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Welcome to the ultimate Greece travel guide. If you’re planning a trip to Greece then chances are you might be doing some research into where to go, what to see and what you should be adding to your bucket list. So I’ve put together a little travel guide of everything you’ll need to know. greece vacations guide

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Greece Backpacking and Budget Travel Guide (Updated 2021)

Greece Travel Costs. Accommodation – Depending on the area of Greece you are traveling to, hostels will cost 10-35 EUR (11-40 USD) for dorms and 25-40 EUR (30-45 USD) for private rooms per night (less in Athens, more on expensive islands like Mykonos). A room in a budget hotel that sleeps two can be found for 25-45 EUR/30-50 USD (expect much higher prices – up to 50% higher – …

Greece Travel Blog Chasing the Donkey

We blog about the best travel destinations in Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey, Nth. Macedonia, Romania, Russia, and Serbia. We travel all over seeking out food, accommodation and the best things to do in the Balkans so you’ll save time travel planning & travel like a local.

Greece Travel Guides

In these Greece travel guides, I share my local knowledge about travel in Greece to help you plan a perfect Greek vacation. Guides to the Greek Islands and Mainland Greece. Hi, My name's Dave, and welcome to these Greek travel blogs and guides! I've been living in Greece for over six years, and during that time, have traveled all over the country.

Helpful Tips For Traveling the Greek Islands • The Blonde

Updated: October 2019. Greece is a country that has a significant amount of territory, with much of this spread over the hundreds of islands. You could easily spend months exploring this fascinating and historic area! Some islands are famous for their beaches and natural features, while others have a significant nightlife scene or strong cultural traditions.

Greece & Greek Islands

Without a doubt, Greece is one of the world’s very best vacation destinations. Particularly famous for its rich history and vast supply of ancient archaeological ruins, travelers also flock to Greece for its beautiful islands with pristine beaches, delicious rustic cuisine, picturesque whitewashed villages with blue-domed churches, spectacular sunsets, friendly local vibe, and amazing

Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Blog

Matt's Greece Travel Guide Sold: With all the bad economic news coming out of Greece it's good to know someone is doing well. That someone would be Matt Barrett, whose travel blog Matt's Greece Travel Guide was sold late last night to a consortium of travel companies for 250 million euros or roughly 320 million US dollars.

Greece Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about Greece Travel in one place. An epic guide with the best things to do, places to visit, customs, visa requirements & more!

My Independent Greece Itinerary (An Amazing 2-Week Trip)

The cherry on a cake of Athens: the Acropolis. Most international flights land in the capital Athens and this usually is the first stop of travelers arriving to Greece.. Many say Athens is the ugliest side of Greece.With so many dream places to go in the country, I understand where they coming from, it is one of those love-hate travel destinations.

The Ultimate Greece Travel Guide • The Blonde Abroad

Greece: where historic ruins, volcanic cliffs, and friendly locals meet the blue Mediterranean Sea. My first trip to Greece was a summer adventure through Athens and Mykonos.I returned again to sail the Saronic Islands on The Yacht Week Greece.There are some islands that are famous for their beaches and natural features, while others have a significant nightlife scene or strong cultural

Coronavirus in Greece

Finally, 30 cases are under investigation. (Those in bold are locations covered in our travel guides) Daily new infections – 1,007. Total infections to date – 402,306 of which 51.2% are male. Total fatalities to date – 12,095 (95.1% had an underlying disease, or were age 70-years or older)


Hello! Welcome to my colorful corner of the world! I am Sasha Naslin, a smiling face behind this blog and your travel guide. I traveled to more than 60 countries and I want to share with you the most fascinating places and experiences. Here you will find tips for meaningful, off the beaten track and authentic travel.. Traveled to: Iceland, Myanmar, Armenia, the Canary Islands, Malaysia and

Matt Barrett's Guide to the Greek Islands, Athens and

Matt's Greece Travel Blog and Facebook Group. For the latest on what is happening with me in Greece read my Greece Travel blog or else go to Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides Group on Facebook for comments, photos and other fun stuff where you can interact with other travelers and people who live in Greece or go there regularly. But the

Crete Travel Guide for 2021: Do, Stay, Get Around, Save

Crete Travel Guide: Money Saving Tips. Crete, like the rest of Greece, is very budget friendly. It’s pretty easy to travel here on a budget and you can get a lot of value for your money here. If you’re looking to cut down your expenses even more, here are some of …

Crete, Greece: The Complete Travel Guide

There you have it, a guide to visiting my home, and one of the top places to see in Greece. Whether you’re into lazing on a beach, exploring hidden villages, or sampling tasty food, there’s something for you in Crete. For more on travelling to Greece, make sure you check out this Ultimate Travel Guide to Greece. It’s jampacked with

A Complete Travel Guide to Paros, Greece

A complete travel guide to Paros, Greece with the best beaches to visit, tips on where to stay, things to do and more! If you enjoyed this blog post be sure to check out the travel guide on Naxos here and other travel guides to Greek islands here .

2020 ATHENS TRAVEL Guide Blog (Athens Itinerary + Budget

This ATHENS TRAVEL GUIDE covers sample ATHENS ITINERARY with budget, ATHENS THINGS TO DO, ATHENS BUDGET HOTELS and ATHENS TRAVEL TIPS. Having studied Archaeology and Anthropology in college, it’s like a dream walking among splendid ruins in the Land of …

Milos, Greece Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Milos Travel Guide: When To Visit, Where To Stay, Packing & More! The Best Time to Visit Milos. Spring and Fall are without a doubt the best times to visit Milos. Like most of Greece, July and August have the hottest days and are major boom months for tourism. To beat the heat and the crowds, traveling in the shoulder seasons will give you the

Protocol for Arrivals in Greece

How can one travel to Greece? Greece is ready to welcome visitors applying advanced health protection protocols. In 2021, Greek Tourism is ready to operate with the maximum safety possible, for tourists, employees and every person involved in the provision of tourist services. Isolation (quarantine) for visitors from abroad is no longer required.

