more, there is a risk of a real estate bubble in the market. This is immediately followed by Paris and Amsterdam, for which, like the two German cities, there is a risk of a bubble.

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5 Signs of a Real Estate Bubble. 1. Shaky loans become the norm. Subprime lending—lending to anyone, regardless of how qualified they are—is considered one of …

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Things are starting to get a bit loony: in Toronto a detached garage — sans the home — was recently listed for sale for $729,000. In Woodstock, Ontario, a city of about 40,000 southwest of Toronto, the average increase in home values last year was greater than most residents’ annual income.

Fed is stoking another real estate price bubble that will

Fed is stoking another real estate price bubble that will wipe out home equity, investor Peter Boockvar warns added by Herman James on 08/28/2021 View all posts by …

The Bubble Burst Might Already Be Here – REITs Are The

Inevitably there will be a breaking point at which a critical mass of investors flee the bubble stocks and there is a true bubble burst. At about 1.4% today, we are seeing the early signs of …

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Don’t expect housing prices to drop. Expect 2022 to provide a more normal sales cycle and offer process. Expect mortgage rates to tick upward in 2022. The suburbs will continue to be the hottest markets in 2022. Indeed, supply was strained during the pandemic, however, Sraders reports that housing inventory is beginning to tick upwards.

What Effect Will Mass Evictions Have on the Housing Market?

Successful real estate investors need to look at all the factors that come into play with their investments, including things like market trends, and regional or national economic factors. Here, seasoned investors and analysts provide up to date data, news, and commentary on the major shifts going on in the real estate market.

When Will the Next Housing Bubble Burst? Not Anytime Soon

Rate of real estate contracts falling through: Contracts can fall apart in a thriving market, especially when there are contingencies involved. In a survey by the National Association of Realtors in September of 2020, roughly 6% of contracts were terminated for various reasons. That said, if the rate of busted contracts starts to rise month

America’s Housing Market Is Officially Over-Heating

“A real estate bubble occurs when home prices escalate beyond what can explained by the fundamentals, like mortgage rates, population growth, or …

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commercial real estate sector has the potential to tank like the residential market Fannie And Freddie Receive Unlimited Future Funds To Stay Afloat fannie mae and freddie mac are with unlimited funds and now able to warehouse defaulted mortgages; so maybe the foreclosures will not be so great as to swamp the commercial real estate values

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1. Become an Epic community member at “Epic Real Estate Investing.” One of my favorite things to do is share with investors real estate trends, interesting guests, and housing market news. We do it every week and you can listen in by subscribing to on Apple Podcasts. 2. Learn to creatively financing real estate

The Phoenix housing market is booming. But will it bust

During that time, the price per square foot peaked in 2006 at $184.56 before falling to $86.79 in 2009, according to the Cromford Report. “That's completely different than the circumstances of

The San Francisco housing market and tech bubble: Will a

I was up in the Bay Area in the fall and people love talking about real estate just as much as they like talking about the latest startup. Housing values in the Bay Area make Southern California look affordable. The median price for a sold home in San Francisco is $1.2 million. And the market still seems to have momentum. A lot of money that has flowed into San Francisco has come from