How to convert a column header and its value into row in sql

How to convert a column header and its value into row in …

I have a table with columns say col1, col2, col3.The table has many rows in it. Let's assume val1, val2, val3 is one such row. I want to get the result as. Col1, Val1 Col2, Val2 Col3, Val3 That is 3 rows - one for each column and its value.

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The process of converting Column to Rows or Vice-Versa both methods also work when you want to convert a single column to a row or vice-versa. This option is very handy and saves a lot of time while working. Recommended Articles. This has been a …

[Solved] Convert column into row with header in SQL

Convert column into row with header in SQL. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. 0.00/5 (No votes) See more: SQL. i have this type of data in table. BR DL AP 150 21 5 Convert row value in column in sql. how to convert row to column in sql. convert rows into columns. Convert Sql table columns to rows.

Converting Column Header to Rows Value in SQL Query

Dear Guys, find blew the table from A1_30 to YetToDue columns. I need from A1_30 to A356 columns convert into row values and that values column head name like Abstract. A1_30 A31_60 A61_90 A91_120 A121_180A181_365A365 BalArr NoOfLoanLoanOS YetToDue 0 0 0 101 0 0 0 909 66730 909 3637 0 40 0 0 0 · Try this: DECLARE @table …

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SQL convert row values to column headers. Ask Question Asked 6 years ago. Active 6 years ago. code C as the column headers and then the values would display whether or not the tableA_id entry contains that code in the code field. So something like this: Can you do this in SQL? sql pivot crosstab. Share. Follow

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Get Row value as Column Header. I have two tables namely lu_parameter and tbl_param_values. The lu_parameter table consists of param_id and parameter column containing id numbers for the parameter

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Convert Column values into row values with new row headers. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, How to convert rows values into different columns based on the values in a Column in SQL Server 2012. 1. Updating total using values from previous row - SQL Server 2016. 0.

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SQL Convert column to row. Ask Question Asked 12 years, 9 months ago. Active 11 years, If your datatypes aren't the same for the matching columns then you'll need to convert the datatype first, so something like: Finding duplicate values in a SQL table. 1465.

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I have a table as shown below.My question is:How can I convert columns into rows?BTW,I'm using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. my input Data. ONAY_ID sip_RECno KULLANICI ONAY 1 1 user1 true 2 1 user2 true 3 1 user3 false 4 1 user4 true. Output would be. sip_RECno user1 user2 user3 user4 1 true true false true.

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I am trying to get reports like in excel sheet with empname,Date1,date2Date7 as column Headers and Time as corresponding values for Date1 to Date7 and rows employeename alter PROCEDURE [dbo

How to move or convert column headers to row headers in Excel?

1. Please select the table data which you need to convert the column headers to rows, and then copy the table by pressing the Ctrl + C keys simultaneously. 2. Right click a blank cell where you want to place the converted table, then click Paste Specia l > Paste Special. See screenshot:

How to convert rows values into different columns based on

How to convert rows values into different columns based on the values in a Column in SQL Server 2012. Ask Question the max function will actually take the only actual value. MS SQL server also has a specific PIVOT statement, Convert Column values into row values with new row headers. 0. Line breaks handled inconsistently by SSMS.

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I'd like to convert columns into rows for a given SQL Server table. The table effectively is an audit table; it stores a given old and new value in separate columns for a given user attribute (e.g. first name, middle name, last name, home number). I've had success doing so with UNPIVOT and CROSS APPLY, respectively. However, I was hoping to

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Sometimes requirement arises to display a field value as column name in output and adjacent values in the same row below it as its values. Suppose I have a table “students” with marks of each student in different subjects. Each student may not appear in every subject: students We want to show output like this: […]

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I need a way to roll-up multiple rows into one row and one column value as a means of concatenation in my SQL Server T-SQL code. I know I can roll-up multiple rows into one row using Pivot, but I need all of the data concatenated into a single column in a single row. In this tip we look at a simple approach to accomplish this.

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Hi all, So my data looks liek this. Name Item Numbers. a a 1. a b 2. a c 3. a d 4. a e 5. Is there a sql statement that could turn it into this? Name A b c d e

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This article will helps to convert row values to column/fields, either name or headers using PIVOT operator. Getting Started. Sometimes we need to generate reports which shows row values as column headers or name. Normally developers use a CASE WHEN statement, do a cursor or for-loop and generate tables on runtime, or use UNION/UNION ALL …

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I want to convert columns into rows like below. Copy Code. nUserID sDate Stime Ttype 4431 10/3/2018 8: 33 IN 4431 10/3/2018 16: 17 OUT 4513 10/3/2018 5: 11 IN 4513 10/3/2018 16: 03 OUT 4431 10/4/2018 8: 30 IN 4431 10/4/2018 16: 20 OUT 4513 10/4/2018 4: 27 IN 4513 10/4/2018 15: 45 OUT 4513 10/6/2018 5: 41 IN 4513 10/6/2018 14: 03 OUT.

