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“…an air conditioner generally needs 20 BTU for each square foot of living space.” We need to convert BTU to tonnage. 1 ton equals 12,000 BTU. That means that, on average, we will need 0.0016 tons per square foot. To properly get the tonnage of the AC you need, you can use the AC tonnage calculator here: air conditioner tonnage calculator

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There are 12,000 Btu's per ton. The number 24 in the model number indicates the unit is 24,000 Btu's, divided by 12,000 Btu's per ton, equals 2 tons. 24,000 Btu's/12,000 Btu's per ton = 2 tons Use the following conversion information to determine your existing system size (use the system model number NOT the serial number) air conditioner size calculator

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The size (cooling capacity) of your air conditioner is determined by the amount of Btu (British thermal unit) and the Tonnage (12.000 Btu = 1 Ton). What amount of Btu and Tonnage should your air conditioner have in order to properly cool your home? air conditioner ton chart

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Before you rent air conditioning units, you’ll want to understand the space you are trying to cool. If you know the total cubic feet of the space, it will be easier for us to help you find the right unit or units for the job. To find out how many tons of AC you need, use our simple calculator below. air conditioner btu calculator

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Thus, a one-ton AC unit would be rated 12,000 Btus per hour. The total square feet in a home is the primary factor involved in calculating which AC is best. The following air conditioner tonnage chart shows how square footage may affect the necessary AC tonnage in an average Florida home: 1.5 tons: 600-900 sq.ft. 2 tons: 901-1200 sq.ft. 2.5 ton air conditioner cost

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The smallest central air conditioning unit is 18,000 BTUs (1.5 tons), while the largest is 60,000 BTUs (5 tons). Today electricity is very expensive and you don’t want to waste it on running central air that is too big. On the other hand, installing a central AC that is … how many ton ac needed

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Since most air conditioning units are provided in increments of ½ a ton (6,000 BTU/hour) sizes, this system should be quite close to the actual units that will be used. Note: This tool is provided strictly as a quick method of computing general size and value conditions. Square foot methods are considered rule of thumb for use in quick how big of an air conditioner calculator

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Divide the number by 12 (which represents 12,000 Btu/hr, or one ton of cooling capacity) to get your AC unit’s tonnage. If you don’t want to do the math, here are the numbers you’re looking for and their corresponding tonnage: 18 = 1.5 tons 24 = 2 tons

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When we talk about air conditioning, a “ton” is the measurement of a units ability to cool. If you have a one ton AC unit, it means it has the ability to cool 12,000 BTUs an hour. Residential central air conditioners come in a range of sizes from 1.5 ton to 5 ton models.

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Air conditioner power consumption calculator is used to calculate the bill cost for any AC. Enter the ton/BTU of AC, daily operating hours and cost per unit. Daily, monthly, and yearly cost will be calculated.

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Air Conditioner BTU Chart. The chart below is a great starting point for sizing your AC. These BTU calculations are based on a standard room with 8-foot ceilings, two windows and one door. If the room has more windows, doors or higher ceilings, adjust the BTUs upward. Other factors in determining the BTU size would be the room’s purpose.

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24,000. 1,500-2,000. 30,000. 2,000-2,500. 34,000. After knowing your base air conditioner capacity, you also have to measure how high your ceiling is. Input it into our air conditioner room size calculator to apply any necessary adjustments. We need to add 1000 BTU/hr for each foot if the ceiling is over 8 feet tall.

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The central air conditioners that are installed in your home range from 1.5-ton to 5-ton units and increase in half-ton increments (2-ton, 2.5-ton, 3-ton, etc…). Anything over 5-tons is generally considered a light commercial HVAC unit (not available for residential projects) and if your house requires an AC unit of this size, then you’ll

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Essentially 1 ton is equal to 12,000 BTUs. Using what we know from BTUs, we understand that a 1 ton unit can effectively cool a 600 square foot home. Residential ACs range from 1 to 5 tons, increasing in half-ton increments. Air Conditioner BTU Size Chart

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Residential air conditioning systems typically range from one ton to five tons (or 12,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU). Anything above that falls into the category of light commercial air conditioning systems. How many square feet does a ton of AC cool?

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Many contractors use a rough estimate for HVAC systems of 1 ton of air conditioning for every 400 square feet. Although this calculation is often inaccurate, using it for comparison purposes might help you catch math errors. To illustrate, using this method, a house with 2,000 square feet would need a 5-ton unit.

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Mobile Air Conditioning Sizing Calculator. Air Conditioning Square Footage Range. by Climate Zone. ZONE 1. ZONE 2. ZONE 3. ZONE 4. ZONE 5. 1.5 Tons.

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Similarly, you may ask, how many BTUs is a 2.5 ton? A 2.5-ton air conditioner will move 30,000 BTUs of heat per hour. You can confirm that you have a 2.5-ton air conditioner by looking at the metal manufacturer's identification plate on the back of the air conditioner. The model number will include the number 30, identifying the unit as having a 2.5-ton capacity.

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For instance, if the room is a rectangular 10 feet by 20 feet, the area would be 200 square feet. If the room is a perfectly-square 20 feet by 20 feet, the total area would be 400 square feet. Don't worry about factoring height into this equation – it'll be a separate measurement on our air conditioner BTU calculator.

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Size Calculator | BTU & TON. 416-736-7001 (Local) 1-877-749-7990 (Toll-Free) Property Manager Contact Page Cart 0. Total: Make Your Payments. About.

