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GameStop, a dying video game retailer, has risen to all-time highs in the stock market. How did it happen? A few weeks ago, the company (stock trading as ticker: GME) traded around lows of ~$19.As of January 27th, 2021, the GameStop stock has reached an all-time high of $350. stock market gamestop explained

GameStop for Dummies: this TikTokker breaks down the

The stock prices will quickly decrease as people sell, leaving the hedgefunds to possibly lose everything they invested, and more. Watch Parkins’ explanation below: @briannaparkinsI explain GameStop to you and short selling before a man named Kyle does without asking. ##gamestop ##newsroom ♬ original sound – Brianna Parkins gamestop story explained

GameStop for Dummies: this TikToker breaks down the

The stock prices will quickly decrease as people sell, leaving the hedge funds to possibly lose everything they invested, and more. Watch Parkins’ explanation below: @briannaparkinsI explain GameStop to you and short selling before a man named Kyle does without asking. ##gamestop ##newsroom ♬ original sound – Brianna Parkins gamestop stock issue explained

What's Going On With GameStop Stock, in Terms Simple

The attention from all the trading made GameStop one of the most-traded stocks on the market. Chamath Palihapitiya, a tech investor, gave a detailed explanation to … explaining the gamestop stock

What Is Going On With GameStop Stock

GameStop Stock (GME) Frenzy. So what happened is there’s a group of individuals on Reddit that like to gamble on stocks (it is speculative gambling, some may argue investing, but advisors can assure you otherwise) called WallStreetBets (WSB). These guys are as young as 17 years old, using new apps like Robinhood that make investing cheap and gamestop short sale explained

GameStop Stock, Explained: How Reddit Traders Manipulated

GameStop Is Proof That 'The Market' Is a Casino. Hedge fund Melvin Capital needed a $2.75 billion bailout on Monday after the stock price for GameStop, the video game retailer, spiked to … gamestop issues stock

What Happened With GameStop Stock & Reddit, Explained

GameStop is a publicly traded company, best known for selling video-game discs and cartridges in shopping malls. This is a poor niche for a profit-seeking entity in 2021. reddit gamestop explained

GameStop Stock Everything You Need to Know

Now that we’ve explained the background on shorting, let’s dive into more details about what’s happening with GameStop stock in the past week. The chatroom investors leading the push into Gamestop had a secret weapon to take down the funds like Melvin Capital that were heavily shorting the company: call options.

The Reddit, GameStop And Wall Street Saga, Explained

The video game retailer’s stock price has seen a nearly 2,000% increase since the start of January. A year ago, it was trading under $4. On Thursday, it reached a high of $470 ― which is weird, because the increase has not been driven by astonishingly good performance on the company’s part. Rather, a bunch of Reddit users worked together

The GameStop and AMC Stock Surge from Reddit, Explained

Kathryn VanArendonk: The most simple, basic, explain-it-to-a-child version I have been able to find for what is happening to GameStop stock actually comes from our …

GameStop stock surge explained: Reddit users send Wall

One big hedge fund, Melvin Capital, needed a bailout as GameStop stock spiked but denied it was facing bankruptcy. There are predictions more big players will need an injection of …

The GameStop Stock Frenzy, Explained

Who knew the first big 2021 stock market story would be GameStop? In the GameStop saga, at least, the answer is yes. An army of traders on the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets helped drive a meteoric rise in GameStop's stock price in recent days, forcing it to halt trading multiple times and causing a major headache for the short sellers.

The GameStop stock chaos, explained

The GameStop stock chaos, explained. In News. February 11, 2021. Samhar Almomani. In late January, struggling video game retailer GameStop saw its share price increase by 1,500 percent, reaching an unprecedented intraday high of 483 USD. No one foresaw this happening, leaving economists struggling to predict future market trends.