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Some times we may need to convert the columns in to row or vice versa. We can do that in different ways . This article provides a solution to convert the columns of a table into row in SQL query.For example consider a table “Marks” which has …

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CONVERT COLUMN INTO ROW. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, Determine the highest value for [COUNT] split a row into multiple rows in sql server according to a specific column. 0. Divide data in single column to multiple columns. 1.

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set @SQL[email protected]SQL + ' FROM Sales group by SalesDate'. EXECUTE sp_executesql @SQL. this way the query can handle any number of companies and the number of companies in the table can be changed without having to change the query. PS I havn't tested the code so you may have to erradicate some bugs before it will work.

Multiple options to transposing rows into columns

The objective of this article is to demonstrate different SQL Server T-SQL options that could be utilised in order to transpose repeating rows of data into a single row with repeating columns as depicted in Table 2.Some of the T-SQL options that will be demonstrated will use very few lines of code to successfully transpose Table 1 into Table 2 but may not necessary …

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If you asked to transpose the data, you have to take every distinct year in the column and these columns become the header of the pivot columns. So, 2011 becomes the first column, 2012 becomes its own column and so on. The actual values from the next column Totalsales, they stick with the pivot column headers.

Convert Rows to Columns in SQL Server using PIVOT

Usually, we PIVOT a table using unique values extracted from a column and show the result in multiple columns.. Let's see an example. As usual, I'll use the dbo.Books table for the demo. The table has five columns and few rows in it. Create the table and insert the records in it. Also, check this list of popular SQL Server post in this blog.. PIVOT Using Aggregate function

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For instance, Height COL_1 5 0.91 15 -0.29 30 -1.78 I have to set height values (5,15, 30) as column headers and display corresponding COL_1 values (5th column- 0.91) Attachments: Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.

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Posts about Convert column to rows written by Muhammad Imran. Posts Comments. Posts Tagged ‘Convert column to rows’ SQL SERVER – Create Comma Separated List From Table. Posted in SQL was preparing a statistical report and was stuck in one place where I needed to convert certain rows to comma separated values and put into a single row.

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This article covers a number of techniques for converting all the row values in a column to a single concatenated list. For example a table might contain 8 rows which requires converting to a single comma separated string containing the 8 values. The article outlines six different ways of doing this utilising loops, the CLR, Common table expressions (CTEs), PIVOT and XML queries.

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Unpivoting is the process of taking columns and converting them to rows. For example, you may want to convert the home & away team names to a single team column. You can do a DIY unpivot using union all. This will query the source table once for …

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Hello Everyone, I have two table A And Table B Table A : Column Name 1) Value 2)Type 3) Date Table B : Column Name 1)Type When I joined this two table I got following output

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Based on your expected output (where the values from the row are the column names) you do need to use PIVOT. However, because of the table schema you will need to use either UNPIVOT or UNION to get the data into the form you need first. That result will need to be either in a sub-query, a temporary table or a common table expression.

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We begin by creating a variable named @columns with a varchar(150) data type. We don’t want to use varchar(max) because the size won’t exceed 8,000 bytes. You should adjust the string length of your varchar as needed. We use COALESCE to return non-null fields, build the string and to concatenate a comma. We then use QUOTENAME to add brackets …


See the following example. First, create a new table with one column whose data type is INT: Second, insert some rows into the table: Second, modify the data type of the column from INT to VARCHAR: Third, insert a new row with a character string data: Fourth, modify the data type of the column from VARCHAR back to INT:

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For example, the values 10.6496 and -10.6496 may be truncated or rounded during conversion to int or numeric types: SQL. SELECT CAST(10.6496 AS INT) as trunc1, CAST(-10.6496 AS INT) as trunc2, CAST(10.6496 AS NUMERIC) as round1, CAST(-10.6496 AS NUMERIC) as round2; Results of the query are shown in the following table:

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Sql query to convert rows to columns. Check out the examples on how to transpose row data to column data in oracle.

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The pivot column is the point around which the table will be rotated, and the pivot column values will be transposed into columns in the output table. The IN clause also allows you to specify an alias for each pivot value, making it …

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Converting rows in to columns with headers from each column based on the first column's data So almost like a "for every unique number perform a check on the rest of the row and its headers and place vertically". (j, mySelection(L).Column).Value Next L newSheet.Cells(i, RowFields + 1).Value = _ Cells(mySelection(1).Row, k).Value


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One of the nice features with SQL Server is the ability to create result sets from queries into a grid result set. This data can then be copied and pasted in other application such as Excel. The downside to saving the results in a grid is that the column headers don't get copied along with the data.