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Agents should look for ways to bring people into cruising who have never cruised before, advised Camille Olivere, senior vice president of sales for Norwegian Cruise Line. “Get people to consider

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Travel Agent Tips: How to Sell a Cruise in 2021 KHM

These questions may seem overwhelming, but a great way to start getting answers is by watching the latest video in our Travel Agent Tips series. Join Bill Coyle, our Director of Education and Programs, as he shares tips for selling a cruise vacation in 2021. He busts three different myths about cruising and shares his favorite things to do onboard.

Agent tips: How to sell luxury cruises

Agent tips: How to sell luxury cruises. by Gary Peters. Is luxury cruising a tough sell? For Seabourn UK and Ireland MD Lynn Narraway it all comes down to creating loyalty and connecting guests to their passions. Loyalty is an allegiance. In the same way that people are loyal to a sports team or a restaurant, people will have loyalty to their

Finding a Cruise Travel Agent

One of the most important things to know is that agents -- in particular, cruise specialists -- have been onboard the ships and can really give you firsthand advice about different cruise options.

Selling Ocean Cruises: Advice for Travel Agents from the

Given the flood of often short-term promotions, it’s nearly impossible to stay current on all cruise lines, so Mazza advises agents to focus on a small handful of cruise line partners and to build

How to Become an Agent for Cruises: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Evaluate your passion for cruising. In order to become an agent for cruises and to be successful at it, you must really love cruises. Go on a few cruises yourself. If you want to help people book their own cruises, you should have some experience on board different cruise …

107 Best Cruise Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Freebies

Look for hotels that offer cruise parking. Hotels in port cities will do whatever they can to attract cruise passengers. That means they will let you park at their hotel during your cruise for free (or at a sharp discount). Many will also offer a shuttle ride to the cruise port as well.

How to Be Treated Like VIPs on a Cruise Ship USA Today

Step 1. Utilize a travel agent who specializes in cruises to book your vacation. Travel agents often have access to special packages, perks or insider knowledge that can improve your cruising

Tipping Travel Agents

The last 5 cruises I went on I have used on-line travel agents because they quoted me much cheaper prices than my local TA's. I do not tip the TA, but …

10 cruise tips every beginner should know

Some final tips. Over the years, every cruise line I’ve come across really is concerned about you having a good time on your cruise. So if you’re not satisfied with any aspect of your cruise, make sure to let the manager know. Don’t be shy, speak up! The cruise line will try everything possible to help you get your vacation back on track.

A Guide for Tipping on a Cruise for Each Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises. What's Included: Stateroom stewards, restaurant servers, and a small amount to other key crew members. Price: $14.50 per person/day in regular cabins, $15 per person/day in Concierge Class and Aqua class cabins, and $18 per person/day in suites. 18% is also added on for beverages and spa and salon services. How to Pay: All gratuities are automatically charged to your

10 Best Cruise Booking Tips Straight from a Travel Agent

I hope these Top 10 Cruise Booking Tips Straight From a Travel Agent have been useful and can serve as a guide as you are planning your future cruise. If you’ve enjoyed the article, please share on Facebook and Twitter so your friends and family can enjoy too, or Pin for later on Pinterest.

10 Tips for Cruise Sales TravelPulse

As [email protected] celebrates 10 years of publication, it inspires me to reflect on the special place of the home-based travel agent within today’s retail marketplace. We often think of the home-based agent as being different from the traditional office-based agent. There are certainly legitimate differences but, when it comes to approaching the art of selling travel and specifically cruises the

How to Find a Good Cruise Travel Agent

If you want to look for agents registered with travel organizations, here are some resources for finding agencies near you. Cruise Lines International Association: You can search for a

How to Become a Travel Agent Cruises Inc.

Become a Cruise Travel Agent There are five simple steps for you to become a travel agent. Find Your Passion: Like most things, the more invested you are in being a travel agent, the more success you will see. You need to remember why you wanted to become a travel agent.

Agent tips: How to sell wellness cruises

Agent tips: How to sell wellness cruises. by Cruise Trade News. Wellness is the buzzword of the moment, but how can agents most effectively tap into the mindset of health-conscious holidaymakers? Janet Parton, sales director for the UK and Ireland at Avalon Waterways, gives us her take on the trend.

Should You Be Using A Cruise Agent To Book Your Cruise

Discover why you should consider using a cruise agent to book your cruises from now onwards. I want to explore the best ways to book your cruises as you look to return to cruising, whether it’s the short-term, the medium-term, or the long-term, and explore whether you should be booking with a cruise agent or in some other way.

Travel Agent Tips for Family Cruises TravelPulse

Travel Agent Tips for Family Cruises. Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Lisa Iannucci November 17, 2017 PHOTO: Disney Cruise Line is a perennial family cruise favorite. (photo by Jason Leppert) It’s time to start thinking about taking your family on a cruise vacation.

13 Tips for Finding Cheap Cruise Deals

3. Bundle It Up. A number of cruise lines offer booking promotions that include your choice of perks, such as free specialty dining, tips, Wi-Fi and drinks packages.