Why Is GameStop Stock Surging! Short Squeeze Explained

Short Squeeze Explained. We saw GameStop stock price skyrocketed by about 144% on Monday 25 Jan 2021. It reached a high of $158, before retreating back. And finally ending off the session with a 18% gain from the previous trading day. There was a total of US$16.7 billion worth of GameStop shares that were traded on a single day.

What Is Going on With GameStop

Thanks to some financially savvy Redditors, and a push from Elon Musk, a number of flailing companies, including GameStop, are having a great week on the stock …

What You Need to Know About the GameStop Stock Trading

But they also trade tips and analysis that can go on for pages. GameStop’s shares started to rise late last year, after the founder of the pet-supply site Chewy bought a …

The GameStop fiasco, explained. No, this isn't a bad thing.

The GameStop fiasco, explained. No, this isn’t a bad thing. Some are trying to position the GameStop populist uprising as something bad, even a "Ponzi Scheme." It's not. This is part of the game, and just because it's a new component doesn't make …

GameStop Stock Surge Explained

Cohen took his pet food company public 18 months ago at $35 per share and his company’s stock has soared to over $100 in recent trading. This is good news for GameStop, we suppose. We can also suppose with 100% confidence that GameStop will exploit the current mania for its stock by selling many millions of shares at the recent inflated prices.

GameStop mania explained: How the Reddit retail trading

The rally in GameStop was initially triggered on Jan. 11, when news broke that activist investor and Chewy co-founder and former CEO Ryan Cohen is joining GameStop's board. The stock …

GameStop Stock Explained: Robinhood, Short Squeezes, And

GameStop Stock Explained: Robinhood, Short Squeezes, And Reddit. After years of poor performance, GameStop's stock has surged to record highs in the last week.

GME Stock: Avoid GameStop, Even As It Remains At Triple

Avoid GameStop Stock, Even As It Remains At Triple-Digit Prices. GME stock may be holding steady now, but don't expect this to continue much longer. By Matt McCall and the InvestorPlace …

GameStop Explained: Wallstreetbets vs Hedge Funds

GameStop stocks had been battling alongside different retailers for quite a long time, even before the pandemic hit. The cost of GameStop stock fell to $3.25 per stock. This was seen as a golden opportunity by the Hedge Fund named Melvin Capital who made a bet against GameStop stock by short-selling its stock.

Gamestop Explained – Matt in the Hat

The Gamestop Debacle In A Nutshell (Copied from my Facebook buddy Steve Devo Davis) This is the best breakdown I’ve seen thus far: If you guys haven’t been following the GameStop Stock Shit-Show, you really need to look into it. This is fucking hilarious. Allow me to catch you up.

What Is Going on With GameStop

Something has happened with GameStop stock. According to my Twitter feed, it seems that way, yes. TL;DR? Redditors on the r/wallstreetbets subreddit (bio: Like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal) banded together to buy GameStop stock to inflate the price, make a huge profit for themselves, and thus destroy the financial guys who were betting against the company.

GameStop stock forecast: the Wall Street battle explained

But despite all of that, the GameStop stock forecast has become a fixation for a determined army of retail investors. No GameStop stock prediction could have foreseen the company’s dizzying surge since the year began. On January 4, GME was trading at a modest price of $17.25. Fast forward to January 27, and shares have managed to hit $380

GameStop Makes This a Good Time to Rewatch The Big Short

Wednesday night, Trevor Noah hit the bubble bath. On TV. Producers on The Daily Show, apparently, thought it would be the best way to explain the GameStop …

Hedge Funds, Gamestop and Short-Selling Explained Kennon

Shorting stocks. This is what got hedge funds in trouble with Gamestop. Shorting stocks means that the managers are betting that the stock price is going to go down. This is a silly bet considering the stock market goes up almost all of the time. They invest in non-traditional asset classes such as currencies and commodities.