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But your HVAC dealer only has air conditioners that handle 24,000 or 30,000 BTUs. Choose the 30,000 BTU unit to make sure your comfort needs are covered. Having a little extra power isn’t bad. This will make sure your system can handle the load on days with extremely high or low temperatures. If you get a unit that’s too small, you may

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Air conditioner size is rated in tons and the sizes available increase in 1/2-ton increments. The average commercial A/C size ranges from 2 tons for small buildings to as much as 30 tons for very large buildings. A 1-ton air conditioner can remove around 12,000 Btu, …

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Most others round up the number resulting in oversizing (for e.g. many other calculators will round up 1.2 ton to 1.5 ton whereas there are many brands that do make ACs of 1.2 tons and it is better to go for 1.2 ton AC than 1.5 ton in order to avoid oversizing).

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Example: You have a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner. Calculation: 12,000 / 12,000 = 1 ton. Calculation: 12,000 / 12,000 = 1 ton. If you find something unclear, you can ask about it in the comment section below.

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Both offer a measurement of an air conditioner’s cooling ability over an hour’s time. One ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000 BTUh. Residential air conditioners usually range from 1.5 to 5 tons (or, 18,000 – 60,000 BTUh). Anything with larger cooling capacity would be considered light commercial.

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Find the right AC for you. Let's start by knowing about your location. Enter Room Size (in feet) Back. Next. Enter Area of Windows (in square feet) Back. Next. Is …

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If a room is over 201-300 square feet per square foot, then go for 1.25 or 1.5 ton AC. If. If a room is larger than 101-400 square feet, better for 1.5 ton AC. If the space is larger than 501 square feet, then it may need more than 1 AC. 1 ton AC can cool your room and you will not need 1.5 ton AC.

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Download the Air Conditioner Condensate Calculator (Excel file) Back in 2008 when I wrote a series of articles for Environmental Building News on water, one of those articles, Alternative Water Sources: Supply-Side Solutions for Green Buildings, examined various ways of harvesting water and included an in-depth look at collecting air conditioner condensate.

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Unit Descriptions; 1 Ton of Air Conditioning: Defined as 2000 lb m (1 short ton) ice melted in 24 hours. Approximately 3504 Watts (SI). 1 Watt: The amount of power equal to one joule of energy per second.

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When selecting an air conditioner, tonnage is the most important factor. A "ton" refers to the heat capacity of a ton of melting ice over one day. This means that a 1.5 ton air conditioner can remove enough heat which can melt 1.5 tons of ice in a day. So the bigger the room, the more cooling capacity your air conditioner needs to have; hence

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A ton, as used in the HVAC field, is a term that describes how much heat the AC unit can remove from a home in one hour. The measurement for heat is the British thermal unit (BTU). One ton of air conditioning can remove 12,000 BTUs of air per hour. A four ton unit can move 48, 000 BTUs and so on. Therefore, the more tonnage an AC unit is rated

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Room air conditioner requirements Estimates assume dehumidifiers run full time during lights-on. The above calculations serve as an estimated cooling load for the appliances included. An engineer should be consulted for a detailed heat transfer assessment of your project. Contact us at (713) 201-1478 or [email protected] to discuss your project.

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A 3-ton air conditioner cools between 1500 and 2100 square feet, depending on your climate zone. Other factors affect how many square feet your air conditioner can cool. If the house or building you want to cool is well-insulated, the AC system you choose will cover more square feet. Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Sizing

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1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU. 2251 cu ft.- 3350 cu ft. 2 Ton or 24,000 BTU. 3351 cu ft.-5350 cu ft. 4 Ton or 48,000 BTU. 5351 cu ft +. HVAC or Additional Tons. For bigger spaces, simply add up the numbers to find the right tonnage A/C. The above volume to tonnage requirement table will help you determine the capacity you’ll be needing.

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Lets calculate the power consumed by a 1.5 ton 5 star rated split a/c operated for 10hrs. Number of Units consumed = (Power consumed in kW) x (Operation Hours) Power consumed can be noted from the table above or from the brochure or nameplate details of the air conditioner. Number of Units consumed = (1172/ 1000) kW x 10 hrs.

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1,000 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 3504. 40 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 140.16. 10,000 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 35040. 50 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 175.2. 100,000 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 350400. 60 Tons Of Air Conditioning to Kilowatts = 210.24.

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An air conditioner is used to keeps our home or office cool, room air conditioners come in various sizes and consume from 400 to 2000 watts.. Power consumption of Air Conditioner depends on various factors like star rating of Ac, No. of hours that the Air Conditioner is used, the temperature setting of the AC unit, geographical location, and so on.

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All air conditioners have a nameplate/label on the indoor and/or the outdoor unit. This nameplate usually details all sorts of information, including the cooling (and heating capacity for reverse cycle systems). Here is a nameplate from a system I

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In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, tons are used as a way to measure an air conditioner's cooling capacity. In particular, one HVAC ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs per hour. One BTU refers to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb. of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. To convert tons to amps

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The first part of the equation is calculating the amount of cooling your air conditioner provides. 1 ton of cooling = 12,000 BTUs. (2 tons = 24,000, 3 tons = 36,000 etc) This is the capacity of your A/C system, much the same way the horsepower of a car tells you the capacity of the engine.

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Step 1. Check your air conditioner's wattage in its specification sheet. Write down the maximum wattage it uses. If it doesn't mention wattage, check the SEER rating of your air conditioner and the cooling BTU number. Make sure you use the input BTU and not the output BTU, if both are listed.