Tips For Booking a Cruise Through Online Travel Agents

Working with an online travel agency to book a cruise can be daunting, since you are not actually face-to-face with a representative. Still, by working with an online travel agent, you can often save a lot of money. If you decide to book your cruise using an online agent, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Europe Cruise Season Kickoff: How to Sell River Cruises

This month marks the start of the European river cruise season and so travel agents are dusting off their sales plans. Four river producers tell us their top tips for selling these inclusive

Travel Agent Tips on Selling River Cruises

Travel Agent Tips on Selling River Cruises. Here are 25 top tips and ideas on how to sell river cruises more effectively. This also includes some ideas from successful travel agents. 1. Broaden Your Sales Horizons: New European river cruisers typically head for the Rhine, Main. or Danube in Europe. But once they’ve “been there, done that

5 tips to help first-timers plan a great cruise

Suggested strategy: Get information from multiple sources, starting with Cruiseable (which offers both consumer content and expert travel help), the cruise line’s website, forum sites like Cruise Critic and my site at

10 Tips to Sell River Cruises Travel Agent Central

Agents say selling river cruises isn’t akin to selling a mass-market ocean cruise. “The focus of most river cruise guests is knowledge and getting to know the culture of the cities they are

Why should I use a Travel Agent for a cruise

The other advantage that this Agent-Supplier relationship has is that they may know what offer is coming next. That 2-4-1 offer on kids bookings probably isn’t great for your romantic cruise for two, but if you wait another week, that same cruise could be changed to a $200pp saving instead. This is something kept secret from Joe Public, but

191 Cruise Tips, Tricks and Secrets CruiseMapper

CruiseMapper's "cruise tips and tricks" article provides useful information for first-timers planning their future voyages. Cruise tips and tricks are also handy onboard the liner - to keep you away from mishaps and bad ("Cruise Minus") experiences at sea and in ports.This page is integrated with CruiseMapper's "tips and tricks" pages with information specifically targeting the following

10 Tips to Save Money on a Cruise Vacation

Travel agencies can also help you get credit in the event of a price adjustment. If the cruise ship offers a lower rate after you’ve booked your cruise, your travel agent can get you the lower fare. Just make sure to check the cruise price regularly for changes. 2.

How to Choose a Cruise Travel Agent

The best way to find a reputable cruise travel agent is word of mouth. Ask friends, family, and acquaintances who worked with cruise travel agents. Call the local chamber of commerce and ask for referrals. Someone who lives in your area and can provide you with catalogs.

How to Become a Travel Agent: 7 Steps

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can become a travel agent and build an amazing career. 1. Get out there and travel. 2. Decide if you’ll work for yourself or an agency. 3. Pick a niche. 4. Get certified in your niche.

5 Insider's Tips for Finding the Best Cruise Deals Frommer's

Cruise lines still rely on traditional travel agents and travel websites to sell their product, though they do sell cruises direct for those that prefer it that way. Generally, travel agents have less leeway in discounting than they used to, as the cruise lines have taken more control of their pricing.

5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Travel Agent from Home

Non-cruise sales have increased more than 30% year-over-year, and 38% of millennials have used a travel agent in the past 12 months. In 2019, it’s expected that 30 million passengers will have taken a cruise—with 70% of them booking through a travel agent.

Cruising 101: Guide to finding deals and booking a trip

We offer tips on finding a good agent, how to find the best deals, how to choose a line and ship, how far in advance to plan a cruise, and the pros …

How to Become a Travel Agent Cruise Travel Outlet

Cruise Travel Agents. Become a cruise travel agent and see the world. Cruises are a great example of a niche you can pick as a travel agent. The demand is always high, there are many companies with which you can develop long-term relationships (and …

Booking Your Cruise with the Right Travel Agent – Who to

So here are a few tips to help make sure you get the perfect travel agent to help you book the perfect trip. Which Travel Agent is Best for You? Any travel agent can book a cruise, and if you have a travel agent you’ve worked with before, they may be a good choice to …

15 Cruise Bloggers Reveal Their Best Cruise Tips

The following advice comes from cruise travel bloggers, who specialize in different niches and each have their own unique perspective. You’ll find awesome tips to help with cruise planning, saving money while cruising, cruise packing tips, cruise dining tips, luxury cruising tips and more!

Booking a Cruise with an Agent ALASKA.ORG

But the cruise market is different, with a lot of fluctuations and quirks. That’s why the vast majority of travelers still use a travel agent for cruises. Here's why you should think about using one: Booking a cruise has a lot of moving parts. After locking in a rate itself, there’s choosing a cabin, booking the dinner seating, airfare

Become a Cruise Travel Agent KHM Travel Group

Cruise Travel Agent Benefits. Cruising is thriving and, with it, travel agents that specialize in selling cruise travel are too. Over 70% of cruisers book their trips with travel agents. Why? Because cruising requires specialized knowledge and can be overwhelming to navigate …

Tips for Booking a Viking Cruise

The price for the cruise will be the same, but travel agents can sometimes throw in a little extra incentives, like some shipboard credit. Shipboard credit can range between $250 and $500. Personally, we prefer doing it ourselves and always book directly with Viking because we like the hands-on aspect of planning our trip.

How to Avoid A Scam When Purchasing a Cruise • Frugal Cruisers

This topic – how to avoid a scam when purchasing a cruise has been in the “Cruise News” among vloggers recently with the shakedown of a popular Influencer in the cruising industry.In this particular situation, a vlogger falsely presented herself as a Travel Agent then booked and organized Group Cruises for her subscribers.

20 tips to selling cruise

Agents should also be mindful of the guidelines for each cruise line. For example, infants need to be at least six months old to be permitted on board due to safety reasons. Familiarise ourselves with the cruise line’s booking system to check for accurate …

Why first-time cruisers should use a Royal Caribbean

Travel agents that specialize in Royal Caribbean are often fans of the cruise line too and enjoy planning their own trips and want to share their knowledge with others. When you seek out a travel agent, an agent with great knowledge of Royal Caribbean is critical to helping you have a better cruise …

Become a Cruise Agent for and Work from

A home-based cruise agent should first and foremost have a passion for cruising. Potential Home Based Agents should be ambitious, self-motivated, organized, and outgoing. Proven sales skills are a plus as well as past cruise experience. You will be required to have a computer with the ability to view Microsoft Word and Excel