The GameStop Investing Saga Explained by Ryan Walraven

The GameStop Investing Saga Explained. Ryan Walraven, PhD. Jan 26 · 5 min read. You might have seen it on the news. You might have heard it that friends that always has “hot investing tips.”. GameStop stock, GME, or “Gamestock” as Elon Musk called it, has been soaring to unbelievable heights the past few months.

Game on for GameStop Stock Markets Insider

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips. GameStop (NYSE: GME).It’s been the market’s most volatile and controversial battleground stock in 2021.

GameStop stock: How WallStreetBets massively drove up GME

Cohen’s arrival turned GameStop into a “cult stock,” one financial analyst explained to Bloomberg News, where retail investors believed he’d be a corporate savior. Two days after the

GameStop explained: Fandom of politics, Wall Street

Editorial: GameStop stock shenanigans just laid the Wall Street casino bare. Regulators largely stood back and watched the bizarre rise of stocks …

How to Go About the GameStop Trend Today Markets Insider

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips. If there’s one stock right now embodying today’s hottest trends and fervent speculative juices, it’s GameStop …

How a band of Reddit traders drove GameStop stock up 275%

GameStop is popping again after a wild session, pushing the stock back above $100 briefly, but short sellers betting against the brick-and-mortar video game retailer are nowhere near letting up.

AMC stock is soaring, but how is this related to the

When the GameStop stock rally became international news, the sub grew to over nine million users. GameStop stocks are still at an incredible US$280 as of early June. Are the stock’s values real? One of the biggest criticisms of the GameStop and AMC rally is that investors are committing a large-scale pump-and-dump operation.

GME Stock: 11 Reasons to Avoid GameStop Despite the Hype

GameStop’s management did nothing to inform the investment public about the news. Instead, it enjoyed free publicity for its stock and it got an artificially inflated valuation and market

Big Game In GameStop Stock Price! GME Stock Explained[2021]

This likely prompted investors to invest in GameStop shares further. On the same day, 27 January 2021, hedge fund Melvin Capital closed its short position in GME after a loss of Rs 18,000 crore ($2.5 billion). On January 28, 2021, GameStop stock price skyrocketed and …

Forget AMC, GameStop: Analyst Names 2 New Reddit Stocks

For the latest in financial news, exclusive stories, memes follow Benzinga on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.For the best interviews, stock market talk & …

AMC And GameStop Are Still Set Up For A Short Squeeze

AMC stock price. Moderate short covering of GameStop. Dusaniwsky calculates that there continues to be moderate short covering in GameStop …

Meme Stocks vs. Wall Street: How Reddit and GameStop Beat

Meme Stocks vs. Wall Street: How Reddit and GameStop Beat the Bankers. Bankrupt hedge funds, Reddit millionaires, and the rise of a meme stock. Here's how Reddit beat the bankers. Reddit and Robinhood users have been caught in a firestorm over GameStop stock after shares in the downtrodden company rocketed from $20 to $400 in just two weeks.

3 Ways to Explain Reddit Stocks to Your Kids The Simple

2. Explain it like a movie synopsis. Depending on your take on the stock fiasco, keep it factual and feel free to point out the main players. In this case, focus on GameStop, the Reddit channel r/wallstreetbets, its rookie day traders, and hedge funds. It’s important to start with a quick timeline as well, so they can better understand cause

Why Did the Price of GameStop Stocks Jump So Suddenly

The volatility of the stock prompted Robinhood, one of the major brokerages on the market, to halt trading of GameStop stocks. This outraged many traders, who believed that the move was actually motivated by Robinhood’s ties to a major hedge fund. The price of GameStop’s stocks ended up stabilizing around $150, and the situation seems to

GameStop And Short Selling: Understanding What Happened

For further clarity, let’s go back to a year ago when GameStop stock was selling for $4 a share. An investor might borrow 100 shares and sell them for $4 apiece, or $400. The investor would then wait for the price of the stock to fall to, say, $3 a share, then buy it back and return it to the original seller.