Greece Travel Guide Travels With Eden Travels With Eden

Greece is one of my all-time favourite places to visit. From the buzzing metropolis of Athens to the hidden gems of the Mainland and beauty of the islands, Greece has something for everyone.. I have visited Greece many times, first on family holidays as a teenager, then to Athens as a gateway to by South Asia backpacking trip to Singapore and Thailand in 2018, then while pregnant.

The Ultimate Travel Guide For Zakynthos, Greece

The Ultimate Travel Guide For Zakynthos, Greece. Zakynthos, also known as Zante Island by locals, is an island in the Ionian sea known for its mesmerizing landscapes and stunning beaches. Couple that with fantastic accommodation options and soul warming Greek food everywhere, you have all you need for an amazing Greek getaway.

Greek Travel Blog

Greece has an amazing history full of great conquerors, philosophers, and a naval empire so large that it crisscrossed the globe. This is a look at the most popular landmarks in Greece. Athens Travel Blog. The Ultimate Guide to Athens’ Street Food. Peloponnese Travel Blog.

The Complete Santorini, Greece Travel Guide

The Complete Santorini, Greece Travel Guide Santorini is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited. The island itself is a caldera (volcanic crater), and the half moon shape of the island makes for some amazing photos!

Greece Travel Guide

This travel guide to Greece will help you with information about visa and flights that you need to get to Greece. It will also navigate you through top cities, national parks, and road trips in Greece

Santorini Travel Blog

Santorini Travel Blog – Plan your perfect Santorini itinerary. This Santorini travel blog is designed to help you plan a trip to Santorini, Greece. Includes the best things to do in Santorini, and where to see the Santorini sunset. If you’re looking for a vacation that will leave you breathless, then Santorini is the place to go.

Greece Travel Guide Voyager Guru

welcome to our greece travel guide Greece has long been a destination for glamorous party-goers, ritzy celebrities and history buffs alike. Greece consistently ranks as one of the Top 20 tourist destinations in the world thanks to its rich history, kind people and diversity of offerings for all types of tourists.

Visit Santorini: A Greece Travel Guide (2021) Will Fly

SANTORINI TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS. Because of the current global situation, Santorini travel guidelines change regularly. Our friends at SafetyWing created a website that lists detailed information on travel restrictions around the globe.. Before planning a trip to Santorini, be sure to check the Flatten the Curve website for information on travel restrictions to Greece.

Greece Travel Guide

In Greece they take place on January 1st, 6th, the first Monday during Lent, March 25th, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May 1st, Pentecost, August 15th, October 28th and December 25th and 26th. It is a good idea to check the particular area too as …

Zagori, Greece: A Travel Guide Travel for 2021

Recommended guidebook This Greece travel guide (just updated for 2020!) was very helpful planning our entire trip through Northern Greece. Top Things to do in Zagori. There’s a surprising number of things to do in Zagori, despite its relatively compact size and the fact that it’s largely unknown to foreign tourists.

A Super Efficient Guide to Visiting Meteora, Greece in 2021

Can you visit Greece now? (In 2021) As of April 19th, United States citizens are allowed to enter Greece (), as well as residents of the EU, Schengen states, and some other countries.All travelers over the age of 5 must present a negative PCR test for entry, but if you have proof of a COVID-19 vaccination at least 14-days before arriving in Greece, you are NOT required to present a negative …

One Week in Crete

Reading Time: 11 minutes The 7 Day Crete Travel Itinerary. Crete, the southernmost and biggest islan d in Greece, is a vast territory divided into four distinct regions with the northern and southern coasts separated by three different high mountain ranges that cut the island in half, and t his One Week Crete Travel Itinerary will give you a taste of the four main cities, including the capital

The Complete Milos, Greece Travel Guide

The Complete Milos, Greece Travel Guide I can confidently say Milos, Greece is one of my favorite destinations to date. Between the unforgettable beaches (if you haven’t seen photos of the ‘moonscapes’ of Sarakiniko Beach , check them out ASAP), delicious fresh seafood, and quaint and uncrowded downtowns, it’s truly a slice of paradise.

Tolo, Greece: A Travel Guide for families

As a professional travel blogger and passionate insider parent, I review hotels, places to visit and activities for kids. Whether you and your family live in Greece, or are visiting, this blog will show you the very best ways to make amazing family memories. Join me as I explore Greece and life with my family, one tiny adventure at the time!

Serifos Island, Greece Travel Guide

One thought on “ Serifos Island, Greece Travel Guide – Beaches, Hotels & More ” Nick @ says: Serifos island is a great place to visit in Greece! it is a bit off the beaten track, but that just keeps the crowds down.

Milos Travel Guide. Our Travel Passport

Editor's Picks, Europe, Greece, Travel Guides, Where to Stay. We get a lot of questions asking us what our favorite island in Greece is, and we always answer: Milos. And honestly, Milos is our favorite island in the world. We love how it has such a quiet and remote feel and even though it’s a little island, there is so much to do and explore

Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide The rise of the Greek city-states started around 1200BC and brought a centuries long Golden Age to the region. During this time colonies …

Blog 2 — Hellenic Aesthetic

Folder: Blog. Back. Current Page: Greece Guides Greek Culture Medicane Ianos Relief Login Account. Greece Read More. Greece Travel Marianthi 10/13/19 Greece Travel Marianthi 10/13/19. 2019 Greece Film Diary Read More. Greece Travel Marianthi 4/10/19 Greece Travel Marianthi 4/10/19. Folegandros Guide Read More.